Pakistan’s school horror

The deaths of so many children may reawaken the silent majority in favour of education and tolerance

Mexico’s drama faces painful second act

As growth fails to take off, can Peña Nieto avoid a tragic ending?

Abenomics hinges on a tricky balance

To some, the goal is to dig Japan out of deflation, to others structural reforms are key

Qatar brought in from the cold

High-level truce may fail to end ill will at community level

A strike back against the US deep state

National security establishment seems to have evaded constraints of political scrutiny

Japan’s voters see no alternative to Abe

Lack of enthusiasm for Abenomics aside, there is even less appetite to abandon it halfway through

Spain’s lauded transition under fire

In the debate about two visions of Spain, the risk of political rupture is growing

Ageing Europe needs new blood

Population forecasts show why migration is an economic necessity

Swedish turmoil is a warning to Europe

Populists are disrupting the traditional electoral arithmetic

Putin and the perfect economic storm

A fall in real incomes will hit hard working class families in regions supportive of the president

Merkel faces Russia sanctions challenge

German chancellor has hard task to maintain hard-won consensus

Egypt’s biggest problem is restoration of the security state

Army ring-fences its privileges and expands its economic empire

Mystics distract India’s ministers

Officials criticised for seeking advice from astrologers and promoting Hinduism

Turbulent Mali tests French peace mission

If political talks fail, the country could become a quagmire for the international community

Jerusalem is no place to play with fire

Netanyahu’s slow strangulation of Palestinian aspiration can only fan the flames of extremism

US and Iran prepare for the blame game

Tehran hopes to break out of sanctions even if last-ditch talks on its nuclear programme fail

Romania poll offers hope for tolerance

Election of a leader from ethnic minority shows country’s maturity

Brazil’s Rousseff needs to rethink game plan

President reviews tactics after loss of star players

Turkey’s age-old grievances re-emerge

Ankara’s rhetoric has become more anti-western since protests against the government last year

WTO fails to mask its structural problems

Members need to discuss reforms that will avoid paralysis