Turbulent Mali tests French peace mission

If political talks fail, the country could become a quagmire for the international community

Jerusalem is no place to play with fire

Netanyahu’s slow strangulation of Palestinian aspiration can only fan the flames of extremism

US and Iran prepare for the blame game

Tehran hopes to break out of sanctions even if last-ditch talks on its nuclear programme fail

Romania poll offers hope for tolerance

Election of a leader from ethnic minority shows country’s maturity

Brazil’s Rousseff needs to rethink game plan

President reviews tactics after loss of star players

Turkey’s age-old grievances re-emerge

Ankara’s rhetoric has become more anti-western since protests against the government last year

WTO fails to mask its structural problems

Members need to discuss reforms that will avoid paralysis

India’s efforts to control its population are still stuck in the past

Women’s deaths reflect mindset from 1975 state of emergency

G20 is forum for world economy impotence

Flourishes on international diplomacy are tarnished

Mexicans call for reforms after Iguala

Calls grow for Enrique Peña Nieto to show clarity of purpose and speed-up police reforms

Lame-duck president still inspires

China should look to foreign leaders for examples of how to be appealing

Republican rule could hold well past 2016

Demographics alone may not be enough to support Democrats’ presidential hopes

Tensions mount in Ukraine

Minsk deal threatened by calls to scrap special status for regions under Russia-backed rebels

Fall of Berlin Wall still resonates

Peaceful revolutions, rather than conflict, prove to be precondition for success

Jerusalem sites are minefield for Jordan

Jordan is concerned at Israel questioning the status of East Jerusalem’s Muslim holy places

Black Spring warning to Africa’s leaders

Whiff of revolution will have been picked up by ageing leaders wishing to hang on to power

Midterms show limits of forecasting

Models are all based on the same publicly available information

The furious but forgiving Spanish voters

A number of politicians have been hit by scandals but many are able to cling on to power

Suspicion of authority feeds Ebola panic

More than 45 per cent believe they or their friends and relatives will get the disease

Libya strife shows perils of impartiality

By their unseemly alliances with jihadis, Libya’s Islamists are courting disaster