How to work when your boss does not care

If you have poor managers, look elsewhere such as to your colleagues or customers for validation

Trump’s thin skin is not apt for politics

Why business leaders tend to make poor politicians

Britain will still need us immigrants

Modern societies need a flow of people to service them — let me remind you what we have done

Libor trial lessons on dishonest boss

The best option when told to do something shady? Walk away from the job

EU will speak English in its own way

A compendium of words that officials get wrong points to the role of native speakers

Two nations but only one trusts business

Large numbers of electorate feel alienated, mistrustful and disbelieving

Singapore gay pride rally’s company test

Businesses should avoid backing causes they have not fully researched only to abandon them

senior woman reading book in library

Worker longevity spells employer trouble

Older workers are pushed out. But employees with 30 years of active life ahead will not go quietly

Bosses can learn from the Remain campaign

Say what you have to say over and over to the point when you think staff will run off screaming

Raise language skills for a ‘grilling’

As a business person, you cannot understand a country or its people without mastering their tongue

We are suckers in airline cabin class war

The dividing curtain triggers envy, researchers say, but the surprise is that there is not more anger

Buffett’s five errors on Coke question

How does he plan to deal with the political risk of a large stake in a fizzy drinks company?

Payouts for delayed flights

Whether you can get compensation for flight delays depends on what side of the Atlantic you are

Opinion: We need to talk about mental health

Awkwardness is stopping us from tackling an important problem

Companies are not global citizens

Even in the internet age, business is still clearly bound by national boundaries

‘Horrible Words’, by Rebecca Gowers

Throw out the rule book — we can’t keep the English language in the deep freeze

British Museum should accept BP’s money

Refusing sponsorship will have no bearing on climate change fight

Native English speakers must take care

It is a crucial skill to be able to communicate well with people who have another mother tongue

Brexit vote could spark UK migrant surge

An ambitious Pole, Bulgarian or Spaniard would get on a plane before the gates slammed shut

Modern work’s sharp divide

Some companies give workers freedom while others use tech to track their every move


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