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Move clears way for $1.6bn takeover of company’s core assets by Chinese-owned KSS

Extra £1bn funding for Northern Ireland secures working majority for Conservatives


Trusty gauge usually predicts US economic downturns but there are some positive signs

Third Point says ‘staid’ Swiss food giant should sell its stake in L’Oréal

The industry has benefited from the growth in online publicity but it is starting to feel the impact of disruption

As the US tech group’s smartphone turns 10, former executives reminisce

Country’s most famous dissident transferred to hospital to be treated for liver cancer

Malpass’s task is to reassure those eager to hear a single authoritative voice

Trump sees ‘narrow path’ to agreement but timetable is under threat

Final decision by EU college of commissioners expected this week

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and State Street score low on one controversial metric

US News

Rebound in energy sector profits is under threat from a weak oil price

Hopes for new era of US-Indian co-operation have been replaced by pragmatism

Asset managers insist the regulator’s proposed changes will hurt savers

Chopper shuttle services tap high-end market after demand from offshore platforms falls


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Analysis Retail

Alexandre Bompard must address French retailer’s persistent structural issues

France’s top tech entrepreneur talks car-pooling and why it pays to persevere

Special Report Turkey

Markets have been buoyed by Turkish growth, spending and a mystery buyer

Markets News

Oil bounces, helping energy stocks support rally


EU allows Rome to skirt rules that would have forced losses on senior debtholders

Analysts warn Chinese developer’s surprisingly big sale risks chilling investor mood


New CEO Georgi Ganev to focus on consolidating group’s assets to unlock value

As Wukong Bicycle loses 90 per cent of its stock, ofo launches GPS-tracked bikes

France’s top tech entrepreneur talks car-pooling and why it pays to persevere

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