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Investors back well-known figures as they strike out on their own

Chiefs say groups require scale to keep pace with US competitors and digital transformation

Howard Marks sees risk in groups being pushed into accepting poor terms on deals

Kingdom’s ambitious plans for diversification face challenge of economic reality

Basque region has been driving force of economy since industrial revolution

The country’s new government will create huge challenges for Europe


No 10 signals Northern Ireland assembly should decide on legislation after landside Irish vote

Rejection of Eurosceptic Savona threatens political ‘fracture’, says Five Star leader

EU’s chief Brexit negotiator says UK must ‘look the reality of the EU in the face’

$47bn acquisition moves forward after Trump intervenes on behalf of ZTE

Millions left without power in spite of supposed electrification of country’s last rural district

Sleep: a special issue

Biologist and narcoleptic Henry Nicholls explores what happens when sleep goes wrong

From weighted blankets to pillow spray, Emma Jacobs puts the latest sleep aids to the test

Are our night-time visions a window into the mind or a form of biological housekeeping?

US News

Stacey Cunningham started on the floor and broke through the glass ceiling

Autonomous vehicle’s sensors failed to recognise woman crossing road with bike

Construction slowdown exacerbates effect of strong demand in the American west

Couple learns of recording after husband’s employee calls about receiving audio files



The IRC head tackles an unprecedented migration crisis, and a Brexit campaign

One broker estimates that 90% of the area’s homes are reduced in price before they can sell

Bet on nightlife venue pays off as Soho House entrepreneur pushes ‘accessible glamour’

Markets News

Political uncertainty in Rome and Madrid have shaken markets

Peripheral bonds sell off after confidence motion called against Rajoy while Rome bickers

Rise of up to 1m barrels a day expected to fill gap left by Venezuela and Iran


Tech groups dual class structures threaten principle of ‘one share, one vote’

Teens are hooked by the battle royale format and ubiquity on smartphones

Barclays explores merger, Deutsche job cuts, Amazon, Zuckerberg and Marks and Spencer

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