Iran’s new broom

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani is looking to pursue a foreign policy of moderation to revive deadlocked nuclear talks with the west after tough financial sanctions have brought the Islamic Republic’s economy to a standstill

Arab League agrees joint military force

‘No option but to join forces’ says Egyptian president

Israel in push to counter Iran deal

Yuval Steinitz leads lobby effort as Tehran and world powers meet

Q&A: Iran nuclear talks

Key factors in the negotiations over Iran’s uranium enrichment programme ahead of next week’s deadline

Saudis vow ‘necessary measures’ in Yemen

Yemen calls for Gulf states to intervene as conflict escalates

Iran eyes heroes as nuclear deal nears

Iranians wonder who history will record as legend of an agreement

Saymareh dam Seymareh

Iran’s Rouhani rolls back on dam projects

One of the world’s biggest dambuilders calls a halt

Republicans risk writing off Iran clout

Warning to Tehran not to trust US president could help Obama

Vote for hardliner deals blow to Rouhani

Ayatollah Yazdi to lead body that selects Iran’s next supreme leader

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Republican letter takes aim at Iran talks

Senators warn that the next president could undo any nuclear deal

US senator may face corruption charges

FBI has probed Robert Menendez’s links to donor for two years

Bibi squanders US relations

Israel’s PM may be misjudging the mood in both America and his own nation

Iran hardliners fear Rouhani nuclear deal

Critics sense a swell of support for moderate president

Netanyahu’s brazen challenge to Obama

Israeli leader has shown more courage than wisdom in Washington

Netanyahu on Iran — an assessment

In run-up to Congress speech, how accurate have leader’s claims been?

White House pushes back on Netanyahu

Pre-emptive moves against Israeli PM’s effort to stymie US-Iran deal

Fund managers on the Iranian frontier

If sanctions are lifted, country becomes a tempting investment

Iran and west narrow gap in nuclear talks

Oil price collapse and efforts to curb hardliners help progress

Ecological disaster in Iran’s wetlands

Drought and dams in neighbouring Afghanistan blamed for water crisis

Developing economies: Taking a load off

Morocco shows way to cut subsidies on fuel and other products, as pressure grows on states to make savings

Energy shortfall drains Iran’s growth push

Poor power-generating capacity holds back recovery

Obama wins breathing space over Iran

Democratic co-author of new sanctions bill to delay voting

High-profile fraud case rocks Iran

Construction company fraud claims follow wider revelations

Argentina: Strange death of Alberto Nisman

The mystery surrounding the fate of the country’s state prosecutor has rocked the government

Boehner asks Netanyahu to speak on Iran

Republicans snub Obama plea for caution over nuclear talks

The search for a Muslim Martin Luther

Reform of ideology cannot be achieved amid an atmosphere of intimidation and intolerance

The Jāmé Mosque in Isfahan, Iran.
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Iran’s matters of the heart

The success of negotiations depends on political will, but also numbers and technical concessions

Rouhani takes on Iran regime’s hardliners

President’s determination to secure nuclear deal should be welcomed

Hassan Amini

Fears grow over Iran’s disgruntled Sunni

Extremism worries rise amid unrest over religious discrimination

TEHRAN, IRAN - DECEMBER 17, 2014: Ali Shamkhani the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran. (Photo by Kaveh Kazemi)
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Iran will not seek diplomatic ties with US

Nuclear negotiations stand alone, says top security official

Iran’s president confronts hardliners

Entrenched power of Revolutionary Guards in focus

Iranian jets attack Isis in eastern Iraq

US declines to confirm it co-ordinated with Tehran

Republicans push for new Iran sanctions

Extension of nuclear talks sets up Congressional clash in US

Khamenei defiant on nuclear deal failure

Negotiations to be extended by seven more months

Iran talks extended for seven months

World powers and Islamic republic fail to reach agreement

Diplomats eye interim Iran agreement

Attempt to inject urgency before the deadline of midnight on Monday

Timeline: Iran’s nuclear negotiations

Diplomatic struggles over Tehran’s intentions since 2002

US and Iran prepare for the blame game

Tehran hopes to break out of sanctions even if last-ditch talks on its nuclear programme fail

Iran hardliners ordered to support talks

Tories are told not to undermine nuclear negotiations

Q&A: How likely is a nuclear deal with Iran?

Negotiations may be moving forward but politicians could retreat

Detente and messages to the Ayatollah

The American president has been indulging in a correspondence with Iran’s Supreme Leader