Unequal measures

‘The Price of Inequality, Joseph Stiglitz’s study, suggests ways to curb the wealth of the top 1 per cent

All-important caveat would be lost

From Prof Robert H. Wade. Sir, Samuel Brittan agrees with Paul Krugman on the need to boost spending, but disagrees that it should be done mostly by boosting public spending

Free Market Fairness

John Tomasi’s attempt to reconcile the beliefs of libertarians and left liberals leaves too many questions unanswered

No, minister

Roger Middleton edits ‘Inside the Department of Economic Affairs’, Samuel Brittan’s insightful diary during his 1964-66 stint in the short-lived DEA

The Bank of England’s real failings

Dan Conaghan’s ‘The Bank’ is a blow by blow account that charts the prevarications of the Bank of England’s response to the crisis but fails to question the ideas that drive policy