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‘We think the era of wines with 15 per cent alcohol is over. Consumers want something more refreshing’

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‘In the privacy of the mouth, the Lobster Thermidor tart is shockingly lascivious’

‘A wholesome, balanced meal that’s satisfying without being heavy’

Where to go for hummus, the best sabich and great street-food options

‘After a morning in church and a month or two of abstinence, it is just the thing’

‘The crisp tostada with sea urchins, scallops and salsa was a fabulous combination’

The writer has created an ‘anti-cookbook’, with recipes inspired by the ideas of others. Here, he interrogates himself about why all cooking is a form of plagiarism 

‘Despite last year’s drought, the right bank has bounced back with a classical vintage’

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‘The rise of the Indian middle class has lured about 50 wineries into existence’

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Pâtissiers are concentrating on single products, making and selling just one delicious temptation

‘Amazing food in a city that clings fiercely to a diversity that’s almost unmatched’

A simple dish cooked with bread, onions and garlic that has an addictive savoury quality

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