Award-winning cartoonist Jeremy Banks (Banx) has been a professional freelance cartoonist since 1980.

His gags have entertained readers of the FT since 1989 and been published in other newspapers and magazines the world over.

He is also a writer and film-maker.

‘We had thought of putting him down for Eton’

‘No to Heathrow expansion; no to Gatwick expansion’

The Eurosceptic former foreign secretary is the runaway favourite

‘Je suis The New York Times’

‘I wish we were rich then we’d be richer still’

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Ta-ta iTunes

US president hailed the ‘common values’ of the two nations

‘We’d tell you if we thought the defendant was innocent’

‘He’s always been deeply ambitious so he won’t be standing for the Tory leadership’

‘I only shifted to the centre as a career move’

‘We’re facing an existential crisis’

‘Say what you like about American industry, we can still manufacture a mean trade war’

‘Project Fear’s running itself now’

‘His commute to work’s been getting shorter’

‘I’ve honestly no idea where it all comes from’

‘We’re very worried about Huawei and exactly how to pronounce it’

‘USS John Bolton’

‘Phones have ears’

‘Send me to Brussels and I won’t go there’

‘I bet on us to lose’

‘Team May’ v ‘Team May Be Not’

‘Species loss has hit him hard’

‘Congress wants to know how much fake tan we’re holding’

‘We’re not all living in an era of peace and tranquility’

‘He’s not normally a great fan of democracy’