A member of the tour in the Quebrada de las Conchas
©Carole Cadwalladr

Riding high in northern Argentina

Fuelled by steak and fine Malbec, Carole Cadwalladr experiences cycle touring at its most luxurious

©Matthew Cook

Postcard from . . . Easter Island

Local divers claim that the lack of pollution and algae make the water among the clearest on the planet

Cycling’s longest climb

On a six-day bike tour through Colombia, Adharanand Finn tackles the world’s longest climb: 82km of continuous uphill pedalling

A Chilean ‘huaso’ riding in the XIV International Rodeo Festival in Patagonia
©Martin Bernetti/AFP

Cowboys of the wild south

The official national sport of Chile is not football but rodeo — an activity charged with political significance and pride

Arriving by boat at Mitico Puelo lodge
©Sophy Roberts

Hiking and biking in Chile’s lake district

Family adventures in a little-visited corner of Patagonia

©Cat O’Neil

Postcard from . . . Buenos Aires

Just beyond the city limits, a new lodge offers guests the chance to cast for one of South America’s most celebrated fish

Forgotten Jesuit sanctuaries in Argentina

Settlements that for 150 years provided a utopian — if controversial — refuge for indigenous people are slowly re-emerging from the jungle

©Matthew Cook

Postcard from . . . Buenos Aires

Tiny ‘closed door’ restaurants offer the city’s most exciting and eclectic dining experiences

The Yemaya Island Hideaway on Little Corn Island
©Chris Bryant

A no man’s island in the Caribbean

Living out a castaway fantasy is easy on Little Corn, off the coast of Nicaragua, writes Chris Bryant

Sophy Roberts’ son diving off Petit St Vincent

Scuba-diving for kids in the Caribbean

Jacques Cousteau’s son has opened a diving school ideal for children. Sophy Roberts takes the plunge

Mountain biking in the Guatemalan jungle

Cycling to the ‘lost’ ancient city of El Mirador — a Mayan treasure that few tourists get the chance to see

Spirited away on Peru’s pisco trail

Discover a desert oasis and coastal villages on a vineyard tour of the country’s national drink

The Colombian beaches cars can’t reach

A remote coastal village founded by fugitive slaves is opening up to tourism

Beyond the road’s end

A village founded by fugitive slaves is opening up to tourism

Surf’s up in Máncora, Peru

Best known for Inca ruins, Andean peaks and Amazonian jungles, the South American nation also has a growing surf scene

Stargazing from a mountain plateau in Chile

Perched 5,000 metres above sea level, the world’s most advanced astronomical observatory is about to open its doors to visitors

At Hotel Chocolat’s hotel in St Lucia

Lucy Kellaway indulges herself at the ultimate ‘Willy Wonka’ destination — a hotel on a cocoa plantation where food, activities and even spa treatments are chocolate-themed

Luxury on the Galápagos Islands

Pikaia Lodge, on the summit of an extinct volcano, offers a new way of seeing the islands’ natural wonders

Kuelap, fortress of northern Peru

Mike Carter goes beyond Machu Picchu to a region little visited by tourists – but with some of the greatest archaeological treasures in the Americas

Short cuts: Updates from New York, Myanmar, South Pacific, UK

Revamp of a New York landmark hotel, e-visas, Marlon Brando’s former retreat and celebrating a new Agatha Christie book


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