Iran’s new broom

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani is looking to pursue a foreign policy of moderation to revive deadlocked nuclear talks with the west after tough financial sanctions have brought the Islamic Republic’s economy to a standstill

Women targeted in Iran power struggle

Attacks part of campaign by hardliners to ‘propagate virtue’

Iranians struggle with cost of living

Perception that improvement is not feeding through to real economy

Businesses look to Iran opportunities

London conference prepares for eventual easing of sanctions

Rouhani charm wasted on Iran’s hardliners

Opponents fear success in nuclear talks could reduce their sway

Cameron and Rouhani meet at UN

Latest sign of thaw in relationship between UK and Iran

Iran hardliners impeach reformist minister

Rouhani power struggle with Islamic regime intensifies

Iran business backs Rouhani reforms

President a popular figure despite nuclear uncertainty

Iraq violence stirs Iranian war memories

Sunni insurgency against Tehran’s Shia allies raises fears

Kerry warns of ‘real gaps’ in Iran talks

Statement comes amid looming deadline in nuclear negotiations

Iran’s businesses fear more uncertainty

Any extension of nuclear talks likely to continue economic woes

Kerry faces weekend of frantic diplomacy

Secretary of state’s agenda takes in Afghanistan, Iran and Gaza

Iran nuclear negotiations resume

Talks over the number of centrifuges will be a central focus

Britain to reopen Tehran embassy

Closer co-operation on fighting insurgency in Iraq

Obama, Iraq, Hassan Rouhani

US rules out military ties with Iran

Tentative diplomacy with Washington and Tehran on same side over Iraq

Isis insurgents take new towns in north

Shia volunteer militias head out to slow advance

Turkey and Iran drawn into Iraq crisis

Advances of Kurds could be more durable than those of Isis

Visit lifts hope for Turkey-Iran thaw

Make-up of Rouhani’s delegation signals economic priorities

IAEA warns on Iran nuclear talks deadline

Any July deal will have to skirt key concerns on ‘military dimensions’

Iran sees Assad poll as regional boost

Some in Tehran caution that victory will worsen situation in Syria

Iran hangs businessman for corruption

High profile case linked to former president Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad

Iran hardliners crack down on social media

Conservatives criticise Rouhani over dancers’ ‘Happy’ video

A prison guard stands along a corridor in Tehran's Evin prison

Human rights second to Iran nuclear deal

Political prisoners’ status barely changed since Rouhani won power

Iran nuclear talks resume amid differences

Discussions to focus on size and nature of enrichment facilities

Bombast belies interest in nuclear deal

In return for dignity and respect, Iran is ready to break with its past, taking its place in the world

Iran nuclear talks reach pivotal phase

Vienna talks to focus on three issues for July deadline

Hassan Rouhani
©Kaveh Kazemi

Iran’s hardliners step up attacks on Rouhani

President faces opposition to lasting atomic deal

US offers $5m bounty for China executive

Li Fangwei accused of trying to sell missile technology to Iran

Iranians act to defy fuel price rises

Increases hit citizens who rely on cheap energy

Iranian women seek rights reform

Fate is caught up in a political tug of war

An undue chill greets Iran’s nuclear spring

A Tehran with a stake in settling the Middle East’s lethal problems could be transformative

Iranian diplomat row revives old battles

Hostage crisis of 1979 resurfaces amid nuclear talks

Plan seen as threat to £25bn legal market

Lawyers forecast disputes will move to overseas courts

US set to bar Iran’s new UN ambassador

Nominee Aboutalebi was involved in 1979 hostage crisis

US allows Boeing and GE to sell spare parts to Iran

Temporary sanctions relief allows airline deal

Chinese national indicted over exports to Iran

Cheng arrested in UK on US warrant

Sculptor caught up in Iran’s culture wars

Artist falls victim to rivalry between Tehran mayor and President Rouhani

Russia can hit US where it hurts, on Iran

Moscow could sell Tehran missiles or undermine sanctions

General ambience inside Cafe Kerase in central Tehran, within walking distance from Tehran Univeristy. Café Kerase is affiliated to the ideologically-driven basij or the 12.5m-strong voluntary arm of the Revolutionary Guards. Photo: Kaveh Kazemi
©Kaveh Kazemi

Café reveals softer side to Iran’s basij

Defenders of Islamic revolution adopt more middle-class values

Iran’s new year brings price rises

Festivities overshadowed by grim economic outlook

Bushehr nuclear power plant, Iran

Iran keeps its word on nuclear arms

Pursuing atomic weapons would put the country’s national security in jeopardy, writes Javad Zarif