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Revenue cracks down on ability to keep offshore income out of UK net

Selection by committee stacked with China loyalists threatens further political conflict

Creditors divided over timing and desirability of Chapter 11 for US nuclear subsidiary


President fails to close the deal with Republican hardliners in Congress

Party leaders thought the hardliners were a spent force. How wrong they were

Analysis Technology

Many people whom Uber helped take out car loans struggle with payments as subsidies are cut

President says teetering Obamacare system ‘soon will explode’

Professor critical of Beijing’s influence kept out of Australia during premier’s visit

Acquisitive travel-to-finance conglomerate to pay $445m for 25% stake in OMAM

China, Chile and Egypt roll back suspensions while investigation continues

Mantra of ‘ever-closer union’ is avoided on anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

US News

Jobs creation pledge originally announced before president took office

Country’s once-largest retailer warns over its future, reflecting wider problems across the sector

Showdown on Capitol Hill could lead to massive overhaul in Senate rules

Aides may have been incidentally monitored during electronic surveillance of foreigners


Instant Insight Edward Luce

It will be harder for the president to present himself as dealmaker-in-chief, writes Edward Luce


The museum’s second show celebrates the boundary-challenging experiments of the 1980s-90s

The UK bank faces the conclusion of a criminal probe over rescue deals made following the crash

The film director talks about love at first sight for her mews house, and challenging Churchill’s version of history

Markets News

Worst weekly performance by equities since election as Trump agenda faces questions

Market volatility rises as Republican healthcare divisions put Trump presidency to test

The Long View John Authers

Slide in inflation expectations signals investors need a further lift from economic data

Photo of The Long View


Creditors divided over timing and desirability of Chapter 11 for US nuclear subsidiary


Collision threatens plans to bring high levels of autonomy into commercial use

Can Facebook really create a global community? Historian Yuval Noah Harari disputes Mark Zuckerberg’s vision

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