‘The chefs’ ability to downsize so many of their dishes into smaller dishes or dishes to share has been a major advantage’

‘Offered during the great depression, these 1928s were slow to sell; just as well they were chock full of the preservative tannin’

This comfort food par excellence is richly deserving of the season’s fragrant quince fruit

A sleek bar set in a London department store gives alcohol-free cocktails a makeover, with booze to toast your overspending, too

Just as the craft ale industry takes off, so a new breed of nibble is gaining a presence in pubs and breweries

‘The meat was clearly expensive but had been strip-searched and confiscated of any fat’

Some of the most distinctive wines from this vintage came from older vines, which are also better able to withstand the increasing problem of drought

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Chinese New Year is a couple of weeks away but dim sum is a lunchtime treat that can be enjoyed whenever you please

Enlightened bars are reinventing teetotal tipples

‘For a while longer, I shall be sustaining myself with a glass of red wine and meat’

‘A kofta with the most wonderful texture, to be pan fried or even barbecued’

‘The grapes were exceptionally healthy in 2015. The vines flowered early, fast and efficiently’

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