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FT correspondents report on the downfall of the UK’s oldest travel group


Researchers take aim at tech company for declaring computing milestone

Executive who is joining UBS from Credit Suisse has raised a case with Zurich prosecutors

Activist Elliott at odds with TV network’s owner over size, strategy and succession

When ‘humbled’ becomes a synonym for ‘proud’ something has gone seriously wrong

Willingness and preparedness in responding to situation called into question

Seizure of Stena Impero sparked crisis over energy security in Gulf

Executives say order books ‘paralysed’ by trade war and woes in car industry

Russian president lambasts government for slow progress on investment projects


President set to decide which party leader gets to form coalition

Move is latest sign of tighter links between state and private sector

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Campaign to tout green credentials could be undercut by Bolsonaro’s clashes with Europe

Industry faces threat of economic slowdown just as underwriting skills show improvement

‘Medicare for All’ proposal risks alienating moderates ahead of 2020 election

Donald Trump orders ‘defensive’ deployment to boost air defences following Riyadh request


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