Award-winning cartoonist Jeremy Banks (Banx) has been a professional freelance cartoonist since 1980.

His gags have entertained readers of the FT since 1989 and been published in other newspapers and magazines the world over.

He is also a writer and film-maker.

‘I sometimes wonder how we ever managed without a trade deal with Oklahoma’

‘I was a Leaver now I’m a Quitter’

‘We’re going to lose all the sovereignty we were told we didn’t have’

‘He’s stockpiling nuts’

‘It started raining so they sent everyone home’

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‘Objects in mirror are closer than they appear’

Iran’s oil supply is tied up

'What if Project Fear turns out to have been Project Wild Optimisn after all?'

'I warned him not to stare too long at the world's tallest statue'

‘Most of what we put in here is extinct now’

Christ the Redeemer statue covers its face

‘We’re stockpiling drugs — mainly antidepressants’

‘He’s washed his hands of Britain and dried them with one of his products made in Singapore’

Missile coming out

‘Some of us are plotting to say nasty things about Theresa May’

Cannabis shop

‘I wonder what Article 51 is like?’

‘Do you remember when everyone used to think we were mad?’

Cliff edge beyond the boundary

‘Thank god it didn’t crash into Salisbury Cathedral’

Time for some disguise tricks

‘I wish celebrities would keep out of politics’