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Ousted Nissan chief proposes posting shares as collateral and surrendering passport

Record profitability is not shared evenly among industry’s leaders and their underlings

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Survey shows widening gap in outlook between elites and the rest on eve of Swiss gathering

Ren Zhengfei says tech group must prepare for ‘times of hardship’

Specialist consumer-financiers help bridge earnings gap for federal workers

Iata says proposal represents ‘a huge step backwards for all European consumers’

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The tech executive on surviving disruption, politics as combat and taking on Netflix

Deal or no deal — the damage has been done

What economic theory can teach us about reining in our screen habits

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President’s approval rating slides as parties seek to avoid political fallout

Bureaucrats are queueing at food banks rather than trendy eateries

Agency that oversees mortgage giants discusses an end to government conservatorship

Ambassador’s statement further raises tensions between Beijing and Ottawa



First scientific targets for healthy eating from sustainable agriculture

Technology could mean the days of the shoebox full of receipts are numbered

Many investment companies have announced large redundancies, with more expected in 2019

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Slumbering volatility and a closely watched ECB meeting take centre stage

Stocks fired by hopes for fresh president but doubts persist over pension reform

S&P 500 hits one-month high; Brent oil tests $63 a barrel


Barclays and Santander lead £26m investment into UK-based lender MarketInvoice

Apple suppliers take hardest hit as Taiwan tech sector contracts in final month

Ren Zhengfei says tech group must prepare for ‘times of hardship’

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