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Minerva Tantoco, New York City’s chief technology officer

Minerva Tantoco, New York City, chief technology officer

Her success stems from excitement of science

Lynne Laube of Cardlytics
©Beri Irving

How confidence and tenacity help women

Female entrepreneurs face a range of barriers when trying to raise capital

Sir Philip should use code to aid women

UK’s corporate governance code is one way to focus minds on meeting targets

Women leaders help boost profitability

Research finds strong female executives deliver higher margins

Amee Chande

Women in Business — Amee Chande

Alibaba’s UK managing director says you can excel in business and still have a life

Lawyer turned Psycho-analyst Will Meyerhofer
©Pascal Perich

Care from lawyers turned therapists

Ex-legal professionals see anxiety caused by corporate pressures

Under-30s’ equal pay eases parent trap

The narrowed gender gap amounts to progress — now let’s tackle the part-time penalty

Lisa Lambert

Women in Business — Lisa Lambert

The venture capitalist advises not to get emotionally attached to businesses you invest in

Boneheaded aphorisms from Davos

The World Economic Forum’s 36 best quotes are almost all dismal. But the idiots are not the speakers

Naomi Climer, President of Institution of Engineering and Technology

Naomi Climer, engineering advocate

UK needs injection of Californian optimism to boost engineering

CBI demands 25% senior women exec target

Lobby keen to build on the Davies Review’s work that promoted the number of females on boards

A thought experiment on boards and gender

‘Woman up. The fellanazis have you by the short and curlies’

Gender equality in tech will benefit all

Imagine the developers we could train from UK’s unemployed women, writes Martha Lane Fox

How Tupperware keeps sales pitch fresh

Famed for its food storage boxes, the US group’s boss reckons it can stay relevant to millennials

Stop skirting around the lack of women

Traditional means should be used to change directors’ behaviours

Corporate Japan struggles to promote women

Abe womenomics policy sets sights on cultural change but progress is slow

Female entrepreneurs opt for crowdfunding

Women bypass banks via crowdfunding sites for projects

Out of the shadows

A young, financially stable, well-educated generation of Saudi women is making its business presence felt

Interview: Cansen Basaran-Symes of Tusiad

Ankara must seize an opportunity for change, says president of Turkey’s largest business association

Women in Business — Lynda Gratton

While her book ‘The Shift’ outsold ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in Japan, the management professor has learnt not to conform

Baton-passing time for women

Government will shortly decide who should pick up where Lord (Mervyn) Davies has left off

Jami McKeon — a skilled manager of change

Handling a merger was a tough test

Boards with more women do 36% better

Strong female leadership delivers better returns, finds MSCI

Meet the dean: Vlerick’s Marion Debruyne

The new leader says the sector must ask itself difficult questions

Behind the scenes of the 30% Club photo shoot

The women — and the men — who are taking the campaign for greater equality on company boards global

The 30% Club

How the women — and men — took on the old boys’ network to gain greater equality and are now taking their campaign global

Alison Winfield-Chislett, founder, The Goodlife Centre

Pastoral care is as important as creativity and teaching skills

Breastfeeding by mail

Milk Stork lets mothers send milk home from work trips for $99

No change in level of female high earners

Initiatives have failed to close the gender gap on pay

HSBC targets 50% senior roles for women

Banks under pressure from government to tackle gender imbalance

Moroccan women behind in the workplace

More training needed to lift number of women in labour market

Following Zuckerberg on paternity leave

Fathers have hesitated to take shared time off but the advice is to not hold back

Feeling useless is essential for success

As you get older self-knowledge goes up but so does complacency

Female entrepreneurs get support in Japan

Despite Shinzo Abe’s push for women to be employed, few start-up or lead businesses

Japan Inc rejects female executives scheme

PM Abe’s ‘womenomics’ subsidy plan increases benefits

Number of women in top UK posts rises

Community diversity is still not accurately reflected on boards

Cautious shift in attitudes towards women at work

Female participation is prominent at senior levels of Turkish business but less evident in labour force at large

Inga Beale, Lloyd’s of London CEO

Insurance market’s first female boss wants to modernise it without alienating the old guard

Women watchmakers in a man’s world

Female chief executives are changing the face of the industry

A welcome step for Saudi suffragettes

The municipal poll promises to be a move towards breaking down social barriers in the kingdom

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