Doubt cast on Modi’s hunt for black money

Sceptics question whether New Delhi probe will unearth secrets

Illustration by Ingram Pinn
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India’s Modi joins great power game

PM has disappointed at home but been energetic and assertive internationally

Indian guru accused of treason

Four dead in sect compound after police and militia clash

India’s bad-drug crisis in spotlight

Authorities believe sterilisation deaths caused by tainted medicine

Indian tests positive for Ebola in Delhi

Virus still present in body fluids of man cured in Liberia

Cricket chief cleared of IPL match-fixing

Srinivasan accused of inaction on more minor charges

Shell wins $3bn India tax court case

Significant victory in long-running battle with revenue authorities

Modi pushes Coal India stake sale

Investor roadshows set in Singapore and other financial centres

Wheels of India justice stick

Glacial pace of courts undermines country’s claim it is superior to China, says Victor Mallet

Can China bring peace to south Asia?

Region looks to see if Beijing will take up the slack as west withdraws from Afghanistan, says Ahmed Rashid

India should empower not sterilise women

Mass fertility campaign is a bad remedy for a non-existent problem

WTO fails to mask its structural problems

Members need to discuss reforms that will avoid paralysis

India’s efforts to control its population are still stuck in the past

Women’s deaths reflect mindset from 1975 state of emergency

India raises petrol and diesel tax rates

Modi is targeting an ambitious fiscal deficit for this fiscal year

US and India end WTO stand-off

Countries back down before G20

Sterilisations kill eight Indian women

Concerns raised over government-sponsored family planning programme

Diwali shines light on India logistics

Fledgling ecommerce industry struggles to cope with demand surge

Modi expands cabinet before India reform push

Addition of 21 ministers calls into question ‘minimum government’ pledge

Legal wrangles 30 years after Bhopal

Dow Chemical summoned to appear in Indian court this week

Rivalry harms Pakistan terrorism strategy

Islamabad is bound to continue turning a blind eye to extremists