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Japan looks to solve puzzle of slow wage growth

Drive to cut working hours rather than lift salaries helps keep wages down

India bans sale of ageing cattle for slaughter

New rules popular with hardline Hindus but marginalise Muslim livestock traders

Manila says foreign jihadis active in city siege

Former Philippines president Ramos raises concerns about martial law in Mindanao

Chandraswami, spiritual political fixer, 1948-2017

The self-proclaimed tantric ‘godman’ had access to India’s most powerful politicians

Film poster: A Harsh Transition

Chinese film shows there’s life after death for ‘zombie’ companies

Documentary makes the case for restructuring of companies on life-support

Aboriginal Australians call for reform not recognition

US seeks to ‘pre-negotiate’ North Korea sanctions

China seen as key player in framing UN measures against nuclear and missile programmes

World Bank economist suffers for turgid writing attack

Staff revolt after Paul Romer criticised surplus usage of ‘and’ in official reports

Service sector drives China labour demand in May

FTCR China Labour Market Index weaker but wage inflation shows signs of rising again

Liquidity strains test Chinese insurers

Providers sell assets as crackdown risks exposing fissures in financial system

Philippine troops battle Isis-allied Islamists

Duterte warns martial law imposed in southern crisis region may be greatly expanded

A holistic approach to the financial system

A mix of supervision and regulation is the best way to prevent the accumulation of risks

US warship tests Beijing claims in South China Sea

Chinese government complains after first freedom of navigation operation under Trump

India more populous than China, research suggests

Demographer Yi Fuxian says number of Chinese born since 1990 overestimated by 90m

SE Asia censors test mettle of social media groups

Sites committed to free speech such as Facebook and YouTube face clampdown on content

Australian businesses warn of visa reform costs

Groups say crackdown on ‘457’ skilled-worker regime to hit investment and recruitment

China DataView: Consumers buoyant on housing boom

End of credit-fuelled surge in house prices would hit households

Chinese household confidence hits record high

FTCR Consumer Index at three-and-a-half year high as households boost spending

Asia opts to replay cold war nuclear deterrence

Taiwan, Japan and South Korea have the capability to develop such weaponry quickly

Taiwan to allow gay marriage in first for Asia

Constitutional court says ban on same-sex wedlock violates right to equality