Nice attack dims Hollande’s fading hope

President’s uncertain response to terrorism strips him of his only electoral asset

Ted Cruz refuses to toe Trump line

Senator, having built his meteoric rise on provoking the dislike of fellow Republicans, has his eye on 2020

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Nationalist gambit against Kurds and failing Syria policy gave generals their chance

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Acting prime minister likes the idea of a grand coalition after his election victory

Kashmir rebel’s death shatters uneasy calm

Killing of social media star prompts worst protests in six years

Brexit forces Ireland to make new friends fast

Dublin’s diplomatic and political clout in parts of the EU is not what it should be

Iraq war still stirs American politics

The military intervention in 2003 is one of the root causes of the crisis in the Republican party

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Two plebiscites — one a divorce, one a marriage

Brexit reminder from Scotland

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East China Sea naval mystery spooks Japan

Tokyo looks for clues over simultaneous incursions by Chinese and Russian warships

US workforce dropouts explain Trump’s rise

Unless there is a drastic shift in policy, the labour participation rate will keep falling

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State foiled by booksellers’ centuries-old trade

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Bollywood censors create free speech drama

India’s filmmakers are up in arms over cuts ordered by cinema regulators to a gritty new production

China less in control than US thinks

Beijing’s Lou Jiwei uncharacteristically challenges US criticism of country’s industrial overcapacity

Kazakh unrest highlights reform conundrum

Philosophy of ‘economy first, politics later’ is coming under strain