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German lender alleged to have ignored concerns raised by a whistleblower

Flagship fund of one of Europe’s biggest managers has lost money over the past 3 years

Pressure mounts on two biggest economies to cease practices undermining global trade

Incident comes as tensions in the Middle East threaten to boil over


The digital currency will have to define itself before it can be launched

The pay is down, the food is mixed and you might meet the Iranian Revolutionary Guard

Territory’s extradition bill unnerves city’s super-rich and businesses

US central bank’s stance contrasts with widespread market expectations of a cut

Activists have prompted groups to make placatory gestures in bid to stave off trouble

Two-day trip to Pyongyang follows collapse of Trump-Kim denuclearisation summit

Central bank dovishness has sent a jolt through fixed income markets

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Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger says FAA should mandate simulator training on grounded plane

New emissions policy comes as US power plants shift to wind, solar and gas

Security official warns of ‘unacceptable levels of risks’ posed by use of Huawei

Privacy experts dispute assertions financial information would not be used to target ads



Stars are moving into theatres, and pointing a possible wayto the future of live music

First screening cancelled at last minute due to historical sensitivities

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Corporate role ‘has become harder and more fun’

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Flagship fund of one of Europe’s biggest managers has lost money over the past 3 years

Investor made famous by ‘The Big Short’ scales back after crisis-era glow fades

‘Positive incentive loans’ are a fast-growing part of green finance


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A new paper reveals the heavy environmental and financial costs involved in training deep learning models.

Across the continent, the double-edged nature of technology is more and more apparent Uber drivers in Nairobi, working 12-hour shifts to pay off their car loan, find themselves at the beck and call of an anonymous algorithm

Tencent-backed healthtech start-up wary of float that would prompt greater disclosure and scrutiny

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