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North Korean missiles prompt airlines to change routes

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Tangle of cross-shareholdings links Uber and rivals

While car-booking companies battle for supremacy, investors hedge their bets

Bank of Japan board member demands more stimulus

US tries to enlist EU and Japan in China tech fight

Foreign sellers miss entrepreneurial spark in Japan

Tokyo market’s retail investors focus on shares of small and mid-cap sized companies

Japan’s leisure sector offers casinos little relaxation

Consumer enthusiasm does not always translate into investor profits

Abe sets Japan on course for snap election

Shinzo Abe considers snap poll to shore up power

North Korea tensions dent Japanese equities further

Seoul toughens stance on N Korea after missile launch

North Korea threatens nuclear destruction of Japan

Campaign makes baby steps towards a tolerant Japan

Japan’s baby steps towards tolerance

Elliott buys stake in Hitachi subsidiary

Move by US activist fund follows separate legal tussle with Japanese conglomerate

Toshiba chip sale will offer shortlived respite

Fee model would boost Asia ETF market

Until people pay for advice, growth will remain sluggish

Component bottlenecks hit Nintendo’s Switch

The fears about Japan’s debt are overblown

Despite threats of fiscal disaster, the trade against government bonds is a ‘widow-maker’

Stem cells: Japan’s scientific ‘moonshot’

A push to exploit the country’s lead in the sector risks being tripped up by regulation, sparking fears it could lose out to a rival

Miscalculation could lead to a Korean war

Donald Trump has created dangerous confusion over US policy towards Pyongyang

Japan Inc courts foreign staff, landlords turn them away

‘Sorry, no foreigners’ policy has been holding companies back from hiring

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