Award-winning cartoonist Jeremy Banks (Banx) has been a professional freelance cartoonist since 1980.

His gags have entertained readers of the FT since 1989 and been published in other newspapers and magazines the world over.

He is also a writer and film-maker.

‘Russia expels estate agents’

Scientist has passed away aged 76

The list goes on

‘Malcolm’s been saying it was Russia from the start’

Fears over safety during World Cup 2018 in Russia

‘Pretty soon the only one left will be Stormy Daniels’

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‘He’s having a draft kneejerk reaction’

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‘Imagine what their grandchildren will be like’

‘Do you remember when the Northern Ireland border used to run through this room?’

‘There’s an open ended transition period before we can allow you to enter purgatory’

‘Kentucky Fried Pigeon’

‘We’d like you to take another drugs test’

‘And this is the final phase of super processing’

Entering the patents office

‘Roses are red. Violets are blue. Kim Jong Un really loves you’

How to stay warm in frigid weather

‘I was hoping some fake plastic snow might wash up’

‘No early Britons. No Irish. No dogs’

‘Votes for women’

‘They appear to be bitcoins’