The Art of Fashion

The world’s of art, architecture, image-making and fashion designer have long collaborated. We take a closer look at how these different world’s have collided to inspire each season’s collections

© Gabby Laurent

From ballet costumes, to moving sculptures and wearable weavings, this issue has taken on a more kinetic spirit — this season it’s all about movement

Fendi’s favourite graphic artist, the magic of the muse — and an audience with Margaret Howell

The new cult jewellers, the timeless allure of gold, and the man who made treasure from trash

Discover the creative stories behind this season’s collections, from Coach’s collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation to the boom in fashion illustration and the power of the pencil

Americana, Arts and Crafts and the avant garde all inspired Autumn collections

This third issue celebrates the art of the jewel and admires dazzling collaborations

Canvas meets catwalk in this issue celebrating the Spring collections

We take a closer look at how the different Art worlds collide to inspire the new collections