Hot spice, cold comfort: Sichuan starters

These easily assembled cold appetisers show an unexpected side to familiar ingredients and use the twin hallmarks of Sichuan cuisine, chilli and the local pepper

Recipes — porridge reinvented

Inspired by how seriously the Danes take their porridge, Alex Hely-Hutchinson decided to reinvent the way we view our oats

Recipe: smoked haddock doughnuts

‘These little nuggets are perfect party food — savoury and just salty enough to get you reaching for your drink; easy to pass round and pick’

Recipe: Lamb cutlets ‘milanese’

‘I like to put a little Parmesan in the crumb — a trick that might be frowned on in Italy — to give extra umami to the proceedings’

Honey & Co: summer desserts

Desserts crammed with luscious ripe berries and sumptuous stone fruit, plus a fruity gin cocktail — the perfect way to kick off our summer food special