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‘My dining companions tucked into the snapper with something close to religious fervour’

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FT Magazine Jancis Robinson

‘Adding water to the fermentation vat is not necessarily evil – it can mean a better-balanced wine’

The professor and broadcaster on the next space race, the problem with UK education and his passion for champagne 

‘Nearly 40 years after publication, Shizuo Tsuji’s book is still the definitive guide for western readers’

Where to shop for picnic staples, escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and get whisky

FT Magazine Nicholas Lander

‘The glass-fronted restaurant looks down to the river over a scene that is pure Constable’

Could women-only gatherings bring a more balanced flavour to the evaluation of wine?

‘I once found a £50 note on a deserted beach. This was an equally inexplicable, uncomplicated joy’

‘The belief in the healing power of this broth is so strong. No medicine ever tasted better’

FT Magazine Jancis Robinson

‘It is only worth ageing a wine with lots of tannin if there is enough fruit to support it’

Where to find sticky tortilla, sleek chocolates, and a tapas bar that serves rare wines

The most important ingredient is the tomato juice — it’s worth shelling out on a good one

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