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Asia opts to replay cold war nuclear deterrence

Taiwan, Japan and South Korea have the capability to develop such weaponry quickly

China spycatchers score victories over top rivals

Detention of Japanese for ‘illegal activities’ follows reports Beijing broke a US spy ring

North Korea launches another missile

Tensions remain high after latest test sends ballistic weapon into Sea of Japan

Japan scores longest growth run in a decade

Consumption and exports drive sustained GDP expansion as economy regains momentum

Japan eyes prize in regulating bitcoin

Efforts to regulate the crypto currency by the Japanese may sharpen its appeal

Toshiba: The clean room of New Fab4, Yokkaichi Operations
©FT montage / Toshiba

Abe aides eye $8bn guarantee to keep Toshiba chips Japanese

Tokyo wants to see off foreign competitors from China and South Korea

Toshiba: The clean room of New Fab4, Yokkaichi Operations
©FT montage / Toshiba

Toshiba embroiled in tricky sale of Nand chip business

Crisis-hit conglomerate may struggle to sell flash memory arm to highest bidder

Shinzo Abe’s wager on weaning Japan off pacifism

The psychological impact on the sense of nationhood would be immense

Wilbur Ross demands results after ‘endless’ dialogue

US commerce chief says China has no interest in free trade, despite its fine words

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China wields power with boycott diplomacy

South Korea is the latest to suffer from a hostile campaign backed by Beijing, but do such sanctions work in changing policy?

Japan proposes a rescue mission for trade

Tokyo’s aim may be overambitious but the sentiment is laudable

Abe sets 2020 target to amend pacifist constitution

Renewed push for cherished ambition raises investor concerns about economic reforms

Bank of Japan splashes big on ETFs

Some traders think the central bank’s ETF buying programme has supported the wider market

The quiet but substantial successes of Abenomics

In Japan, despite headwinds, prices and growth are getting firmer

Japan uses new defence law to escort US vessel

North Korea tensions lead to unprecedented mission for country’s biggest warship

Taizo Son, of Mistletoe, on Japan start-up culture

Venture capital leader wants to trigger an ‘attitude revolution’ to business risk

Taizo Son seeks risk-taking spirit in Singapore

GungHo founder sets up incubator to shake off Japan’s ‘salaryman’ culture

Nintendo’s Switch console hits all the right buttons

Japanese group’s consumer courtship melts hearts of handheld fans and home gamers alike

US launches security probe into aluminium imports

Move follows similar steel action as Trump administration cracks down on trade deals

N Korea makes Japan leave its comfort zone

Tokyo is re-examining its defence policy in response to very real threats

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