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What to watch for in Thursday’s governing council meeting

Among the biggest holes is how the proposed cuts would be paid for

Cryan says lender must set its sights higher despite profits beating expectations

Airline acts to repair its reputation after violent removal of passenger

Analysis Technology

Magnificent nerds and their new electric flying machines face battery-life problems

Instant Insight Andrew Hill

Airlines just need to give staff scope to tackle customer crises, writes Andrew Hill


Alibaba-owned Yu’e Bao, meaning leftover treasure, has $165bn under management

European aerospace group is struggling with new jet programmes

Zurich-based fund house thwarts pressure from activist investor to overhaul its board


Three proposals will go to a vote at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting

Effort to reassure on business climate hit by Erdogan clampdown

US News

New capabilities for Alexa voice assistant may raise privacy concerns

Malicious software used to target financial services, healthcare and public sector

Republican dynasties locked in $1bn battle to acquire baseball team

Latest funding round values the commission-free US stock-trading app at $1.3bn



Control of party branches critical as ruling party gears up for leadership contest

Resource companies are again making money, and promising to ‘learn the lessons’ of a boom that left them drowning in debt

Givers have been criticised for wielding disproportionate power over public life

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Analysis Oil

Rising US shale oil production is squeezing demand for three and four-year oil futures contracts

Mexican peso and Canadian dollar strengthen after White House agrees not to axe Nafta

The period has seen investors lower their expectations, making a positive surprise more likely


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