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Beverage and snacks group looks to continue health-conscious strategy for growth

Analyst acts after concluding funding for a buyout was not ‘secured’


Battle with Tencent for market share in China has erased profitability

Italian government knew of structure’s weaknesses before collapse but did nothing to limit traffic

Bitcoin, the original and most valuable crypto, has plummeted from $19,000 to $6,000-$8,000

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‘I want some form of justice — he wronged me’

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Country received €289bn of loans over eight years as economy collapsed

iPhone maker drops gambling apps amid accusations of failing to filter illegal material

President in fresh attack on inquiry over Russian interference in 2016 election

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London-based portal is backed by Chinese ecommerce group

Bets against the carmaker’s shares have been lucrative since Musk’s buyout plan tweet

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Release of plans coincides with rally in West Virginia heartland ahead of midterm elections



Once a model of economic development, the country now worries Chinese competition will cause a long-term slowdown

A personal memoir of the fake news crisis in British and American journalism

Technology is helping to fight fraud, improve marking systems and support teachers

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Analyst acts after concluding funding for a buyout was not ‘secured’


Appreciating humour may be vital for future co-operation between humans and machines

Bank of England economist says disruption will be more intense than industrial revolution

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