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Hard luxury ranges are seen by customers as the most portable, transferable form of wealth in times of economic uncertainty

Sky is still the limit for those at the top

Hard luxury ranges are seen by customers as the most portable, transferable form of wealth in times of economic uncertainty, writes Elizabeth Paton

Brands: Richemont’s Russian victory is legal landmark

James Shotter reports on a big stride in protection of intellectual property

Thierry Fritsch, CEO of Chaumet

CEO interview: Thierry Fritsch

James Shotter talks to the head of Chaumet

Tudor watch

Second lines: Watch out for the ‘younger brothers’

Nicholas Foulkes explains why some bigger names are reviving lesser known marques

Benjamin Clymer

Blogging: Web nerds are now part of the family

The influence of internet is growing, reports Robin Swithinbank

a man trying out several watches

Watch rental: Hired ‘hands’ may turn out to be a concept that has legs

Try before you buy can be a way to tempt existing owners to upgrade, explains Simon de Burton

AstroVal observatory

Star gazing: Best places to study phases of the moon

Simon de Burton reports on a horological collaboration

Chopard's LUC 8HF watch movement

High frequency: Industry races to achieve yet greater speeds

Timothy Barber considers the virtues of craft over precision

The biennale: The big names ‘will always have Paris’

Avril Groom on a long-running luxury event that has kept its mystique

worker at the Bon-Ace fine crafts factory
©Billy Farrell

Jewel wizards: A remote Philippines factory helps supply Milan’s runways

Syl Tang makes the long journey to a little known area to see a supplier popular with the top luxury houses

Pilot watches: Look developed for high fliers still appeals

A way to satisfy cravings for both nostalgia and gizmos at the same time, says Jim Shi

Internet finance: How to kick-start your bright idea

Claire Adler looks at a campaign to raise capital online

Advances: Developments that embrace geometry and aerodynamics

Simon de Burton gets to grips with Cartier’s ID Two concept watch

Beyond the wrist: Objets that reflect the traditions of horlogerie

Avril Groom explains why jewellery is increasingly seen on sale with watches

Las Vegas fairs: The return of bigger, bolder gemstones

Anthony DeMarco on the continuing fascination with colour

Middle East links: European designers connect with Arab world

Claire Adler reports on a tie-up between Fiera di Vicenza and the Dubai World Trade Centre

Investment: Groups receive a buffeting from volatile stock markets

Graff’s abandoned IPO was not the only mishap, says Claire Adler

Creative directors: Interpreting aesthetics for a modern age

Nicholas Foulkes on the importance of personality

Laboratory-made diamonds: Even the wealthy buy gems that are not the real thing

Syl Tang considers the debate over whether faux jewels have the right kind of kudos

Argyle pink diamonds: Focus is on royal connections at Kensington Palace auction

Vivienne Becker considers the rarity value of dwindling reserves of gems

Investment: Diamonds may take over from precious metals

Lucie Greene reports on proposals for exchange traded funds

Stores of wealth: Investors go for something more tangible

One popular choice is investment diamonds, reports Claire Adler

Harry Winston: Unabashed passion for diamonds and women

This jeweller’s name became part of popular culture, says Jim Shi

A family story: ‘I had to learn a great deal quickly about hard luxury’

Olivier Reza’s journey has taken him from mergers and acquisitions to jewellery design, writes Elizabeth Paton

The competition circuit: How to propel talent to the top of the business world

Claire Adler looks at the pros and cons of contests

Heritage: The increasing attraction of the family connection

Clients are seeking authenticity over the perceived anonymity of corporate-run brands, writes Avril Groom

Affordable luxury: Pomellato tries its luck with a silver collection

Eric Sylvers considers the company’s decision to introduce a range that does not use gold

Gold plate: Substitutes shed cheap, disposable reputation

Elisa Anniss looks at designer pieces that are desirable as never before

Retail outlets: Mayfair offices turned into high-end shops

Landlords are busy matching faces to places, says Simon Brooke

Autumn auctions: Antiquorum kicks off sales season early

The house breaks with tradition to cater to enthusiasm in Hong Kong, writes Simon de Burton