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‘If there’s one meal in the year you should make an effort with, it’s this one’

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Where breathtaking lodgings meet exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences

‘The beef and prunes are a classic combination and the two really work well together’

‘There’s bacon, chicken, jalapeños, gochujang, kimchi . . . Yep, sounds like a car wreck. But it’s just fantastically joyous’

Where to sample traditional Bahraini dishes and have the best tea

From private dining rooms to funky breakfast cafés — where power-brokers break bread

This method works well in a wood-burning stove or a regular oven and makes a delicious side

‘A helicopter was hired to circulate the frozen air and raise ambient temperatures — it worked like a dream’

A grassroots movement in Europe and the US helps integrate refugees through cookery classes

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