Investors alarmed over escalating tariff spat between the US and China

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Josep Borrell says Madrid is losing the communications battle with Catalonia

US commerce secretary shorted Navigator Holdings before a critical article appeared

Top US military commander warns against complacency hours after announcement

AI-enabled system comes up only slightly short in making persuasive arguments

Fear of an imminent peak in demand means companies are less likely to invest. So does that make shortages and a price rise inevitable?

The powerful Martin Act targeted fraud but a new ruling has curbed its reach

Lawsuit is a key test of how antitrust rules can be applied to online marketplaces 

Hivemind was created to clean up and analyse complex data for use by traders

Bank chief says bankers need to be vigilant at a time when profits are rising

The measure could delay sale of 100 planes worth close to $10bn

Stuart Grant says its courts and politicians are too keen to woo corporations

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Data show embattled emerging markets cannot simply blame QE retreat for their plight

Entertainment group seeks to regain upper hand in M&A tussle with Comcast

Japanese company alleges breach of contract and blames Carl Icahn

Justices reject appeals by both Republicans and Democrats but sidestep broader question



Aside from guaranteed seats, this instrument could make the owner money over the long run

Comments by Qatar Airways chief underlined problems in sector over gender diversity

London’s better-off music lovers are fostering an experience for the benefit of singers and instrumentalists

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Decision to drop key plank of IPO suggests wariness of instrument’s onerous terms


AI-enabled system comes up only slightly short in making persuasive arguments

Both are essential services — and they charge by the hour

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