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Victory with 74% of vote puts president on course to be nation’s longest ruler since Stalin

Foreign secretary also backs law to target corruptly obtained wealth entering UK

Renewed fire in president’s denunciations as his personal lawyer calls for end to inquiry

Offer comes as support for engineer strengthens amid investment concerns

Profile data used to create algorithms to understand the motivations of millions of users

The tenacity of bitcoin reflects dissatisfaction with current payment systems

Thousands take to the streets for third week in biggest display of anger since 1989

Macron and Merkel seek to overcome stalemate in negotiations to reach deal by June

Paul Jacobs hopes for support in shareholder protest vote after his dismissal

US-educated economist was longtime deputy to outgoing head Zhou Xiaochuan

Overhaul promised after US takes action over North Korea sanction breaches


Brussels expected to use transition deal deadline to wring further concessions

The men in charge of Britain leaving the EU are divided by culture and politics, but united on finishing the job

UK and EU regulators urged to tackle ‘material risks’, particularly in £26tn derivatives market

UK News

Court order forces homeless out of building that became cold weather refuge

British officials court investment for much-needed new homes

Experts say focus on contract wins and acquisitions provided ‘illusion of growth’

Bank had settled lawsuit almost a year ago over rescue funding



The cyber security chief broke away from Intel to invigorate M&A

The former Nigerian central banker on not feeling guilty about inheriting privilege

While the White House lurches from one crisis to another, as key figures leave or are sacked, the real economy seems oblivious to the political tumult

Markets News

Jay Powell will hold his first press conference as chair of the US central bank

Bond investors dump sector squeezed by online competition and rising costs

The Long View John Authers

Challenge for investors and Fed officials is whether low unemployment spurs inflation


Internet groups ploughing billions into bricks and mortar as online sales hit limits 


Calls for Zuckerberg to testify after whistleblower says 50m users were exploited

Profile data used to create algorithms to understand the motivations of millions of users

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