Beef killing butchers Indian tolerance

The shocking response to a terrible murder speaks of the rise of politics of hatred

Portuguese PM defies the austerity curse

It is Europe’s centre-left that finds itself unelectable

Demography will settle Catalan debate

Madrid must beware secessionist leaning of younger voters as it weighs economic and political strategy

Tsipras walks the tightrope of power

Greek prime minister must deliver economic reform, avoid Grexit and fend off attacks from the left

Putin keeps world guessing over Syria plans

President reveals little as de facto Russian protectorate in the Levant emerges

Refugee crisis frays Berlin’s east EU ties

Eastern Europeans are far behind those in west in multi-ethnic living. They need time

Latin American revolutionary tide on turn

Peace moves and end of commodity price boom are bringing change

Putin goes from pariah to powerbroker

Military build-up suggests a diplomatic move by Russian president

Israel loses in Russia’s Syria build-up

Moscow has bolstered the flagging regime of Bashar al-Assad and his allies, Israel’s enemies

Migrant crisis puts Turkey centre stage

EU’s discomfort gives Erdogan preaching rights and distracts from authoritarian tendency

Berlin’s bullying boosts refugee fears

Few diplomats believe that relocation policy will actually work

Republican rivals take the fight to Trump

It would be rash to assume the chest-beating tycoon has peaked

Hollande backs reform of labour laws

French president gives go-ahead for bill to simplify rules

Moscow and Kiev seek way out in Ukraine

Diplomats believe Russia has abandoned thoughts of grabbing more territory

Migrant crisis adds to anxiety about Islam

West has no right to sneer at easterners’ hostility to migrants

Capital flight now China’s big concern

Question shifts from what it will do with incoming capital

Iran deal not such a failure for Netanyahu

US Congress may vote for agreement but Bibi has shifted the debate on Tehran’s nuclear programme

Dilemma of China’s ‘little tigers’

For most people, it is corruption among rank-and-file civil servants that really matters

S Korea grapples with contradiction of ‘chaebols’

Pardon for SK Group scion shows law must change to protect cherished institutions

India’s mood alters as Modi’s shine fades

Prime minister’s second independence day speech was a defensive assessment of his record so far