Global Food Security

Governments remain alert to the threat of food price volatility as unpredictable weather patterns have led to an increase in droughts, floods and hurricanes

Technology helps feed a hungry world

Digital can put more supplies on the tables of the needy

William Watkins
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My First Million — William Watkins

Farmer who found money in them thar hills

Corporate traders aren’t exactly saints, either

Wheat allegations suggest corporates are no more immune to the thrill of rate-rigging than banks

Greek woes trigger meat consumption slump

But Americans eating more eggs as stigma eases

UK farmland returns more than Mayfair

Prime arable price rises outpace top-end London homes

Developing economies: Taking a load off

Morocco shows way to cut subsidies on fuel and other products, as pressure grows on states to make savings

Dairy Crest upbeat despite milk price woe

Cheese and shakes boost UK’s largest dairy producer

Grocery price war ‘crippling’ dairy farms

NFU warns number of UK dairy farmers has halved

UN’s food price index drops to a 4-year low

Meat products the only food group to register gains

Tokyo market dishes up catch of the year

Raucous tuna auction comes as Tsukiji prepares for move to new site

McDonald’s is shaken by the Shack

Millennials regard McDonald’s as unhealthy, outdated and downmarket

Shoppers find Christmas gift in price war

Good harvests also help as cost of festive dinner is trimmed

Community Shop Lambeth

Social shop to sell surplus food to poor

Community Shop works with retailers to redistribute unsold stock

lidl ad

Supermarkets: Day of the discounters

No-frills grocery stores grab market share from rivals in Europe and prepare to do battle in the US

Commodity drop heralds Christmas table joy

Turkey dinner costs fall for first time in four years on weaker food prices

Food banks are a blight on modern Britain

Politicians must pay heed when the working poor cannot feed themselves

Why we are losing the obesity battle

Health issue is costly and the scientific clarity to fight it is lacking

Food supply: Uncharted waters

Consumption of farmed seafood grows amid sustainability concerns

AP1FX7 Large pile of harvested grain corn and conveyor overflow corn at a grain elevator during a high yield harvest season / Nebraska.

Commodities: Cereal excess

Global grain supplies are soaring, which will cause an eventual slowing of food price inflation

Grain stocks set to be highest since 2003

Expected to rise to 25% of annual consumption next year

US thirst for craft beer boosts hop growers

Boom in microbreweries sector spurs demand

Tesco struggles to fend off discounters

Supermarket sales down 4% amid slow growth in spending

Confectioners are having to shell out more for prized hazlenuts

High hazelnut prices hit confectioners

Cadbury and Ferrero already affected by surge in cocoa prices

Retail sales hit by supermarket price war

July like-for-like sales fall 0.3% from same month last year

Unseasonal rains send coffee price higher

Wet August raises Brazilian arabica crop concerns

Drought poses threat to almond supplies

Three-year dry spell hangs over California’s agriculture sector

Costly cocoa no match for a sweet tooth

Sales of chocolates and sweets are set to hit a record this year

Weather experts lower El Niño forecasts

Likelihood of destructive Pacific weather phenomenon scaled down

Tyson to sell Brazil and Mexico business

Proceeds to pay down debt from $8.6bn Hillshire acquisition

Tesco: Clarke, not Superman

Philip Clarke’s replacement has never run a food retailer

Chocoholics prepare for more bad news

Cocoa price rises are about to be passed on to US consumers

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Food outlet boom pressures supermarkets

Convenience drives growth, making sector close to ‘recession proof’

Wheels coming off the supermarket trolley

Shift to discounters and small stores leads to refocusing

China will profit from feeding the world

Farmland investments are outperforming stocks and investors are noticing, says Ding Xuedong

Farmed fish take over from wild at dinner

Shift result of strong seafood demand

Chinese food: slim pickings

Meat is the new coal as China’s calorie intake rises

Coffee drinkers pay Brazil drought price

US roaster JM Smucker to raise retail price

Wm Morrison overcharged suppliers

Supermarket found in breach of groceries code by watchdog

Meat price hikes hit barbecue appetite

Pig virus has hit pork production and drought makes cattle costly

Food for thought: German wins photo prize

Prix Pictet awarded for ‘epic and hugely topical investigation’