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German election

Leader accused of making party ‘laughing stock’ despite claims of more democracy

Licence cancellation dubbed politically motivated

Madrid and Barcelona authorities battle over which of them control of regional police force

Zuckerberg decision not to go ahead with stock reclassification likely to prove influential

The car-hailing app broke every rule in the book — yet still has a legion of devoted fans

Supporters of the referendum know they are courting trouble but are not put off

Firms chase endorsements and sponsorships from Europe’s biggest sports names

President says football league should sack players who do not stand for national anthem

Deal would rank as largest European leveraged buyout in almost five years

Statisticians attempt to solve mystery of differing figures

China and India bring biggest threat to diesel and petrol engines closer

Brexit negotiations

Barnier and Davis teams face task of fleshing out measures from Florence speech

How the EU and UK reacted to May’s Florence speech

PM sets out plans to keep Britain in EU in all but name until 2021

UK News

Warning that long delays to payments are leaving poorest families in lurch

Oil paintings to be offered alongside electric kettles and armchairs in Sotheby’s sale

UK group, which is fighting for survival, is in talks to sell some overseas arms

Border disagreement with Ivory Coast had halted expansion of key field for two years

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Video Life & Arts

James Whewell on his struggle to improve the fortunes of Wyresdale Park


For SS18, the designers combined their black lingerie trademark with card games — and a cabbage patch print

Can the sports car maker compete with Tesla as it moves into its territory?

The novelist talks about his new novel, life in the US, and his ‘other two countries’

Markets News

Can equity markets go higher, and is there dollar upside versus the euro?

Airport services operator has €1bn of leveraged loans and junk bonds outstanding

China and India bring biggest threat to diesel and petrol engines closer


Licence cancellation dubbed politically motivated

Brands superimposed into programmes will be watched by Chinese viewers on Youku

Analysis Technology

Ride-hailing cannot afford to lose what has become its largest European market

Life & Arts