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Whitbread recruits Brittain as CEO

Alison Brittain

Number of female executives in FTSE 100 rises to 6

Inside the outsider’s Shanghai

Multimedia report on how expats make the most of life in China

D27P5M Studio shot of young woman working in office covered with adhesive notes. Image shot 2012. Exact date unknown.

Women feel under more stress at work

Willingness to acknowledge pressure is a factor

Mervyn Davies and Beatriz Butsana for at work with the FT
©Charlie Bibby

Lord Davies calls for childcare reform

Tax credits and bigger nurseries needed to address City gender gap

Women sheriffs of Wall Street

Criticism of financial practice and regulation must be heeded

Beatruce de Montille

Women in Business — Béatrice de Montille

Establish what you are good at and believe in yourself, says jewellery entrepreneur

Goldberg stood for tech’s nurturing side

The SurveyMonkey chief was highly talented but also unpretentious and truly meritocratic

The power of role models

‘Gender is not the only point of discrimination in finance or policy making today. Nor is it the most extreme’

In the big seat: Olga Grygier-Siddons, PwC chief executive for central and eastern Europe
©Marcin Jamkowski/EST&OST

Women in eastern Europe lead the way

Region’s female presence in top jobs is better, with exceptions

Hala Fadel
©Thierry Van Biesen

Backing Beirut

A quiet revolution is happening in Lebanon as female entrepreneurs attract attention from investors

European companies boost women in power

Siemens, Bayer and Nestlé among multinationals meeting challenge for more boardroom equality

Women in Business — Georgette Phillips

Lehigh College of Business and Economics dean keeps things simple

We need more female chief executives

Schoolgirls must be shown that there is no such thing as a ‘female’ career, writes Barbara Judge

Young stars spread advertising message

A much-loved film or sports star in an advertising campaign can do much to boost sales

Women in Business — Rosalind Searle

Always have the courage to ask for things, says professor of organisational behaviour

Non-exec roles help women up the ladder

Part-time board positions can be especially valuable in your 30s

Women in Business — Jennifer Berdahl

Feminist researcher describes her centre for gender and diversity

Goldman sued over ‘sex discrimination’

Banker claims she was cheated out of millions in bonuses

Women in Business — Kirti Lad, headhunter

Executive search consultant helps female managers in Asia

Women in Business — Kristina Koch, MBA student

Business school is a great opportunity for self-development, says the former competitive athlete

Access to finance remains a problem for female entrepreneurs

If investment finance were made easier to come by, might more women make it big?

Women in Business — Laura Rife

Business and medicine are male-dominated but give capable women real chances, says the physician

Essay competition: Is it possible for women to bring their authentic selves to work?

Send us an opinion piece and enter the FT’s third annual scholarship competition

Is it time for quotas for women?

FT Debate: Lord Davies argues in favour of continuing the voluntary approach he spearheads while economist Vicky Pryce says it’s time for quotas to boost female executives

Amanda Mackenzie: Advisor, Project Everyone

The Aviva executive’s latest role is to foster support for the UN’s global development targets

Only 5 women chief executives in FTSE 100

Females make inroads on boards but top slots remain elusive

Women in Business — Nancy McKinstry

The chief executive has used her role to increase board diversity

EU push for more UK female directors

German quotas lift Brussels’ plan for gender equality on boards

Switched on to wearable technology

Annie Van Harlingen is the woman bringing traditional know-how to Ringly’s high-tech

Boards fail to alter their mix

Scant progress means UK companies face an increased risk of quotas

Women face a maze, not a glass ceiling

Some barriers — of prejudice, or of lack of opportunity — still stand

Women in Business — Eve Poole

The researcher finds business schools are not as diverse as she anticipated

Shaking the Silicon Valley boys’ club

Tech industry’s men and women are uneasy about Ellen Pao’s case

The women in line to chair the big companies

This year, it is time to focus on chairwomen, not just NEDs

Opaque path that leads to the boardroom

In the first of a series exposing the true nature of UK boards, a study finds that women are encouraged, but men are appointed

Haruno Yoshida is redefining women’s roles in Japan

To succeed, you must open your own path, says the president of BT Japan

UK to miss target for women board members

Evidence shows gender diversity is better at avoiding scandal

Mitie chief urges more support for women

McGregor-Smith backs flexible working

Carnwath: listed groups built ‘for men’

Just three FTSE 100 groups chaired by women

Gender pay-gap details to be published

Lib Dems win law change to force transparency on wages

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