Wall St on edge at Glass-Steagall embrace

Fish-eye view of Wall Street buildings - New York City, USA. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown....B1X52W Fish-eye view of Wall Street buildings - New York City, USA. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

Proposals similar to post-depression act gain bipartisan support

Realism drives Macri’s foreign rethink

Argentine leader seeks to court US without alienating China

EU trade deal bows to parliaments’ power

Brussels cedes ratification of pact with Canada to member states

Mexico raises rates to shore up peso

Currency has taken hammering since Britain voted to leave EU

Venezuela peace emissary stays optimistic

Ex-Dominican president leads ‘dialogue’ in crisis-hit country

Brazil eyes long-term budget freeze

Tough fiscal policy will end uncertainty, says finance minister

Ex-Kirchner official held over cash bags

Former planning aide accused of trying to bury $9m in convent

Peru’s new president seeks to heal divisions

Ex-Wall St banker vows market reform mixed with populist measures

Ex-World Bank economist wins Peru poll

Kuczynski beats Fujimori by fewer than 42,000 votes

Macri eyes $400bn foreign cash stash

Argentina’s president plans big tax amnesty to fund spending boost

Brazil’s data reveal depths of recession

Economy shrinks 5.4% in evidence of trouble facing new government

Brazil moves to shrink the state

Temer’s interim government is trying to deflate bloated spending

Brazil taps Ilan Goldfajn as bank chief

Interim government is recruiting big names to restore confidence

Venezuela’s recall referendum

Process requires approval of government-dominated electoral council

Stakes high for Brazil’s money man

New finance tsar leads team trying to restore economic credibility

Brazil impeachment proceedings back on track

Vote on removal of president set for Wednesday

Brazil speaker annuls impeachment vote

Currency falls as expected removal of Rousseff hits obstacle

Brazil court suspends key Dilma foe

Eduardo Cunha is architect of impeachment drive against Rousseff

Fed push to curb fallout of bank failures

Central bank proposes pause in unwinding of bankruptcy contracts

Venezuelans add beer to list of privations

The socialist government has starved the private sector