Dilemma of China’s ‘little tigers’

For most people, it is corruption among rank-and-file civil servants that really matters

S Korea grapples with contradiction of ‘chaebols’

Pardon for SK Group scion shows law must change to protect cherished institutions

India’s mood alters as Modi’s shine fades

Prime minister’s second independence day speech was a defensive assessment of his record so far

Iran holds clues to future US-Cuba ties

Re-establishing relations is only a first step in a long, complex process of rapprochement

Anti-graft drive lifts Dilma legacy hopes

President rules over a declining economy but strengthening institutions

Paris eyes push for ‘eurozone government’

French leader seeks to unite pro-Europeans two years out from presidential election

Xi’s imperial presidency has its flaws

Paralysis ensues as courtiers try to ‘guess the will of the emperor’

Greece sets the EU a crisis stress test

The choice is between the defence of founding principles and acceptance of a need to change direction

Trump’s rivals are real ‘silent majority’

Voters angry at shifts in US culture are now more of a noisy minority

IMF could play its part to save Greece

It may be time for fund to look at rule book and consider following its own advice

Market sell-off tests Xi’s reform agenda

Turmoil challenges president’s image as transformative strongman

Myanmar showdown looms as polls approach

Dealmaking after landmark elections will pit power of generals against new democratic forces

Abe traps politicians in city to pass bill

Instead of fleeing Tokyo for the beach, lawmakers will debate the country’s pacifist constitution

Europe unites in defence of pensioners

For all their ideological differences, governments across the bloc shield seniors from austerity

Renzi finds migration knock-backs hard to stomach

For all of Italian PM’s efforts, his fellow European leaders have balked at plea for aid

Silenced too long by Confederate flag

Though many deny it, Georgia’s flag was changed in 1956 as a sign of resistance to desegregation, writes Christopher Grimes

Denmark poll dilutes social democracy

Region sees surge in support for anti-immigration, eurosceptic parties

China acts as if it has something to fear

Occupy threat may have faded but Beijing is taking no chances

Bashir dims South Africa’s moral beacon

Episode raises questions about the legacy of Mandela and Zuma’s respect for the rule of law

Tsipras nears his Brest-Litovsk moment

Syriza’s behaviour with Greece’s creditors resembles Bolshevik approach to 1918 peace treaty