Ebola highlights Nigeria’s potential

Nation faces battle against corruption and Islamist insurgency

Hollande’s tortuous road to reform

France’s president has accelerated change, but too slowly to avoid a clash with Brussels over deficit

Romney hint reveals Republican weakness

Party’s internal tensions threaten to open way for Clinton

Petrobras scandal stokes Brazil election

Negative headlines could not have come at worse time for incumbent president Dilma Rousseff

Bundles of one dollar bills
©Shawn Thew/AFP

Sensible for Fed to speak out on dollar

Central bank’s words serve as counterweight to currency’s rise

Rajoy follows fish through shark-infested waters

Chart showing economic recovery brings hope of winning 2015 election, but political hurdles remain

Clash over lessons to be learnt in Hong Kong

China’s leaders opposed democratisation even under British rule

China trumps the competition in Africa Inc

Commercial influence in the continent is growing despite overtures from the US, Europe and Japan

Putin provocations test Baltic states

Pro-Russian party poll win highlights splits in Latvia

Throwing the books at Obama

Panetta’s memoirs mark the fifth such book by a senior official

Election twists herald change for Brazil

Country needs a credibility boost to rebuild investor confidence

Trade rules must urgently play catch-up

WTO battles are fought using texts last updated in 1994

Germany refuses to budge on fiscal rigour

Schäuble far from alone in stressing fiscal rectitude

Modi faces big hurdles to modernise India

PM will need all his skill to achieve aims on jobs and industry

Xi embraces old guard as Hong Kong erupts

China president unlikely to get directly involved

Rousseff claws back lead in Brazil poll

President wipes out Silva’s previous 9-percentage-point advantage

German Jews are ‘a miracle’ says Merkel

Old prejudices survive and new grievances smoulder

South America faces political hangover

End of the boom set to drive change in Brasília, Buenos Aires and Caracas

‘Finlandisation’ makes divisive comeback

Use of the cold war term is met with swift condemnation

US needs precision politics against Isis

Regional consensus is needed to stop the jihadis