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  1. 5 hours ago

    Why sterling is overvalued

    I argued in my previous blog that sterling is overvalued. Objections to this usually take one of two forms. The first is to...

  2. 5 hours ago

    Scottish referendum: Yes vote risk to gilts underestimated

    Markets hate uncertainty. So why are gilt and sterling investors taking such a relaxed view of the prospect of Scottish...

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    Market for larger jets remains buoyant while mood is positive longer-term on sales of ...
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  1. beyondbrics

    April 16, 2014

    Do China's Q1 GDP numbers gloss reality?

    China’s release of GDP data on Wednesday is triggering a fresh bout of scepticism over the accuracy of Beijing’s statistics....

  2. Money Supply

    April 16, 2014

    The productivity puzzle: New Zealand edition

    The UK has spent years fretting about its dismal productivity performance in the wake of the financial crisis, but it’s no...

  3. April 16, 2014

    S&P 500 back in sight of record high

    Wednesday 21:00 BST. Wall Street continued to recover from its recent technology-led sell-off as the latest data on the...

  4. April 15, 2014

    GDP is flawed – just not the way most people think

    At Oxford university, many students regard attendance at lectures as optional. So teachers who fail to enlighten or...

  5. April 10, 2014

    Scottish independence would hit UK debt rating, warns Fitch

    A yes vote for Scottish independence would make the recovery of the UK’s triple A rating a more distant prospect, the Fitch...

  6. Off Message

    April 9, 2014

    If this is the case for Brexit, I worry for eurosceptics

    Iain Mansfield has won the “Brexit” prize, a competition run by the Institute of Economic Affairs think-tank to find the...

  7. FT Data

    April 8, 2014

    Changing statistics - and worldviews

    Facts might be sacred, but statistics are somewhat more pliable. As my colleague Chris Giles revealed this morning, the...

  8. April 7, 2014

    Data shake-up turns UK into nation of savers

    A radical overhaul of the national accounts this autumn will double the official measure of household savings, presenting...

  9. FT Data

    April 7, 2014

    Moving from GDP to economic well-being

    Falling inflation, galloping house prices, rising retail sales and growing business confidence are all feeding into...

  10. beyondbrics

    April 7, 2014

    Nigeria's GDP recalculation: the hidden costs

    Nigeria has overtaken South Africa to become Africa’s largest economy after the government released updated figures that...

  11. April 6, 2014

    Nigeria almost doubles GDP in recalculation

    Nigeria overtook South Africa on Sunday to become Africa’s largest economy and 26th largest in the world after the...

  12. April 3, 2014

    The link between Japan’s exports and GDP

    Japan increased its consumption tax from 5 per cent to 8 per cent on April fools’ day. It seems unlikely that the negative...

  13. March 31, 2014

    George Osborne shifts Tory focus to ‘full employment’ in UK

    George Osborne has targeted “full employment” as the goal of a future Conservative government, as he attempts to redirect...

  14. March 28, 2014

    City’s low returns partly to blame

    Forget containers stuffed with imports from China arriving at British ports: the real explanation for the deterioration in...

  15. March 27, 2014

    UK retail sales rebound more than expected in February

    UK retail sales grew strongly in February, boosting hopes that the economy is powering ahead in the first quarter of the...

  16. March 23, 2014

    Data watched for Ukraine political troubles’ impact on eurozone

    This week sees important purchasing managers’ indices for the eurozone, which may show the impact of recent political...

  17. March 21, 2014

    Comment: UK Budget picks on private jet operators

    In the latest Budget, George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced a rise in air passenger duty (APD) for...

  18. beyondbrics

    March 21, 2014

    Colombia’s GDP: Thumbs up

    In another sign that Colombia’s economy is on track, data released on Thursday by the national statistics agency show GDP...

  19. March 19, 2014

    Budget 2014: UK’s productivity puzzle casts shadow over recovery

    Osborne’s changing fortune The date was Wednesday March 20 2013. A grim looking George Osborne faced down taunts he had...

  20. March 13, 2014

    The unbalanced budget – winners and losers since 2013

    The March 19 Budget will be delivered against a background of broad economic positivity, but that tone may not sit well with...

  21. beyondbrics

    March 13, 2014

    Analysts slash China GDP forecasts, see support

    Investment banks slashed forecasts for China’s GDP growth on Thursday after Beijing reported the biggest slowdown in...

  22. March 12, 2014

    Scottish deficit adds to independence fiscal concerns

    Plunging North Sea oil and gas revenues gave Scotland a larger government deficit relative to the size of its economy than...

  23. March 11, 2014

    ‘Reshoring’ could create 200,000 jobs over next decade

    Companies bringing production back to the UK from overseas could create up to 200,000 jobs in Britain over the next decade,...

  24. March 7, 2014

    Financial sector offers UK potential £62bn boost, survey suggests

    The UK’s financial services sector could add £62bn to annual economic output by 2020 if regulation is not heavy-handed,...

  25. beyondbrics

    March 5, 2014

    China's GDP: Premier winks at the "Keqiang index"

    When China’s premier was an up-and-comer in the provinces, he famously told US diplomats that he looked at indicators...

  26. beyondbrics

    March 3, 2014

    China’s GDP growth target to reveal policy intentions

    So rarely does China’s official GDP growth target bear more than a passing resemblance to subsequent reality (see chart),...

  27. March 3, 2014

    UK manufacturing activity increases for 11th month in a row

    Hopes of a rebound in UK manufacturing have been boosted by a run of positive survey data but flat bank lending, high energy...

  28. February 27, 2014

    Standard Life threat to leave embodies risks of independence

    With nearly 5,000 staff at its handsome sandstone offices around Edinburgh, the very suggestion that Standard Life might...

  29. beyondbrics

    February 27, 2014

    Brazil's GDP: better than expected but worries remain

    Some good news at last for the beleaguered Brazilian government: GDP growth in 2014 was 2.3 per cent, including 0.7 per cent...

  30. February 26, 2014

    UK business investment rises 2.4% in fourth quarter

    UK business investment rose strongly in the final quarter of 2013 in a sign that the economic recovery is becoming more...

  31. February 23, 2014

    Data to add detail on recovery path in US and UK

    Data published this week will give more detail on the recovery in the US and UK, while inflation numbers will help inform...

  32. Gavyn Davies

    February 23, 2014

    Global GDP growth after the G20 summit

    The G20 Summit in Sydney ended on Sunday with a call to boost global growth by 0.5 per cent per annum from 2014-18, thus...

  33. February 16, 2014

    Data likely to reinforce China growth concerns

    Purchasing managers’ indices in China and the eurozone top the list of important data released this week, while in the UK...

  34. February 14, 2014

    Eurozone exceeds hopes in recovery

    The eurozone’s recovery beat expectations at the end of last year, boosting hopes that the region’s crisis years were over...

  35. FT Alphaville

    February 14, 2014

    How Scotland really lost sterling union

    This post is just to flesh out a point in this great piece by John McDermott — so read that first. But we think it’s an...

  36. February 13, 2014

    UK economic growth set to withstand floods

    While the wettest weather since records began is bringing misery to tens of thousands of UK households, it is unlikely to...

  37. FT Alphaville

    February 11, 2014

    The UK's squeezed bottom, charted

    The Resolution Foundation has published its annual look at UK standards of living, and what a brightly coloured chartfest of...

  38. February 7, 2014

    Report warns on Scottish currency union

    A currency union between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK would be liable to break apart, particularly with...

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