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Proposal made at Brussels summit includes scrapping 85-page residence application

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On the first anniversary of the referendum vote, the FT looks at where the UK is heading

The country is leaving the EU and uncertainty is forcing business to act before the politicians

Time since the referendum has done little to heal huge divisions in public opinion

The fallout from the decision to leave the EU, from agriculture to financial services

Brexit Briefing James Blitz

The idea of reversing decision to leave the EU has not gained traction in the UK

A further 1,260 rules might be applicable by the point of departure in March 2019

Conservatives’ failure to secure majority makes ‘difficult task a lot more difficult’

Pro-Europe voters who were silent now speak of a deal that keeps Britain open

Photo of Janan Ganesh

London concedes on sequencing by dropping demand for parallel trade negotiations

Start of negotiations to focus on building trust rather than engaging on detail

A handful of officials will spearhead the unwinding of UK membership

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