Africans press India after student murder

Killing of Congolese sets back Modi’s attempts to forge closer ties

India to bypass Pakistan on Asia trade link

Delhi, Kabul and Tehran seek new route with port and rail project

India’s banks face long clean-up job

Sobering Q1 results are not happy reading for short-term investors

BJP on course to beat Congress in Assam

Populist leaders of West Bengal and Tamil Nadu retain majorities

American ex-pat, Molly Melching, director and founder of Tostan, a community-led development organisation, visits her favourite market, Marché Kermel, an old covered food market downtown. Melching haggles with traders in Wolof, one of Senegal's major languages.

Social entrepreneurs give lift to state

A new ecosystem for public problem-solving is emerging, writes Anne-Marie Slaughter

Tata tension remains in West Bengal

Car factory that was never built divides village between those who sold and those who refused to sell

Map of India. Detail from the World Atlas (Rand Mc. Nally).

‘Truthiness’ bends South Asian history

Notebook: A Hindu nationalist campaign on Twitter wants to abolish the Mughals, writes Victor Mallet

Ferguson illustration

Trump, Putin and lure of the strongman

All vow to lead a national revival through force of personality and willingness to ignore niceties

Zoe Cafe Mumbai India

Café Zoe, Mumbai

Good coffee, free WiFi make this quiet café a destination

Fragile recovery in emerging markets

Policymakers would be ill advised to slack off reform

India’s central banker warns on stimulus

Rajan says loose policies weaken underlying performance of advanced economies

Modi struggles to realise India’s dreams

PM’s ambitions held back by bureaucrats, elections and tax law

India passes national bankruptcy law

Key reform will allow banks to recover dues in timely manner

Britain refuses to deport Mallya to India

Delhi told he cannot be sent back just because he lacks passport

EM millennials out-earn their elders

Young adults a favoured generation, unlike their peers in the west

India closes tax loophole with Mauritius

Finance ministry says treaty amendment would ‘help curb tax evasion’

Indian farmers battle water crisis

Climate change and mismanagement hit crops in Maharashtra state

India anxious over growing Chinese clout

A $46bn economic corridor through disputed territories in Kashmir is causing most concern

Jail and $15m fine for ‘wrong’ India maps

New Delhi clampdown attempt over disputed territories

India’s power plants hit as dams run dry

Country has suffered two successive poor monsoon seasons

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