Europe may fall for a ‘Trump’ populist

A far-right triumph in Austria’s forthcoming election would be a watershed moment for the region

Hollande woos disaffected to survive

Economic recovery offers France’s unpopular president a glimmer of hope

China builds ties along with airstrips

Beijing courts other nations to support its position over territory

Anti-Americanism fuels German TTIP fears

Support plunged after Snowden and on fears of web dominance

China’s debt-shrinking loses its edge

Beijing avoided a potential crisis 20 years ago by postponing it to today

Japan Cafe

Guide to part-time work sweeps Japan

Booklet casts a light on the labour market and focuses on a daunting challenge for prime minister

Greece’s debt crisis looks familiar

The mother of all EU crises has been gathering steam again

Obama takes a risk with pre-Brexit visit

Intense prebuttals by Leave campaigners betray worries about the president’s potential influence

Macron bets on French political realignment

Minister seeks to create consensus by bridging the right-left divide

EU yet to face moral reckoning on migrants

A tough returns policy is meant to end dangerous trafficking but it is only half the story

Airport strike prompts Belgian dismay

Labour dispute sparks public uproar coming so soon after terrorist attacks

Spain’s Rajoy written off too soon

As other parties seem unable to come to accord, polls suggest Popular party will hold on to its lead

Battered Zuma and ANC survive at a cost

Presidency and ruling party grapple with deepest political and economic crisis in democratic era

Yellen has limited room for manoeuvre

Significant reason is the denuded arsenal the Fed has at its disposal

Italy sees few benefits in EU migrant deal

Prime minister Matteo Renzi will be tested by influx from sub-Saharan Africa

Latin America spurns Trump-style populism

Tycoon’s candidacy is taking off in the US just as other countries are seeking a different direction

French labour reforms opt for big over small

Socialists fight hard to keep measures affecting larger companies

US voters give pollsters nightmares

Record numbers of Americans are making their choice in the final hours before voting

Bourse merger to settle London v Frankfurt

A commercial decison will determine whether euro clearing is located in eurozone or the City

Battle of sexes looms for presidency

First US election between a man and a woman is unlikely to lift its tone