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Top aide suggests US president will look to ‘moderate’ Democrats for support

State lowers levy from 85% to 50% in boost to valuation prospects

Giant Motors and JAC Motors aim to cash in on low-cost nation’s booming car market

Tech groups bet device could replace smartphone as consumers’ primary computing tool

UK attempts to force open messaging app in wake of attacks follows failed efforts in US

Analysis Banks

German lender’s chief is taking a stronger personal grip on the American business

How the retailer has become one of the biggest recruiters of MBA graduates

Pravin Gordhan’s recall fuels speculation of imminent cabinet reshuffle

Mega deal is first of three up for approval from EU watchdogs in agrichemical sector


Study of US battleground state Tweets finds propaganda overwhelming mainstream media 

US News

Cash flows and capital spending protected even if crude price continues to slide

German group takes top spot as rivals step back in face of scrutiny by regulators

Survey suggests many are unsustainable as product offerings begin to be cut back

President reacts to congressional setback by tweeting that system ‘will explode’



The tool automates daily digital routines — but it is not always intuitive

Driving to work with Beethoven, Mozart and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

Virtual reality offers new ways to visualise data

Markets News

Stocks retreat, US banks slide and dollar index falls to lowest level since November

White House insists tax reform will be simpler despite defeat sowing seeds of doubts

Investors shift into gold and bonds as hopes of business-friendly US policies wobble


UK attempts to force open messaging app in wake of attacks follows failed efforts in US

More than 1bn have had their eyes and fingerprints scanned to access state benefits

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