Falling oil prices prompt central bankers to reconsider

World Bank expects global inflation to fall 0.4-0.9 percentage points this year

Churlish China irked by US-India ties

Obama’s trip to New Delhi was really about forging an alliance in the Asia-Pacific region

Saudis prize stability above all else

The early appointments made by King Salman represent a delicate balancing act within the family

Indians called to ‘battle of the babies’

Religious leaders seek more births in a country already facing a population crisis

Erdogan’s palace now a vast seat of power

Turkey’s president is intent on using all the authority of his office — and more

Syriza’s far-left sees victory as revenge

A win but no majority would enable Tsipras to keep radicals at arm’s length and toe a moderate line

Rajapaksa loss resonates beyond Sri Lanka

Given the chance, voters will turn against leaders they perceive to be needlessly divisive

ICC dispute highlights Israeli-Palestinian symbiosis

Fallout from court application shows how both sides need each other

Crises test Merkel’s steady approach

Dogged management by the German chancellor has not brought growth needed in the eurozone

Eurozone fears Tsipras deal not Grexit

Leftist firebrand presents EU leaders with a political problem, not an economic one

Religious conversion debate divides India

Modi’s failure to defend pluralism raises concerns about hidden social agenda

France courageous in diagnosing its ills

Berlin is less reform-minded than Paris on range of issues including labour markets and pensions

Renzi’s reforms meet corruption nightmare

Arrests reveal the extent of the problems facing Italy’s leader

Denmark’s grab for North Pole fans geopolitical rivalry

Russia and Canada expected to file competing claims soon

Pakistan’s school horror

The deaths of so many children may reawaken the silent majority in favour of education and tolerance

Mexico’s drama faces painful second act

As growth fails to take off, can Peña Nieto avoid a tragic ending?

Abenomics hinges on a tricky balance

To some, the goal is to dig Japan out of deflation, to others structural reforms are key

Qatar brought in from the cold

High-level truce may fail to end ill will at community level

A strike back against the US deep state

National security establishment seems to have evaded constraints of political scrutiny

Japan’s voters see no alternative to Abe

Lack of enthusiasm for Abenomics aside, there is even less appetite to abandon it halfway through