What job could my reluctant wife do?

Feet resting out a bathtub covered in bubbles

I am well paid but my prospects are bleak, so a spouse’s income would be welcome

Brexit is causing rows — what can I do?

The atmosphere in my office is dire because colleagues are divided over referendum result

Feet resting out a bathtub covered in bubbles

My wife doesn’t work. What could she do?

She has a degree and income from her would be welcome. I want to find her a job she would enjoy

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A head-slapping habit is inappropriate

This is a demeaning practice but my colleagues will see me as a whinger if I complain

senior woman reading book in library

Should I get an MBA?

There’s a hole in my CV and I need to future-proof my career


Carry on working or take the money?

If I quit, I’ll need to retrain but I have no idea what other work I can do

Do I boycott an event over the dress code?

The organiser’s male-orientated instructions makes me suspect attendees will be 60-plus Oxbridge men


Should I have shopping delivered to work?

My colleagues are making sarcastic remarks when my parcels arrive

Should I boycott over dress code?

Consultancy’s ‘jacket and tie’ invitation leaves this reader feeling confused and unwelcome

Should my partner share his pay rise?

At the very least I think we ought to split the rent pro rata

A petty crime that is hard to tolerate

That milk in the office fridge is mine. Don’t touch

I am the last man left; should I retrain?

So many gynaecologists are women, I feel like a dinosaur on the edge of extinction

Will I lose out with a four-day week?

I want to pick up my children two days a week but I fear it may damage my prospects

Am I a victim of age discrimination?

At age 55, I’m finding it almost impossible to get work

Should I tell my employee to slim down?

My slim teenage trainee is now a middle-aged director whose waistline is expanding

No riches, no promotion: time to give up?

I’m working hard ... but I’m missing my kids and getting fat

Lucy Kellaway tackles students’ dilemmas

Sexist assumptions and what to do when you are more qualified than your tutors

Does my degree matter mid-career?

I don’t think it’s relevant when I have more than 10 years experience

Why won’t my boss write in plain English?

Internal communication is full of drivel

Do my colleagues work as hard as me?

I do as much as my teammates, but some claim to put in 60 hours a week


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