India’s importers vie with smugglers to supply Swiss watches

Manufacturers pare margins to offset tariffs and undercut black market

Chinese ambassador withdrawn from India

Beijing recalled envoy shortly before Xi visited Delhi

Modinomics: no illusionist

Indian PM faces complex power struggle to fulfil promises

Modi woos Indian diaspora in New York

Prime minister seeks support from wealthy expat community

The Modi reset to US-India relations

Obama must respond in kind to India’s practical-minded new leader

Indian politician jailed for corruption

Jayalalithaa, chief minister of Tamil Nadu, given 4-year sentence

Modi seeks economic redemption in US

Focus for Indian leader’s visit is financial and strategic

Agarwal to give his fortune to charity

Vedanta Resources’ owner joins ranks of business philanthropists

BBRPYP Pandoh dam. Near Tandi. Himachal Pradesh. India. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

Ambani abandons $1.6bn hydropower deal

Reliance Power purchase of Jaypee power assets collapses

Modi seeks to change fabric of economy

‘Make in India’ campaign aims to raise manufacturing’s share of GDP

India finds few allies for WTO battle

Delhi defends food programme that critics believe boosts exports

India cancels hundreds of coal licences

Move carrying $1.2bn in fines hits power and steel sector shares

Fuel burden diverges for Modi and Widodo

India has chance to end subsidies but Indonesia faces hurdles

India shows commitment to helping all flood victims

From Mr Ranjan Mathai. Sir, Your report on India’s response to Jammu and Kashmir’s worst floods since 1950 is seriously misinformed

India scraps generic drug price controls

Government moves to ease tensions with pharmaceuticals industry

IFC launches India’s first Maharaja bond

$100m issue part of push to deepen India’s $880bn debt market

Luxury carmakers hindered in India

Hefty import duties and economic downturn hurt sales of supercars

Nepal launches hydropower growth plan

$1.4bn contract is nation’s biggest foreign investment deal

Lodha Group homes in on London property

Indian group plans $5bn investment to crack market’s top tier

Narendra Modi tackles India Licence Raj

Making life easier for companies should attract investment