Mary Berry: ‘I like to grasp the nettle and get it done’

After winning the hearts of millions with ‘Bake Off’, the broadcaster and cookery writer has two new TV shows in the works – and no plans to slow down

White wines for Christmas

‘Germany is producing truly fine dry wines that tend to be much better partners for food than many a white burgundy’

Perilla, London: fine dining in a fishtank

‘The cabbage was a cushion on which the mighty pork, weary of its own superlative excellence, could recline seductively’

Hidden Dublin: a glass of the other stuff

There's more to the city than Guinness... here's where to find alternative ales and porters from independent breweries

The best restaurants of 2016: Nicholas Lander’s guide

‘Even just a few days spent in New York yields far more enticing restaurants than almost any other city’

Hidden Dublin: why wine bars are the toast of the town

Interesting wine bars are catching up on Dublin's pubs

Sparkling best

‘If you choose your vintage champagne carefully, there may be no need to shell out for a prestige cuvée’

Photo of Jancis Robinson

Anne-Sophie Pic recipe: cooking with coffee

The French chef grew up with classical cuisine. But her ideas are far from traditional

How to make the ultimate gravy: Tim Hayward’s pre-Christmas guide

Forget presents and turkey, gravy is the key part of the festive period. Here our award-winning food writer outlines his obsessive quest to make the perfect brew

Recipes: from venison meatballs to mulled glögg – food cooked over a birch fire 

For restaurateur Niklas Ekstedt, nothing beats cooking over an open fire — especially at Christmas

Honey & Co recipes: the morning after Christmas

Boxing Day brunch is when the feasting really begins . . . with caviar eggs, truffle crêpes and champagne mimosas

Taste test: Seasonal crisps

From Buck’s Fizz to roast turkey, the humble crisp can be engineered to taste of many festive flavours. Peter Bazalgette calls in the taste panel to ask if this is wise

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