Award-winning cartoonist Jeremy Banks (Banx) has been a professional freelance cartoonist since 1980.

His gags have entertained readers of the FT since 1989 and been published in other newspapers and magazines the world over.

He is also a writer and film-maker.

Second referendum polling

‘I didn’t do it — and this is starting to look like a witch hunt’

The two leaders met and shook hands at the Finnish presidential palace on Monday

‘I dreamt Trump asked Putin to join NATO’

‘I thought the Supreme Court was pro-life these days’’

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Sinking ship

The young team will face Croatia in Moscow

‘When do you think we’ll be issued with our blue passports?’

‘He’s at that stage where he knows his hopes will be dashed but thinks they might not’

‘We’re celebrating seventy years of the NHS’

‘Thank god it won’t be so hot once we’ve left Europe’

‘We’ve been making our own CO2’

Ladies take the wheel

‘Not for use in rescuing immigrants’

‘As long as we keep the EU guessing how we’re going to screw up’

Pot of gold

Out of this world

Nursery or an immigration detention centre?

Footballing couch potato

‘This isn’t the Brexit I was told I wanted’

‘Dove selfie’

‘Trump just unfollowed you on Twitter, Mr Trudeau — how should we retaliate?’

‘Norman favours the Norwegian model’

‘He lay down in front of a bulldozer’

‘Trump might pardon himself but Melania never will’

‘It would be extremely helpful if some of you could start identifying as women’

‘At least we don’t have to rush home for “Roseanne” anymore’

‘He can still fit into his childhood clothes’

‘Acme Revolving Doors’

‘In or out?’

‘Will work for water’

‘For the man who has everything’

‘Would you like a second AI opinion?’


‘They say climate change could be worse than anyone thought’

‘Of course, I was a young man when I made Jerusalem capital of Israel’

‘We’re hoping for a trade deal in prison equipment’

‘Iran nuclear programme’

‘We’ve had the panic room converted into a fall out shelter’

‘We haven’t ruled out being part of a customs disunion’

‘No — this isn’t Peak Corbyn’

‘We bought back all our personal information in Cambridge Analytica’s closing down sale’

‘His will’s been thwarted without engaging his intellect’

‘We’ve been told to keep our immigration deportation targets in our heads from now on’

‘We polluted Planet B so we thought we’d move here’

Customer complaints continue after weekend IT glitch

‘I preferred it when no one knew anything about anyone’

‘Korean demilitarised zone’

‘Welcome President Trump’

‘We’ve been stopped and searched often enough’

‘We were victims of a Russian cyber attack and now our kettle can’t hear us any more’

‘Trump: “No one less morally unfit than me”’

‘And you can follow me on Twitter’


‘Have you thought of asking Mr Trump for a pardon, sir?’

‘We don’t even want people coming here on holiday’

‘I worry how much of my data has been breached on Facebook’

‘Fortunately we don’t have a gender pay gap, here’

The barricade

‘I was a casualty of a trade war’

‘I can almost taste the sovereignty’

‘Partial as I am to bagpipes and morris dancing, let’s expel the British cultural attaché’

‘What irony?’

‘How long will you be visiting this fantasy?’

‘I’ve just updated our status’

‘His data’s been harvested and now he can’t remember where he left his car keys’

Top of the podium: ‘Reserved’

‘Russia expels estate agents’

Scientist has passed away aged 76

The list goes on

‘Malcolm’s been saying it was Russia from the start’

Fears over safety during World Cup 2018 in Russia

‘Pretty soon the only one left will be Stormy Daniels’

‘The urge to speculate is almost overwhelming’

‘Trade war cemetery’