Global Food Security

Governments remain alert to the threat of food price volatility as unpredictable weather patterns have led to an increase in droughts, floods and hurricanes

new zealand cow

Commodities: The milk industry cowed

Dairy farmers adapt to tough times as demand for milk in China slows, hitting New Zealand and the EU

Food prices could drive EM inflation ‘collapse’

Bumper grain harvests open the door to lower interest rates across the developing world

Corn harvest on farmland in brazil

Brazil set to import GM corn from the US

Severe drought wreaks damage on harvest

Food prices fall for first time in 6 months

Decline in grain markets offsets firmer dairy and meat prices

Peanut prices at risk from global squeeze

Peanut prices head higher as China helps ignite demand

Q&A: Mega-mergers and GM crops in the UK

Scientists say GM crops are safe yet their impact remains minimal

Asda price cuts fail to halt sales slide

Gloom continues for Walmart-owned grocer

China moves to bring down pork prices

Pork prices hit record levels, pushing up inflation

Toilet rolls and biscuit packets are shrinking

Consumer group says small packs ‘sneaky way of increasing prices’

Easter bunny prices jump higher

Milk chocolate index rises as cocoa and sugar costs climb

Palm oil dearth lifts soyabeans

El Niño’s impact limits output and lifts demand for other oils

Salmon prices leap on global supply shock

Fragility of aquaculture shown by volatile weather and disease outbreaks

UK food exports in first fall for 11 years

Weaker pound expected to help producers recover

‘Dal shock’ sets farmers’ pulses racing

Soil fears follow crop rotation changes

Organic food sales grow

Independent suppliers have helped sector establish firm roots

Blow to heart of the restaurant business

Chefs who drop à la carte rebrand themselves as artist-performers whose work we pay to experience

Food prices fall despite climate concerns

El Niño has caused havoc but ample commodity supplies have kept prices low

The task of tackling global food waste

A third of all sustenance produced for human consumption is lost or wasted

Future of farming depends on technology

To cope with population increase, agriculture must become smarter and less wasteful

Asia races to find drought-resistant rice

Success of a flood-proof rice variety gives researchers hope as climate stress worsens

Commodity markets brace for La Niña

Close watch being kept on sea temperature patterns

Archbishop of Canterbury the Most Reverend Justin Welby
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MPs call on business to help ease hunger

Report urges action on food sell-by dates and utilities to be more lenient

A chicken poultry
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Avian flu plucks sales for US turkey farmers

Chickens thrive amid first decline in poultry trade since 1997

South Africa corn prices at 20-month high

Prolonged drought and currency weakness propel futures higher

Dal shock hits India as pulse prices soar

Prices overtook grains in 2015 for first time since 2010

Lobster was never the food of kings

We have artificially kept them a delicacy, now their price is falling, writes Tim Hayward

Room for profit in organic baskets

Millennials want ‘clean’ food promoted by social media stars like Hemsley sisters, says Craig Sams

El Niño phenomenon hits food prices

Largest month-on-month rises in three years, up almost 4%

GONG ZHU VILLAGE, CHINA, 28 SEPTEMBER 2003 - A Chinese woman holds a basket full of corn as she waits for a truck to collect the load at the start of the autumn harvest in Gongzhu village China's northeastern Jilin Province September 28. Jilin Province is China's premier corn producing area and the area is known as the "corn belt." In 2002, China exported 11.67 million tons of corn, ranking second in the world, after the United States. Photo by Natalie Behring-Chisholm/Bloomberg

China farmers hit by corn refiner collapse

Unpaid bills latest result of Beijing policy of propping up prices

Looming La Niña cheers commodity bulls

Weather phenomenon may hit production affecting food prices

Corner shops face new supermarket battle

Customers demand fresher food from local convenience stores

Indians cry foul over onion price spike

Vegetable’s inflation a problem for Modi ahead of Bihar election

Global factors put pressure on UK dairy

Prices hit by Russian sanctions, China slowdown and EU quotas

Scotland’s GMO ban is misconceived

Rejecting technology that could feed the hungry smacks of anti-science, writes Anjana Ahuja

French farmers reap a harvest of strife

Traditional model struggles in an era of hard realities

Dairy drags food prices towards six-year low

Supply glut has grave implications for farmers and growers

Microbrewers caught on the hop by heatwave

Blistering heat is hitting this year’s hop harvest

From the chocolate board at Wild Honey, Mayfair
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Cocoa price rise eats into chocolate bars

Industry turns to ‘sharing bags’ to protect margins

a juicy venison steak with pepper sauce

Britons work up an appetite for venison

What was a pasty for Pepys is now in budget supermarkets

Olive oil with green olives and bread on a wooden surface

Kitchens braced for olive oil shock

Prices soar after last year’s bacteria outbreak in Italy