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Workplace culture alienates women

We need real changes in how meetings and networking are conducted, writes Barbara Stocking

A slow march to gender pay equality

Britain should nudge companies towards fairness


Male, stale and frail

American directors are older, serving longer and more likely to be men

Stale US boardrooms laid bare

Directors are older, more male and in-post longer than in Europe

Helena Morrissey to quit as Newton CEO

Campaigner for diversity in boardrooms seeks ‘meaningful’ new job

False assumptions that say sexism is over

Many will see ousted ad boss Kevin Roberts as a martyr who told the truth, writes Helen Lewis


Ensuring women get on to company boards

The UK is a salutary example of what happens when you take the pressure off, writes Sarah Gordon

Saatchi chairman quits after gender row

Kevin Roberts says he ‘failed exceptionally fast’ with comments

Mad Men- Series 05 Gallery Images Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris and Jared Harris as Lane Pryce. © Lionsgate

Media mavericks answer for Mad Men mode

Industry belatedly acknowledges gender inequality and sexism claims

©FT Graphics/Brian Saffer

Female CEOs are fascinating

Despite the Yahoo chief’s ire, we will go on being interested until there are more women at the top

Clinton feat highlights workplace sexism

Slow ascent for women especially in media and tech groups

Mayer, Yahoo and sexist stereotyping

Her leadership gave rise to gender-charged debates she could never win, writes Leslie Hook

Feedback: ‘glass cliffs’ and women

Reader comments on Andrew Hill’s column

Women do not win when women lead

Rise of female leaders not enough to deliver equality

The female leaders who are set up to fail

With limited opportunities to take cushier jobs, women may feel obliged to accept the riskiest roles

Married to the job and each other

The dynamics of your relationship affect your career especially if you complement one another

Financial groups sign up to advance women

Initiative aims to link executive pay to senior role targets

Tories trump Labour in the gender stakes

Conservatives can humblebrag on equality and leadership

Female UK board hirings hit five-year low

Between September and March just 24.7% of new roles filled went to women

Lack of role models keeps women out of cyber security

Old-boys’ networks still dominate the industry when it comes to hiring staff

Box office gold — Julia Hartz, Eventbrite

The online service’s co-founder on making ticketing easier and working with her ‘feminist’ husband

Making the most of top female staff

Business school study probes collective intelligence of groups

Solid benefits in a diverse workforce

Companies benefit when employees are more like their customers

Revd Sally Muggeridge, Deacon, St Stephen Walbrook

A career spanning stage, altar and the boardroom

Pay transparency is the last taboo

Fear of revealing salaries infects start-ups and multinationals

Asian schools produce few female leaders

Course programmers will have to factor in women’s lifestyle patterns

Female ad chief calls time on Mad Men era

J Walter Thompson boss is pushing for greater diversity at the US agency

‘Dismal’ progress on women joining US boards

Catalyst research finds only 21 of S&P 500 chiefs are female

UK financial services drag feet on equality

Only 14 per cent of executive committee members are female

Gender differences emerge at scale-up

There are more businesswomen out there, but their companies are smaller

Joanna Jensen, founder and CEO, Childs Farm

Meet the former City worker who started a children’s toiletries business

Blog: Women are early movers at #WEOY

Five-day event culminates in EY World Entrepreneur of the Year award

Cold companies need red-hot rage

What if workers at VW had articulated anger at poor decisions?

Women must unite to maximise success in start-ups

Business training designed for only females can set them on the path to entrepreneurship

Finance industry fails to lure female cash

Women savers alienated by ads for ‘older rich men’

Why do most women fear the stock market?

Why women lack the confidence to invest — and what to do about it

In a Blink: More women achieve senior posts

The overall gender pay gap shrinks significantly among those in the same level and company

Social network for back-to-work mothers

Can a new advice and jobs site change employers’ minds?

The EU referendum debate alienates women

The gladiatorial nature of the campaign puts off all voters

Hopes & Fears: Going it alone

An IMD programme prompted corporate high-flyer Renée Dineen to change paths