Ethical Sweden runs into Saudi sands

Margot Wallström discovers the drawbacks of having too frank a tongue

Europe crisis spurs corruption crackdown

Voters struck by lack of jobs, debt and squeezed living standards are rejecting alleged political cheats

Political revival eludes reformer Rajoy

The prime minister’s party thought renewed popularity was simply a matter of time but is still waiting

Seoul ‘shrimp’ caught in US-China clash

Country juggling alliances at centre of Asian powers’ diplomatic triangle

Iran’s hardliners turn on moderates

Those against nuclear accord gearing up for battle day after deal is struck

A victory to add to Israel’s loneliness

A divisive leader’s win comes at a heavy price

Conservative values deny India women jobs

Political elites do not see the division of labour, with most women at home, as a policy problem

China still remembers Britain’s slights

All of Beijing’s diplomatic dealings with Britain start from a position of injured pride

Sunni Arabs fret about Tehran’s reach

US reassurances to Saudi Arabia over talks with Iran present several problems

Tsipras’s blast has familiar ring

Rhetoric and tactics echo older Greek drama

Petrobras exposes Brazil’s fragilities

President Rousseff faces a bruising second term — if she makes it that far

Republicans risk writing off Iran clout

Warning to Tehran not to trust US president could help Obama

Depreciation is no longer a magic bullet

Multinationals increasingly likely to boost profits rather than market share

China depends on ‘hostile’ foreign forces

Beijing does not want to jeopardise foreign investment

Rape film row shines harsh light on India

Backlash after ban on documentary deemed conspiracy to malign nation

BoJ stretches its inflation target

Being seen as evasive may do more harm to the central bank’s credibility than taking more time

Bibi’s misleading Congress clapometer

PM’s speech paid little heed to longer-term concerns about Israel’s waning clout in Washington

Turkey loses friends and regional influence

Erdogan embraces solitude but wonders why no one comes around any more

Obama set for battle on pensions reform

World watches as US tackles key problem of mis-selling retirement products

Isis brutality reawakens Sunni resistance

Jihadi group alienates mainstream community with killings