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Republicans in disarray after Trump complicates efforts to reach deal on funding

Move would combine two of the world’s four largest grain merchants

Defence secretary puts countering China and Russia at heart of military strategy

Macron draws global elite to Versailles before they head for economic forum in the Alps

Undercover Economist Tim Harford

Antitrust authorities should not be making life easy for incumbents

‘The memes are so potent because they are designed to be subversive and to bait their opponents into a reaction’

Zuckerberg wants to prioritise information that is ‘trustworthy, informative and local’

Analysis Africa

Royalties could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, says advocacy group

Trump administration reverses two decades of trade policy towards 2001 accession

First increase to fee since 2014 of service seen as key to attracting online shoppers

Randal Quarles to push for streamlining of bank capital guidelines

US News

Moves to trim capital cushions while boosting payouts is worrying, say some observers

Beverage giant, which uses 120bn bottles a year, pledges to step up recycling effort

Tillerson outlines assertive stance to counter Iranian ‘land-bridge’ strategy

Bank asks for time to find corporate clients to replace hedge funds in core business


Video UK retail results

Rapidly rising prices squeeze consumers' spending ability


Firm has become a leading adviser to the world’s largest private equity groups

Women’s health, Larry Summers, take the Trump test

The British designer is ready to radically grow his business. He talks about why power-sharing will be good for him

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Market shrugs off shutdown fears to complete longest streak without major reversal


Economy boosted by tax reform seen prompting higher interest rates

US Treasury sell-off continues but dollar fails to respond


Zuckerberg wants to prioritise information that is ‘trustworthy, informative and local’


GE break-up; Apple, BP, Detroit auto show and China internet crackdown in the news


‘Second request’ from Federal Trade Commission signals more scrutiny for the $130bn proposed deal

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