Strategy away days are absurd but useful

Teams can bond over geese-herding or at safari parks but the challenge is to maintain momentum

Apple has chance to pick better R&D model

Decision to set up Chinese facility means it can gain insights into how locals use its devices

Moaning millennials let down a generation

Statistically there will be more disgruntled former would-be auditors than ex-trainee sailmakers

Office workers can learn from the Olympians

Abundant practice helps, but athletes’ motivation might also be helped by intense training

CEOs have no need to defend their pay

Bosses’ cushy position contrasts with eking out existence on the living wage

Superyachts magnify worst traits

Vessels reflect hubris, greed and a disregard for costs and public opinion

Italian lessons in power over profit

The risk that close business relationships turn rotten applies everywhere

The female leaders who are set up to fail

With limited opportunities to take cushier jobs, women may feel obliged to accept the riskiest roles

Close Up Of Man In Pajamas Using Laptop Computer

The Riff: Fight the urge to check email

Ensuring workers use an out-of-office reply may be a losing battle

Lessons from Blair for decision makers

Iraq war shows how an inner circle that becomes a cabal will confirm what CEOs think they know

Feedback – the best qualities for Brexit

Your contenders include Obama, Putin, Kamall and David Miliband

Management fable is unimproved by meerkats

Short lesson on leading and managing, with clans and vultures

Poetic visions help companies reach goals

People need to feel they contribute to getting closer to aims

Summer reading 2016: Business

Andrew Hill picks his books of the year so far

Five Brexit leadership failures

No one comes out well from the referendum campaign

‘Illth’ : the dark side of wealth

Its concept echoes in the rallying cries for an end to growth

Pay transparency is the last taboo

The fear of telling all on salaries infects both start-ups and multinationals

Public hearings and advice for Green

Think before you speak, try to develop self-awareness and other top tips

Leaders need to be ghostbusters on change

Outmoded habits are often the same ones that knitted the old company together

Hitting BT CEO bonus will not fix service

More targets affecting pay just confuse the way bosses such as Gavin Patterson are motivated


Andrew Hill Andrew Hill is an associate editor and the management editor of the FT. He is a former City editor, financial editor and comment and analysis editor. 'Leadership in the Headlines', a collection of his columns, will be published in 2016. He joined the FT in 1988 and has also worked as New York bureau chief, foreign news editor and correspondent in Brussels and Milan.

Andrew was named Commentator of the Year at the 2009 Business Journalist of the Year Awards, where he also received a Decade of Excellence award.

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