Week in Review, April 18

Week in Review

Indian tax, financial fines, global gym deals and Yahoo-Microsoft revise search deal

Tata Consultancy beats expectations

Indian software outsourcer cites ‘exceptional’ operating margins

Modi must tame the tax system in India

Capricious corporate taxation risks holding back the quest for growth

India pickles no longer preserve of SMEs

Delhi scraps 1950s rules limiting production to small industry

Jet deal signals India procurement shift

Government deal with France ‘breaks vortex’ of commercial talks

Flipkart’s two-wheeled parcel delivery

‘Amazon of India’ turns to Mumbai’s dabbawallas

Australia and India hold rates steady

RBA maintains 2.25% while RBI notes weak transmission of past cuts

Cadbury hit with $92m tax bill in India

Latest tax dispute involving multinationals in India

Delhi’s politicians pass the polluted buck

Indian capital’s toxic air is by some measures the world’s dirtiest, writes Amy Kazmin

How phone calls help India fight TB

E-vouchers help provide effective medicines to sufferers

Foreign insurers seek India foothold

Modi-led changes to ownership rules prompt race for greater local exposure and tie-ups

Emerging markets: The great unravelling

Developing economies are experiencing high capital outflow levels

Reserves in emerging markets shrink

Concerns over US monetary policy help trigger first fall in two decades

India: At the coalface

Modi’s plan to double production is seen by some as impossible

Modi tries to shake off ‘anti-poor’ label

India PM gives ground to critics of stance on land reform and retroactive tax

India court rejects free speech curbs

Limits on online expression deemed ‘unconstitutional and untenable’

Baffling politics of Indian place names

It is surely a sign of insecurity to impose a pronunciation

‘Accommodating’ Beijing is no bad thing

The policy of Chinese containment could be a disastrous miscalculation

Conservative values deny India women jobs

Political elites do not see the division of labour, with most women at home, as a policy problem

Nun’s rape stokes Indian Christian fears

Incident comes amid increasingly strident rhetoric by rightwing Hindu groups