Iran’s new broom

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani is looking to pursue a foreign policy of moderation to revive deadlocked nuclear talks with the west after tough financial sanctions have brought the Islamic Republic’s economy to a standstill

An undue chill greets Iran’s nuclear spring

A Tehran with a stake in settling the Middle East’s lethal problems could be transformative

Iranian diplomat row revives old battles

Hostage crisis of 1979 resurfaces amid nuclear talks

Plan seen as threat to £25bn legal market

Lawyers forecast disputes will move to overseas courts

US set to bar Iran’s new UN ambassador

Nominee Aboutalebi was involved in 1979 hostage crisis

US allows Boeing and GE to sell spare parts to Iran

Temporary sanctions relief allows airline deal

Chinese national indicted over exports to Iran

Cheng arrested in UK on US warrant

Sculptor caught up in Iran’s culture wars

Artist falls victim to rivalry between Tehran mayor and President Rouhani

Russia can hit US where it hurts, on Iran

Moscow could sell Tehran missiles or undermine sanctions

General ambience inside Cafe Kerase in central Tehran, within walking distance from Tehran Univeristy. Café Kerase is affiliated to the ideologically-driven basij or the 12.5m-strong voluntary arm of the Revolutionary Guards. Photo: Kaveh Kazemi
©Kaveh Kazemi

Café reveals softer side to Iran’s basij

Defenders of Islamic revolution adopt more middle-class values

Iran’s new year brings price rises

Festivities overshadowed by grim economic outlook

Bushehr nuclear power plant, Iran

Iran keeps its word on nuclear arms

Pursuing atomic weapons would put the country’s national security in jeopardy, writes Javad Zarif

Iran warns west on ‘tough’ nuclear talks

Foreign minister tells negotiators to back rhetoric with action in Vienna

Iran’s president launches ‘RouhaniCare’

Iran’s 350 private hospitals have also been hit by financial woes

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani

Rouhani faces test on bloated bureaucracy

President to tackle dramatic rise in employees at state-run organisations

Iran automobile sector faces slow revival

Industry hopes to reverse decline but recovery could take years

Iran nuclear ‘timetable’ agreed in Vienna

Negotiations confirm agenda for ongoing discussions

Khamenei calls for Iran economic jihad

Supreme leader urges resistance to sanctions

Diplomats play down new Iran nuclear talks

Vienna round limited to agreeing a “framework” for discussions

Bank Mellat sues UK Treasury for $3.9bn

Iranian lender overturned decision to put it on sanctions list

Tehran, Iran: Mohammad Qouchani chief editor of Aseman newspaper in his office. Photo Credit: Kaveh Kazemi

New reformist paper hopes to boost Rouhani

Hardline control of media blocks centrist president’s message

Iran nuclear talks need to build trust

Diplomats and analysts agree deal with Tehran is possible

Obama warns business on Iran sanctions

Comments follow visit by 100 French executives

Rouhani dodges hardliners . . . for now

Iran’s president can still count on the support of Khamenei, writes Roula Khalaf

Iran to share detonator details with IAEA

Transparency measures agreed with atomic energy agency

Iran says US warnings spooked investors

Easing of sanctions has little benefit for petrochemical sector

Iran puts hope in South Pars development

Energy shortage has highlighted gasfield’s importance

Political tensions spill over in Iran

Frustrated Rouhani criticises opponents of nuclear agreement

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani

Iranians in uproar over food distribution

Opponents seize on long queues and claims of poor quality produce

Hassan Rouhani
©Kaveh Kazemi

Sanctions will weaken Rouhani’s hand

Any deal also has to be approved by ‘other power holders’ in the regime, says Norman Lamont

IAEA awaits ‘clarification’ from Iran

Six ‘more difficult’, technical issues remain to be resolved

French groups lead rush back to Iran

Visit by business delegation raises hopes of return of FDI

Straw calls on UK to reopen Iran ties

Former foreign secretary wants embassy in Tehran re-established

End to Syrian agony needs deal with Iran

The interim nuclear agreement raises the possibility that Tehran will drop Assad

Rouhani outlines growth plan for Iran

President calls for greater engagement with rest of the world

Iran warns on exclusion from Syria talks

UN criticised over handling of the peace conference

Q&A: What has changed in Iran sanctions?

EU foreign ministers approve six-month suspension

A chance to narrow the gaps with Iran

US must try to build on nuclear pact that now takes effect

Iran sanctions eased as nuclear deal sticks

EU to announce details of first restrictions lifted

Iranian woman walks past a mural with a gun made out of an interpretation of the US flag

Easing of sanctions set to boost Iran

$4.2bn of blocked funds to be released as part of nuclear deal

Iran’s reformists angered by slow change

Rouhani dashes hopes of cultural flowering