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Electric car founder in new bid to signal that he is serious about buyout

Warsaw and European Commission in bitter stand-off over rule of law

Peter Strzok was removed from Mueller’s investigation in December

Analysis Oil

A drop in the country’s production in July raises questions about what’s really happening

A blog by the Tesla founder is sure to attract scrutiny from regulators

Critics say project is dependent on unsustainable government subsidies

Man arrested after car hits security barriers outside parliament

Chinese official likens hosting independence activist to granting platform to terrorist

Social network to show top-tier Spanish football matches free across south Asia

Idea had been considered a non-starter by international community

Surge in production allows prices to defy hot summer demand

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Analysis Gun control

Lawmakers struggle with rise of untraceable ‘ghost’ weapons

After strong second-quarter results, questions surround whether a peak has been reached

White House aims to achieve powerful impact while avoiding military entanglements

David Wells presided over video streaming group’s huge investment in original content



New research suggests inked individuals no longer face employment discrimination 

To meet demand miners will have to operate in countries difficult to navigate

Fees in the finance industry have helped lenders boost profits — at considerable social cost

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Emerging market currencies stable, while stocks rise in Istanbul and Europe

Currency has fallen more than 8.6% this year, making it one of Asia’s worst performers

Emerging markets and UK out of favour



Ebook platform falls 17% on the heels of results showing decline in user numbers

Social network to show top-tier Spanish football matches free across south Asia

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