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Two of Russia’s richest oligarchs prepare to resolve decade-long struggle for mining group

Interview Europe

Ilmars Rimsevics tells FT that bribery allegations are ‘totally ridiculous’

Proposal similar to EU-Canada deal under threat from Corbyn shift on customs union

US lender includes warning for first time in ‘risk factors’ for investors

Undercover Economist Tim Harford

But simply letting them go to the wall may not be the panacea it might seem

Keen sportsman will need stamina to stay on top of bank called ‘too big to manage’

Indictment includes accusations Paul Manafort and Richard Gates filed false tax returns

Photo-messaging app founder likely to be best paid chief executive of 2017

Analysis Football

Crackdown on capital outflows and levy on big-name moves curb league’s ambitions

Producers hope hit TV comedy featuring an overbearing boss will translate well

Barcelona event set to feature Samsung, Facebook, Huawei, 5G and US developments

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Concerns about higher interest rates are blamed for skittishness about stocks

Aides to president claim he is taking tougher action on Putin than critics concede

Xcerra acquisition is latest tech takeover to be halted on national security grounds

Senate bill would exempt regional lenders from post-crisis oversight rules


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The tech group's 241m users there generate just 0.2 per cent of global revenue


FT Series Work tribes

Listen in to the conversations of the people who populate our modern workplaces

Construction robots that lay bricks faster and more accurately than people are already a reality

The sleepy enclave has become the eighth priciest zip code in the US with sprawling hilltop mansions

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Premium pet food maker is snapped up while RBS costs disappoint

US tech and energy stocks end week on firm note

Kenya’s $2bn bond is latest in a flurry of debt-raising


Berlusconi vs Bolloré, digital hongbao, Land Rover phone  

Free Lunch Martin Sandbu

Ownership rights and algorithmic accountability

Xcerra acquisition is latest tech takeover to be halted on national security grounds

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