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When an evangelical state votes for a liberal, Democrats believe they have struck gold

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Streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime most at risk of new media juggernaut

Value of billionaire Saudi’s company has slumped since his detention in graft purge

Markets are primed for another quarter-point increase in US interest rates

Trump administration also ramps up pressure on China to cut oil supplies to Pyongyang

In the last of a series, the FT shows how far-right parties are influencing immigration policy even after losing elections

Business school professors and FT writers share the books and articles that changed their outlook at work

Interview Europe

A year after taking office PM gains from higher growth with strong approval ratings

Analysis Innovation

Entrepreneurs and financiers drawn to France as brain drain goes into reverse

Negotiators scramble to secure majority by lowering rates on top earners

Applicants from low income backgrounds found to be less likely to be hired

U-turn by Interactive Brokers could shift trading dynamics for soaring cryptocurrency

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Patrick Byrne plans to help build global property registry using technology

Final price and the future of James Murdoch remain under negotiation

Focus on trimming deficit following tax cuts places low-income individuals at risk

Three economies will target ‘severe excess capacity’ in sectors like steel


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There has been strength in numbers, with each account inspiring the next

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Video FT World video
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Dozens of powerful figures faced misconduct claims as a culture of silence crumbled

Director Rian Johnson has created a work of human imagination

‘Once a document is agreed, people stick to it’

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Treasuries rise after US inflation data while Italian yields jump on political uncertainty

Supply crunch fears soothed as European hub for Russian imports reopens after blast

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Opec and Russia’s production deal matters as Brent hits $65 on pipeline closure


Susan Fowler is FT Person of the Year, Facebook tax, BBC gets Alexa skill

Japanese group now has some options where it previously faced an early demise

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