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Big bonuses likely for banks’ top talent

Leading performers expected to be rewarded

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An interactive guide to this quarter’s global mergers and acquisitions activity and the deals and dealmakers involved

British financier Jim Slater dies

Controversial figure who sought to overhaul UK industry in 1970s

Credit Suisse flags shift from ‘risky activities’

Investment bankers must focus on supporting wealth management

European banks race to revamp research

Mifid 2 to reshape way analysts report on companies and how research can be priced and circulated

Banking poll: Long hours key to falling allure

FT vote reveals work-life balance concerns deter recruits

Special Reports

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Switzerland, strategies, competition, crisis fallout, technology, emerging markets, recruitment, consolidation

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Insight into M&A in the technology, media and tele-communications sector

Deutsche shakes up line-up at divisions

Overhaul under new chief John Cryan deepens

Mexican investment banking rides the storm

Steady approach has limited damage in the downturn

Beyond Banking: the recruitment abyss

Top MBA graduates are shunning banking for jobs in tech

Canary Wharf, London
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We were wrong about universal banking

Few cost efficiencies come from merging many functions in a single bank, writes John Reed

Beyond Banking: MBAs switch to techs

Losses, scandals and pay cuts take heavy toll

EU bank chiefs paid less than US rivals

FT research reveals growing disparity with American counterparts

Banking under attack on all sides

In the first of a series, the FT looks at the turmoil and decline of the banking industry

US regional bank in ninth takeover

Investors query Stifel’s capacity to digest takeovers

CICC notches 7.4% gain in Hong Kong trading debut

China IPO thaw lifts sentiment on hopes of revenue boost

Bonus reforms to come under glare of FSB

Regulator says more analysis needed to assess post-crisis tools

Goldman to hasten junior banker promotions

Bank comes up with package to retain new talent

Credit Suisse chief warns on Europe banks

Economy will suffer if regulation makes lenders shrink further

Investec taps UK’s Northern Powerhouse

Asset manager to open full-service investment banking operation

Philippine banks: consolidation overdue

Even after liberalisation and greater foreign ownership, sector remains fragmented

Deutsche Bank surrenders on global reach

EU policymakers should reflect on the constraints they have imposed

Ingram Pinn illustration

Europe’s banks face a difficult global retreat

The simplest way to increase profits in a shrinking market is to cut costs

Deutsche Bank culls executives in overhaul

Strategic revamp includes splitting of investment banking unit

Jes Staley

Barclays to speed up investment bank cuts

Incoming chief Staley backs new focus on core markets

Jes Staley will succeed Antony Jenkins as chief executive of Barclays
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Barclays: Captain credible

Appointment of US investment banker Jes Staley as CEO may be sign of bank losing its hair shirt

EU will always need investment banking

Regulate the risks, but do not suffocate an industry out of existence


The choice of Barclays’ new broom

Should he shrink the investment banking side to an asset-light model, writes Philip Augar

JPMorgan trains the world’s bankers

The universal bank does for financial services what General Electric did for manufacturing

Barclays says Europe needs champion

Comments show angst among bankers at how sector is in retreat

An aerial view of Canary Wharf business district in London
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Europe needs homegrown bulge bracket banks

Formidable competition from US institutions demands a response, writes Frédéric Oudéa

Investment bank fees hit four-year low

Volatile markets and weak economic outlook blamed

‘The Most Dangerous Trade’

Book with distinct whiff of a thriller shows how tough it can be to make money in the short-selling game

Deutsche Bank scales back in Russia

Closure marks first big move by new chief executive John Cryan

Wall St
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Investment banking: Leaving Wall Street

A wave of veteran bankers quit the big banks to start ‘boutique’ firms. Can they outlast the M&A boom?

Boom, bust and broken trust mark finance

Managers of other people’s money lack ‘anxious vigilance’ that they might apply to their own cash

New rules risk making banks too safe

Tough regulations could hit lenders’ profits, spark lay-offs and negatively affect Europe’s economy

Taubman boutique jumps straight to IPO

PJT Partners to combine with Blackstone’s advisory businesses

Investment banks outshine parent groups

Widespread belief that earnings prowess has been restored

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Investment banking: Titans retreat

Post crisis, the biggest players turned to less risky activities, but those left still make good returns

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 10: Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange during the afternoon of August 10, 2015 in New York City. The Dow Jones surged over 230 points after five days of losses. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images) *** BESTPIX ***

Investing: Whatever the weather?

The risk parity strategy pioneered by Ray Dalio and driving a $400bn industry faces a stiff test if the Fed raises rates

US regional banks benefit in absentia

Investors attracted by their lack of involvement in league tables