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European Commission had ‘no alternative’ after plan breached prior spending promises

Allegations by Turkish president directly contradict Saudi government’s account

Government looks at chartering ships to ferry in critical food and medicines


Planned talks announced days after US president said he would quit nuclear accord


Almost 9 in 10 Android apps are able to share data with Google, study finds

Financial brain who spearheaded expansion to conglomerate with €12bn assets


Announcement comes as Islamabad seeks IMF loan to stave off balance of payments crisis

Interview Uber

Dara Khosrowshahi’s comments come on same day as a senior executive resigns

Riyadh event dominated by questions about investment impact of Khashoggi killing

Telecoms group admits media unit disappointment as strategy shifts to 5G

Fink forecasts such ETF assets will rise from $25bn to over $400bn in a decade

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President combines U-turn on Texas senator with attack on migrants and a tax promise

Wall Street group reorganises to offer investment management services to the masses

Monopoly maker says 2018 has been ‘very disruptive year’ for toy industry

Trump’s top economic adviser lowers expectations of truce in tariffs war



US and other countries urged to follow Germany’s lead and cut arms sales to the kingdom

The contents of the world’s most glamorous nightclub are going up for sale — but with a new £65m venue, the party is far from over

While processes and machinery are vital, managers need the skills to exploit them

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Trade tensions and signs of slowing worldwide economy see investors retreat

TV streaming company prepares fresh push into original content


The market has little patience for the slightest bit of bad news

Facebook and its peers should aim for better data transparency

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