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Prominent politicians and state officials purchased luxury homes at knockdown prices

Carmaker indicates readiness to to raise outside capital after quarterly net loss blows out to $702m

‘Dash for trash’ hurts funds trying to attack what they see as overvalued companies

Some parts of new-generation network will be vulnerable to attack

Castello Branco knows Brazil oil group needs to show autonomy to regain investor trust

Workers suspect plot by Washington to undermine Oleg Deripaska’s GAZ brand

Former Nissan chief was indicted on fresh charge of diverting funds for personal gain

Recommendation is being considered by senior justice department officials

Central bank governor highlights need to assess developing countries’ repayment problems

Central bank’s forward guidance suggests inflation target remains a long way off


Occidental leap into Anadarko bid battle with $55bn offer exposes balance sheet risk

US News

With Democrats controlling the House the door to impeach the president has opened


FT Magazine Gillian Tett

Understanding precisely how tech businesses use our data is crucial if we are to have a sensible debate on reforming them


A new cultural divide is opening up over reviving the ‘national myth’ or dismantling it

Beijing to defend initiative as it welcomes 37 heads of state to summit this week

The core ideas that have sustained foreign policy for decades are under attack from rising nationalism

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‘Dash for trash’ hurts funds trying to attack what they see as overvalued companies

High hedging costs prompt some to eschew protection and others to avoid US government debt


Special Report AI & Robotics

Forerunner in automation worried about progress being too slow rather than too fast

Special Report AI & Robotics

Collaborative robots market expected to snowball to $12.3bn by 2025

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