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    1. 13 hours ago

      Delivering on the Obama and Modi ‘bromance’

      Let us not be too excited about the nuclear “breakthrough” between Barack Obama and Narendra Modi. The deal aims to cap the...

    2. 16 hours ago

      US trade chief says Pacific deal is close

      An ambitious Pacific Rim trade pact between the US, Japan and 10 other economies is nearing completion, the top US trade...

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    1. The Future of Nafta

      Nafta, the pact between the United States, Canada and Mexico, signed 20 years ago, set...
    2. The Future of the European Union

      With elections to the European Parliament in the offing, the mainstream parties are un...
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    1. 19 hours ago

      China’s churlishness shows strength of US-India relations

      China’s churlish reaction to Barack Obama’s visit to New Delhi this week suggests that the US president and Narendra Modi,...

    2. January 26, 2015

      A calm moment in a stormy US-India marriage

      It was 15 years ago that US president Bill Clinton came to India on a five day, five city trip that felt like a new dawn in...

    3. beyondbrics

      January 26, 2015

      Guest post: India / US bilateral investment treaty will be no easy ride

      By Kavaljit Singh of Madhyam It’s official: India and the US will resume negotiations on a high-standard bilateral...

    4. January 25, 2015

      Obama’s savvy bet on India’s rise

      With the big exception of India, all the Brics economies are slowing. For the first time since China’s cultural revolution,...

    5. January 23, 2015

      Davos 2015: Businesses rally support for transatlantic trade deal

      Business executives are rallying support in Davos for a controversial transatlantic trade deal after being caught on the hop...

    6. FT Alphaville

      January 23, 2015

      US shale revolution must force Davos energy rethink

      This guest post is from the co-authors of UBS’s white paper for the WEF meeting 2015 in Davos, which started on Wednesday. ...

    7. January 22, 2015

      Obama and Modi bury hatchet to strengthen US-India ties

      Barack Obama and Narendra Modi — one a former lawyer, the other a former tea-seller, both consummate politicians — seem to...

    8. January 18, 2015

      Obama steps up battle to win fast-track trade deal authority

      Barack Obama drew raucous cheers from the left of his Democratic party and powerful unions when the then presidential...

    9. January 18, 2015

      Irish beef farmers eye stake in lucrative US market

      Standing inside one of the sheds that are the winter homes for his 550-strong herd of Limousins and Belgian Blues, Robin...

    10. Nick Butler

      January 18, 2015

      Ethane – the next challenge for the energy market

      One of the many lessons to be learnt from the dramatic developments in the world energy market over the past six months is...

    11. January 18, 2015

      Carmakers face fresh China import threat

      Multinational carmakers already under pressure from Chinese regulators and dealers face a new challenge in the world’s...

    12. FT Alphaville

      January 16, 2015

      The one chart bull case for US stocks

      There is a ripost to our one chart bear case for US stocks. The latter was an eye catcher from Jeffrey Gundlach, showing...

    13. January 13, 2015

      Public backlash threatens EU trade deal with the US

      The EU has been hit by a stinging public backlash against its landmark trade deal with the US, making it increasingly...

    14. January 8, 2015

      Obama must grasp the chance for deals on trade

      A year ago President Barack Obama called on the US Congress to give him fast track authority to negotiate big trade deals in...

    15. January 8, 2015

      US export economy fails to import jobs

      This month, brace yourself to hear plenty of rhetoric coming out of Washington about “exports” and “jobs”. As a new...

    16. January 7, 2015

      US export code adds to bearish oil outlook

      As excess supply chokes the world oil market, another serving of hydrocarbons is on the way. The US last week published...

    17. January 7, 2015

      Angela Merkel to back EU reform but rule out treaty change

      Angela Merkel will join David Cameron on Wednesday in calling for reforms to the EU. But the German chancellor will urge the...

    18. January 6, 2015

      Sausage row reveals German disquiet over trade talks

      A small grilled sausage from Bavaria has become the unlikely symbol of German resistance to the transatlantic trade deal...

    19. January 5, 2015

      US to resume importing beef from Ireland

      The European Commission is pressing the US to allow all EU countries to resume exporting beef to the American market after...

    20. January 4, 2015

      Obama sets stage for debate over US oil export ban

      The Obama administration has set the stage for a fierce debate over a US ban on crude oil exports by allowing more overseas...

    21. January 2, 2015

      A new push is needed on multilateral co-operation

      Over the past year a co-operative world order — built around trade and the rule of law — has begun to creak and strain....

    22. December 29, 2014

      Keystone pipeline: carbon nation

      In the US there are 185,000 miles of petroleum pipelines. Most attract little or no attention. The 1,800-mile Keystone XL...

    23. December 23, 2014

      Drinks industry: Low spirits

      The Spotted Pig, a Michelin star gastropub in New York’s trendy west Village, is heaving. The walls, adorned with enough pig...

    24. FT Alphaville

      December 22, 2014

      The upcoming petrodollar bifurcation risk?

      One of the still to be appreciated side-effects of falling oil prices is a reduction in so-called petrodollar recycling by...

    25. The World

      December 18, 2014

      Cuba and US trade: Two-minute guide to what next

      The move by US President Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro, to announce the tentative resumption of...

    26. December 17, 2014

      Timeline: US-Cuba relations

    27. December 17, 2014

      China reopens to Syngenta corn strain

      China has approved imports of biotech corn developed by Syngenta, a senior US official said on Wednesday, after blocking the...

    28. December 17, 2014

      UK premier fights to put US-EU trade talks back on track

      David Cameron will join industry bodies and other European leaders on Thursday to demand fresh impetus in talks on a...

    29. The World

      December 17, 2014

      Cigars all round: the thaw in US-Cuba relations

      It was on February 7 1962 that John F Kennedy signed the US policy now known as the Cuban embargo into law. The day before,...

    30. December 17, 2014

      US to impose solar tariffs on China and Taiwan

      The US is to impose large import duties on solar energy equipment from China and Taiwan, as a trade dispute over green...

    31. December 16, 2014

      US-Europe trade deal stuck on launch pad

      David Cameron has called for “rocket boosters” and Angela Merkel has warned there is “no time to lose”. Across the Atlantic,...

    32. beyondbrics

      December 11, 2014

      Mexico, the US and the IMF: worst-case oil price scenarios

      You don’t have to look far to see the impact on Mexico of falling oil prices (now close to a five-year low): just take a...

    33. December 11, 2014

      Trade deal on IT teeters as China digs in

      A high-profile deal struck just weeks ago by China and the US to unlock negotiations to liberalise the trade in IT goods has...

    34. beyondbrics

      December 5, 2014

      HSBC asks: how big is China?

      When the IMF announced this year that China’s economy had overtaken the US economy at purchasing power parity, there was...

    35. beyondbrics

      December 3, 2014

      Stepping on the gas: Mexico gets new pipeline

      Mexico will be able to boost imports of cheap US shale gas by 45 per cent now that the first phase of a major new $2.5bn...

    36. November 27, 2014

      Germany drops opposition to EU trade deal with Canada

      Germany has dropped its opposition to an EU trade deal with Canada despite continuing concerns over the inclusion of...

    37. November 23, 2014

      Opec share of US oil imports at 30-year low

      The share of US imports of crude oil from Opec nations are at their lowest level in almost 30 years, underlining the impact...

    38. November 23, 2014

      Europe-US trade talks delay upsets Italy

      Italy has sounded the alarm over the pace of Europe’s landmark trade negotiations with the US, warning that they are in...

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