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Tech-led selloff feels like the start of new era for equities

Japanese carmaker’s board had opposed deal and was looking for ways to block it

Legal groups to argue investors lost billions in fallout from €200bn scandal

Choice of Fed governor Quarles to chair FSB aims to foster Washington’s engagement

Chinese vocational school interns working overtime and night shifts

Conspiracy theories swirl around markets as silence of car boss lengthens

India needs diverse credit institutions, but they must have sound balance sheets

US president says crown prince ‘maybe’ knew of killing but touts benefits of relationship

Prices bounce in Asia but producer output pledges fuelling concerns of a glut

‘Unworkable’ technology option back on table in bid to save withdrawal agreement

Company faces legal battle with whistleblower over activities in China

Beijing and Manila deepen ties with memorandum of understanding over South China Sea

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Gap eyes ‘hundreds’ of store closures as earnings disappoint before Black Friday

Formidable negotiator Robert Lighthizer could make or break chance of US-China deal

Federal Agency of News files lawsuit as social network seeks to tackle disinformation

Move by private equity firms is unusual but falls short of $75m sought by workers


A bank executive and a politician lay out arguments for and against the proposal with Brussels


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‘Crazy rich’ city state asks if its managed democracy can adapt to regional turmoil

A Tokyo business is offering to give its workers a bonus if they can prove sufficient bed rest

Saud al-Qahtani is most senior official sanctioned by US over Khashoggi killing

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Tech shares in region recover some poise after early dip following latest US rout

CFTC seeks timeframe for action on clean-up of credit default swaps market

Bitcoin crash and trading platform problems lead to calls for more oversight


Social network boss defends under-fire second-in-command after intense criticism

Known as ‘Annie’, new software aims to relocate migrants to maximise their job prospects

Deliveroo dilemma: what obligations do tech companies have to society?

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