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US election briefing: First debate moves the polls

Clinton put Trump on the defensive in first encounter


Deutsche Bank’s woes in 5 charts

Fears surround fate of Germany's biggest bank


Kashmir: India-Pakistan tensions

Indian forces carry out cross-border raid

Top tips on how to get a pay rise

Make the perfect pitch for a pay rise

FT Comment

Brexit Briefing - Britain’s ‘clean break’

A round-up of the week’s Brexit news

world notebook

Iceland tourism surge sparks worries

Iceland could be facing boom and bust again

Market Minute

Deutsche Bank fears hit financial stocks

Jamie Chisholm on Friday's market news


Deutsche Bank shares plummet, Russia rejects US Aleppo plea

The FT provides Friday’s top stories

New York Minute

Financial fears from Frankfurt

Renewed concern about Deutsche Bank drove a sharp sell-off in US equities.


Mao in modern China

Five facts about the dictator's legacy


How to make the perfect flat white

Australia's contribution to coffee

Short View

Oil prices enjoys their Charlie Brown moment

Opec's production cut agreement pleases oil market