Sarkozy takes Islam stance for Elysee bid

Ex-president nudges race rival Alain Juppé on to slippery terrain

Modi blows warm and cold with Pakistan

Indian premier creates ambiguity and uncertainty in a war of words over Kashmir

Clinton looks to tap into US optimism

Presidential candidate’s upbeat message is at odds with a supposedly despondent electorate

Merkel can coach May in realpolitik

Life in communist East Germany informed the chancellor’s firm line with China’s ruling party

Aleppo pays dearly in Syria’s unwinnable war

Political solution might emerge when there is little left to destroy

Crackdown fuels HK independence activism

By taking a page from Communist rule book the authorities are energising those they want to suppress

Trump strikes particular fear in Baltics

Republican nominee refuses to guarantee defence of region and will ‘look at’ easing Moscow sanctions

US-led globalism is dying with the TPP

A U-turn on the trade deal she once backed would only confirm prejudices about Hillary Clinton

Nice attack dims Hollande’s fading hope

President’s uncertain response to terrorism strips him of his only electoral asset

Ted Cruz refuses to toe Trump line

Senator, having built his meteoric rise on provoking the dislike of fellow Republicans, has his eye on 2020

Washington’s trade deal doors remain open

Talk of UK pact offers counterbalance to backlash against ‘globalism’

Erdogan restored power of the military

Nationalist gambit against Kurds and failing Syria policy gave generals their chance

Rajoy scrambles for support in Spain

Acting prime minister likes the idea of a grand coalition after his election victory

Kashmir rebel’s death shatters uneasy calm

Killing of social media star prompts worst protests in six years

Brexit forces Ireland to make new friends fast

Dublin’s diplomatic and political clout in parts of the EU is not what it should be

Iraq war still stirs American politics

The military intervention in 2003 is one of the root causes of the crisis in the Republican party

Defiant mood tests EU executive

Disgruntled member states challenge enforcer of the Brussels rule book

Brexit: EU faultlines run through Rome

Proposed constitutional reforms in Italy could have repercussions for whole eurozone

Colombia gets it right with its referendum

Two plebiscites — one a divorce, one a marriage

Brexit reminder from Scotland

Leading figures fail to learn from Britain’s last flirtation with political upheaval