Brazil and China reheat old news

While synergies between the two countries are self-evident, realising them has not been easy

India aims to match China’s power game

Modi takes to the road to show regional states that he can also be a good neighbour

Balkan strife raises second Eastern Question

EU struggling to rehabilitate states plagued by fragile democracies and economic distress

Russia rattles sabres in eastern Ukraine

Border tension points to Moscow’s efforts to deter Kiev’s westward ambitions and dodge Donbass bill

Hollande salvation may lie in demography

Jobs freed up by retiring baby boomers could prove solution to record unemployment

Fed pause gives emerging markets respite

US central bank’s decision on interest rate rise may change the shape of the global recovery

Forgotten resort may settle Cyprus dispute

By offering to return the ghost town to Greek Cypriots, Akinci has raised hopes of a reunited island

Pacific pact sails past a drifting TTIP

Attempt to reach agreement with Europe is complicated enough without the intrusion of politics

Thai generals seek to entrench control

Army-appointed body to maintain politicians’ standards — and grip on power

Clinton campaign highlights ordinariness

Rebrand tacks away from her in-depth knowledge of foreign and domestic policy issues

Decision moves close on Syriza’s diehards

The notion that the PM will execute a somersault, or ‘kolotoumba’ as Greeks call it, seems debatable

Nordic dilemma over populist parties

Should the main parties let the right-wing Finns be part of the next government after the election?

LatAm leaders must not be trapped in past

Scapegoating the US is time-honoured tactic for some politicians

‘Libertarian’ Rand Paul hears hawks’ call

Candidate’s ‘conservative realism’ is being drowned out by neocon shouts for American leadership

Asia forum shows off China’s vigour

Asia forum shows off China’s vigour as its neighbours come to pay homage

Ethical Sweden runs into Saudi sands

Margot Wallström discovers the drawbacks of having too frank a tongue

Europe crisis spurs corruption crackdown

Voters struck by lack of jobs, debt and squeezed living standards are rejecting alleged political cheats

Political revival eludes reformer Rajoy

The prime minister’s party thought renewed popularity was simply a matter of time but is still waiting

Seoul ‘shrimp’ caught in US-China clash

Country juggling alliances at centre of Asian powers’ diplomatic triangle

Iran’s hardliners turn on moderates

Those against nuclear accord gearing up for battle day after deal is struck