Obama nuclear legacy hangs over Hiroshima

The world looks less safe despite the president’s pledge of a world free of atomic weapons

Dublin struggles to influence Brexit vote

Not everyone is convinced that the Irish voice in the debate is loud enough to be heard

Brazil pins hopes on Temer’s superstars

Country looks to economic strikers to carry weak team

Tata tension remains in West Bengal

Car factory that was never built divides village between those who sold and those who refused to sell

Iraq eaten up by political elite

Survival of nation as a unitary state in question

Demise of left will echo across the Americas

Latin Americans no longer tolerate corruption as they once did

Merkel’s warm rhetoric belies colder welcome

The German chancellor has, almost unnoticed, adopted a harder policy on refugees

China mouthpiece echoes Soros’ debt fears

‘Authoritative’ source warns party paper of ‘deadly’ risk to economy

Cameron steers drive for transparency

Questions arise about whether advancing transparency is the same thing as combating corruption

Brazil’s new president faces challenges

Michel Temer’s first task is to win over investor confidence and stabilise the economy

Kudrin’s resurrection fails to damp doubts

Russian observers ridicule the idea that return means Putin is preparing to bite reform bullet

Europe may fall for a ‘Trump’ populist

A far-right triumph in Austria’s forthcoming election would be a watershed moment for the region

Hollande woos disaffected to survive

Economic recovery offers France’s unpopular president a glimmer of hope

China builds ties along with airstrips

Beijing courts other nations to support its position over territory

Anti-Americanism fuels German TTIP fears

Support plunged after Snowden and on fears of web dominance

China’s debt-shrinking loses its edge

Beijing avoided a potential crisis 20 years ago by postponing it to today

Guide to part-time work sweeps Japan

Booklet casts a light on the labour market and focuses on a daunting challenge for prime minister

Greece’s debt crisis looks familiar

The mother of all EU crises has been gathering steam again

Obama takes a risk with pre-Brexit visit

Intense prebuttals by Leave campaigners betray worries about the president’s potential influence

Macron bets on French political realignment

Minister seeks to create consensus by bridging the right-left divide