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Corporate defaults are well below average but the minnows are under severe stress

Low failure rates mask tough times

Corporate defaults are well below average but the minnows are under severe stress, writes Robin Wigglesworth

Continental Europe: Boom in going bust fails to arrive – yet

Economic problems in the peripheral eurozone countries could bring increased opportunities, writes Michael Stothard

Nokia phone

Case study: Nokia seeks better connection in survival fight

The struggle the Finnish group currently finds itself in could be its most serious, writes Richard Milne

A Travelodge hotel

UK: Rolling loans gather no loss for banks

A falling number of insolvencies belies the problems for many sectors, writes Michael Stothard

Kitty Kramer, the first Kodak girl, in 1890

US: Defaults fall to low level but signs of stress mount

Economic growth and demand for high-yield debt have kept bankruptcies at bay for now, says Vivianne Rodrigues

Case study: American Airlines

The main outstanding question remains what shape the new, restructured American Airlines will assume, writes Robert Wright

China: Government in backstop role

As growth slows, many struggling companies are being coddled, writes Simon Rabinovitch

Retail: Debt funds move in on weak stores

The ‘loan to own’ route can bring faster restructurings, writes Andrea Felsted

Media: Changing channels bring risks

Some groups have responded too late to evolving consumer habits, writes Robert Budden