The ‘new Mexico’ goes up in flames

Scandals threaten to derail Peña Nieto’s reforms

Brazil’s economy faces grim Christmas

Low demand and weak currency will hit imports, says Maersk

Lazard’s Weiss set to join US Treasury

White House confirms banker’s nomination to domestic finance role

Petrol rise fuels Brazil inflation fears

Price increases threaten Dilma Rousseff’s already thin support

Police detain mayor after Mexico manhunt

Abarca is suspected of involvement in disappearance of students

YPF seeks foreign partners for shale

Oil group chief hopes law reforms will boost investment

Brazil reveals its largest monthly deficit

Real weakens on worse-than-expected fiscal performance

Rate rise lifts economic hopes in Brazil

Investors are betting Dilma Rousseff will change fiscal tack

Argentina seeks its own shale boom

Country wants investors not scared off by default

A supporter of Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff, who is presidential candidate for the Workers Party (PT), celebrates after the result of the elections showed the victory of Dilma in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday, October 26, 2014. Rousseff was re-elected on the second runoff and defeated the candidate Aecio Neves, from the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB). (Photo by Tiago Mazza Chiaravalloti/NurPhoto)

Real falls sharply on Brazil election result

Markets concerned by Rousseff victory

Uruguay presidential poll goes to run-off

Leftwing candidate Tabaré Vázquez fails to win outright

Neves has momentum in Brazil election

Challenger clashes with Rousseff over how to restore growth

Brazil markets rally on election result

Strong gains by pro-business candidate cheer investors

Brazil poll rivals clash on central bank

Rousseff campaign suggests independence will lead to famine

Fraga offers Brazil an orthodox path

Ex-central bank president promises market solutions

Colombia seeks dividend from wealthy 1%

Tax on the rich aims to reduce inequality and pay for security

Peña Nieto pushes on with change

Leader promises a Mexico ‘on the move’ despite growing scepticism

Rivals try to stop Silva’s rise in Brazil

Environmentalist is now favourite to win election

Peña Nieto fails to dispel Mexican gloom

Reforms win overseas plaudits but not at home

Brazil injects extra $4.5bn into economy

New measure aims to boost banking system