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Rumours that rebels have secured names of 48 Tory MPs needed to trigger confidence vote

Meng Wanzhou must also pay for private security guards to accompany her at all times

Japanese carmaker had kept details from its French partner, leading to tensions

Beijing acts after warning of ‘serious consequences’ following Huawei CFO’s arrest

Explainer EU trade

The pact slashes tariffs on EU food exports in return for liberalised access to its car market

US central bank still expected to lift its target range at its meeting next week

President bickers with top congressional Democrats over funding in Oval Office meeting

Pichai defends controversial proposal in first Congress appearance

Decision comes after abrupt resignation of Urjit Patel amid tension with Modi government

Chinese streaming group raises $1.1bn at $21.3bn valuation

Telecom group will take further $2.1bn charge to cover cost of axing 10,000 jobs 

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Pivot under Donald Trump presents challenge to climate negotiators gathered in Poland

Tumult at television network left unaired in first meeting since abuse scandal

Even as German head office demands job cuts, parts of the investment bank are hiring

Planned closure of social network is being brought forward by four months



Investors such as Google and Temasek pile into another sector looking for help from technology

One of the world’s most dangerous areas is also one of the fastest-growing markets

Well-known firms trade on their names, but pressure for change is growing

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President prepared to shut down government over funding for Mexico wall

Chinese streaming group raises $1.1bn at $21.3bn valuation

Spread over Bunds widens as France’s spending pledge fuels investors’ budget fears


The telecoms group’s bet on digital media was mistaken but has not been harmful

Dell wins shareholder vote, Apple China blow, Remi alarm clock

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