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FT Series Davos 2019

Wang Qishan insists recent data signalling slowdown ‘not low at all’

Figures reinforce notion that president favours well-off and fuel calls for wealth levy

Sterling hits highest level since November as Labour signals support for blocking no-deal exit

Chief executive said to be preparing his exit after jail release hopes are dashed

Missed pay cheques and long queues as political stand-off continues

Exploration and production sector has not had a single bond sale since November

Hopes for solution remain dim as Republicans and Democrats stick to core demands 

FT Series Davos 2019

Chief takes first trip to Swiss resort gathering amid ‘Big Tech’ backlash

Acceleration in issuance a signal that leveraged finance markets on the mend

New York start-up close to deal for Manhattan’s wedge-shaped landmark

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra poised to oversee election push in Uttar Pradesh

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Board pulled $15bn sale to Apollo after private equity group cut its offer for retirees

CEO touts ‘strong results’ for the consumer giant despite ‘challenging’ environment

Jet engines, aeroplane parts boosted the company’s quarterly results



View from the Cockpit Mark Vanhoenacker

Other kids had posters of bands on their walls, I preferred flight decks

Byzantine debt structures will lead to lengthy, litigious and very costly bankruptcies

Despite fragile markets, companies in the nascent sector have completed fundraisings this month

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Sterling bolstered by mounting expectations for Brexit delay


Acceleration in issuance a signal that leveraged finance markets on the mend


Case backlog likely to take weeks, if not months, to clear


Social network to launch ad reporting tool in the summer

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