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Four years and five volumes later, a team of 22 has compiled a 24kg guide to the staple

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This recipe has a Pacific Rim feel, from the ginger and gentle spice to macadamia and coconut milk

Portugal is a country of travellers, so there is a lot of influence from around the world

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‘Much of the hard work was being done by women but they were rarely allowed to occupy the top jobs’

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Everything you wanted to know about putting together a cheeseboard but were too intimidated to ask...

‘The Santa Rosa wine centre was reduced to a bleak, ashen desert within hours . . . The flames soon spread’

‘What fresh cheffery is this? Why would you put crumble on the bit of the artichoke you can’t eat?’

‘The end result is almost too pretty to eat but the smell is too good to resist’

‘There were some definite hits: the endive, apple and avocado crab Louis salads; an elegant Dover sole meunière’

Where to go for fresh hummus, taboon bread and baklava

Tastemakers select their favourite eateries in the French capital

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