Brexit reminder from Scotland

Leading figures fail to learn from Britain’s last flirtation with political upheaval

East China Sea naval mystery spooks Japan

Tokyo looks for clues over simultaneous incursions by Chinese and Russian warships

US workforce dropouts explain Trump’s rise

Unless there is a drastic shift in policy, the labour participation rate will keep falling

Beijing struggles to control printed word

State foiled by booksellers’ centuries-old trade

Berlin frets about EU influence if UK goes

If the UK leaves Germany’s choice of heavyweight partners would shrink

Spain’s socialists succumb to populist rage

The PSOE tells the story of European social democracy’s demise

Bollywood censors create free speech drama

India’s filmmakers are up in arms over cuts ordered by cinema regulators to a gritty new production

China less in control than US thinks

Beijing’s Lou Jiwei uncharacteristically challenges US criticism of country’s industrial overcapacity

Kazakh unrest highlights reform conundrum

Philosophy of ‘economy first, politics later’ is coming under strain

Fight for Fallujah will test Iraqi mettle

Rapid victory will boost credibility, but drawn-out conflict will undermine struggle to regain Mosul

Brazil needs deep reforms as fear bites

Political changes required to try remove the carrots that incentivise corruption

Olympics showcase all Abe’s problems

Stadium affair has been emblematic of the woes that blight Japan far beyond these games

Obama nuclear legacy hangs over Hiroshima

The world looks less safe despite the president’s pledge of a world free of atomic weapons

Dublin struggles to influence Brexit vote

Not everyone is convinced that the Irish voice in the debate is loud enough to be heard

Brazil pins hopes on Temer’s superstars

Country looks to economic strikers to carry weak team

Tata tension remains in West Bengal

Car factory that was never built divides village between those who sold and those who refused to sell

Iraq eaten up by political elite

Survival of nation as a unitary state in question

Demise of left will echo across the Americas

Latin Americans no longer tolerate corruption as they once did

Merkel’s warm rhetoric belies colder welcome

The German chancellor has, almost unnoticed, adopted a harder policy on refugees

China mouthpiece echoes Soros’ debt fears

‘Authoritative’ source warns party paper of ‘deadly’ risk to economy