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‘Brunch is not to be defined by what is cooked or eaten but by the fashion in which we enjoy it’

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A standby stock of beans, pasta and tinned tomatoes is the perfect antidote to empty-fridge syndrome

‘A Loire Cabernet Franc from a good vintage can knock spots off many red bordeaux for grace, refreshment and value’

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These hidden gems are well worth seeking out

‘The octopus was exceptionally sweet, having been cooked slowly in embers and then roasted in a wood oven’

Whether you’re after a hearty roast in a Georgian townhouse, fresh local seafood or exotic fusion, the bright and breezy city on the Sussex coast has it covered

Bill Knott on the western world’s love affair with Japanese cuisine

‘Champagne houses used to say their non-vintage blends were consistent from year to year. That just won’t wash in a world full of wine geeks’

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Interview Restaurants

The couple have left their sommelier and chef roles at Le Gavroche to start anew in Fitzrovia. They talk work-life balance, Brexit and the joy of champagne  

‘A chowder was something made in a cauldron, and originated on French fishing boats on the Atlantic seaboard’

‘Vanilla in savoury courses usually has me reaching for the shotgun but here it made the broth different and memorable’

The Beaujolais cru of Saint-Amour sees one-third of its annual production sold cheaply on Valentine’s Day. But a few newcomers are starting to make vintages built to last

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