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Producers boost prices by deciding against output increases sought by Trump

President sees support for austerity measures critical to $50bn IMF programme

Tie-up between Canadian and UK-listed groups will create world’s biggest gold miner

German regulator BaFin appoints KPMG to monitor lender’s progress

But will automated valuation methods lead to more rational housing markets?

Central bank is set to raise rates for a third time this year on Wednesday

Versace family and Blackstone expected to sell in agreement likely to be announced on Tuesday

Party leadership seeks to thwart move by activists for new vote on EU membership

Company to promote ‘wellness’ in response to changing consumer attitudes to dieting

Eddie Lampert’s plan includes retailer selling property to repay $1.5bn worth of debt

Satellite radio group to offer its programming over internet music service

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A trade war could spell an early end to the boom in recreational vehicles

Investor blames peso mayhem on ‘massive speculative attack’ and local over-reaction

PC company explores IPO as alternative to controversial share swap deal

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US cable behemoth that lacked overseas presence has bought itself a powerful European launch pad



Led by China, countries from Turkey to India are looking for opportunities

Mid-range manufacturing push improves the Chinese position as trade war intensifies

A window into the world of the new left

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Brent crude nears $81 a barrel while Draghi’s remarks send bond yields rising

Producers boost prices by deciding against output increases sought by Trump


Research suggests a causal link between social media posts and physical attacks

Taiwan electronics groups forced to consider quitting China to escape Trump’s tariffs

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Is the Greek right?

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