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Germany politics

Breakdown of coalition talks plunges Germany into new era of uncertainty


Leader shocks TV viewers with speech that fails to deliver expected resignation

Interview Europe

Investor speaks out in FT interview amid fears spy agencies will monitor rights groups

Telecoms company says it is not preparing to raise cash through an equity issue

Killing of seven, including actress Sharon Tate, brought era of peace and love to a bloody end

New technology can bring the continental demos into being at last

Macy’s, Nordstrom and Kohl’s are among the most heavily shorted retail stocks in the US

Reoffending rates among ‘ultra-aged’ society exceed the younger population

Range of machines has grown as they learn how to carry out tasks from human masters

Fines of billions of euros likely on 8 lenders for allegedly rigging $5.3tn market

Levy on services such as advertising on Google and Facebook ‘an attack on avoidance’

Party’s narrow majority makes support from Collins and Flake critical 

UK prime minister keen to break deadlock at next month’s EU Council meeting

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US News

Report estimates public health emergency’s economic toll at almost 3% of GDP in 2015

US group targets North American shale for bulk of its investment spending

Consultancy picks first Asian leader in its 44-year history to replace Bob Bechek

Trump eyes budget director who called CFPB a ‘sick joke’ as regulator’s interim head


Video FT World video

At the end of 2016 the currency was only the sixth most used in the world


The student winners and the team of experts that chose them

Interview Luxury goods

‘Wash and go’ luxury merino wool suit reflects changes roiling luxury goods industry

Asset manager CEO Damon Williams stresses need to deliver ‘very good value’ for clients

Markets News

Xetra Dax 30 also moves higher; pound at 12-session peak, hurting FTSE 100

Law firms, hedge funds and a secretive Mexican billionaire are jockeying for position

Macy’s, Nordstrom and Kohl’s are among the most heavily shorted retail stocks in the US


Chinese internet group first from country to join elite group of huge US tech companies


Move gives foreign investors potentially huge influence over Japanese group

Vigilance remains high as cyber intelligence experts anticipate the next big ransomware threat

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