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Women in Business — Rakefet Russak-Aminoach

Rakefet Russak-Aminoach

Israeli executive proud to lead a bank with a diverse workforce

Baby bottle and picture on desk

Back from maternity leave

Flexibility and frankness help new mothers and their managers

Anne-Marie Slaughter

Mother of a manifesto for working women

‘Unfinished Business’ by Anne-Marie Slaughter: heartfelt analysis

Student Halla Koppel pictured at the Said Business School, Oxford.
©Neville Williams

Student takes motherhood in her stride

Former TV host includes her baby in school routine at Oxford Saïd

Anuchika Stanislaus

Women in Business — Anuchika Stanislaus

Skema student aims to change stereotypes of businesswomen

US business schools attract more women

Top-tier programmes have made progress recruiting more females

The fruits of financial independence: single-sex tours reflect the increased economic power of Indian women

India’s women-only travel agencies

Single-sex tours reflect the conservatism of Indian society

The economic consequences of gender equality

Half of humanity’s work is a terrible thing to waste

Brenda Trenowden of ANZ. For Monday Interview.
©Charlie Bibby

30% Club: women-friendly future for top jobs

Brenda Trenowden — ensuring female candidates for senior posts

Nicole de Fontaines

Women in Business — Nicole de Fontaines

The secretary general of Cems aims to bridge the gap between business and academia

Put women at the top and lift hedge funds

From 2007, those run by females have returned 59% against average of 37%, writes Stephen Foley

Career counsel: Perseverance needed to reach tech board level

Advice for a woman on reaching the top in the male-dominated technology sector

The riff: Middle manager as warrior

Reputation for pettiness contradicted by research

Bracken Bower winner snags book deal

Nation Books to publish work based on Muslim ‘womenomics’

UN goals seek to improve women’s lives

Equality is still a long way away

Your mother-in-law could hold the key to your career

The single most important work decision you make is often your choice of life partner

Football tackles the issue of leadership

Shielded by its profitability and popularity, the sport is only slowly changing its approach

Women regulate banks run by men

Financial regulators cannot compete with the private sector on pay, but do so through caring management

Laerke Norn: Women in Business essay contest winner

Scorning the cliché of the tough, ‘masculine’ female leader

Women in leadership roles — the west finds itself outshone

Russia is less macho than its reputation suggests when it comes to gender balance

Gender inequality in the workplace is men’s work too

The facts are daunting and it is tempting to think that the gender divide is too deeply rooted for you to make any difference

Universities learn to embrace diversity

After much debate, US female-only colleges are having to rewrite their admissions rules

Achieving longevity may prove difficult for HeForShe and Lean In

Even women’s groups with well known backers find it hard to prompt lasting change

‘Stop blaming and shaming’

Women must encourage male colleagues who try to help

Death threats and attacks fail to stop mission to save labourers

Syeda Ghulam Fatima has advised and rehabilitated thousands of Pakistan workers

Stereotyping is hard to spot, but can be fixed

Decisions based on gender bias have a costly impact

Everyone loses when work life ends at 40

Women are absenting themselves from the workforce

A variety of barriers thwart entrepreneurs in poor nations

Rules against female property ownership make it difficult to raise funds

Women still suffer gender pension gap

In developed and developing economies, the risk of old age poverty falls disproportionately on females

How to make a girl master of her universe

Give her building blocks and she will become a creator and destroyer of worlds

Women in Business — Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou

First female dean of Desautels hopes business schools will do more to increase gender diversity

Women must take risks to rise to the top

Calculated moves are essential, advise two senior female executives

Friendships outside work can hinder women

Men socialise more with office mentors, writes Herminia Ibarra

Women in Business - Siobhan Sweeney

Cambridge Judge MBA believes diversity is becoming valued and it is important to be open-minded

An ideal founder: young, female, ex-Google

One venture capital firm’s review of its best performers challenged early-stage investing precepts

Gender pay gap widest at top of ladder

Difference is greatest at senior levels and among older workers

Cameron’s assault on gender pay justified

New data show gap between male and female salaries is too large

Women in Business — Naama Bloom

Founder aims to help girls through transitional times in their lives with her subscription service

Pictures that paint a thousand words

Photographs on display at work have huge psychological significance

Women in Business — Alison Kay

Vice-chair aims to help businesses restore their balance

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