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    1. 3 hours ago

      Yanis Varoufakis joins forces with leftwing Remain campaign

      Yanis Varoufakis, the former finance minister of Greece, shadow chancellor John McDonnell and Green Party MP Caroline...

    2. Fast FT

      May 27, 2016

      David Cameron: EU helps Britain 'stand up' to the US

      Britain’s clout as part of the European Union helps the UK “stand up” to the United States to defend its trade...

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      Dampened Chinese demand is hitting luxury brands hard, but they are innovating wildly ...
    2. FT Health: Transatlantic Healthcare

      Drug regulators and producers are responding to the globalisation of the industry by l...
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    1. May 26, 2016

      EU warns China to expect new steel tariffs

      The EU has warned China that it faces new anti-dumping tariffs on steel, amid growing pressure for the west to block...

    2. May 23, 2016

      Russia launches first bond since Ukraine crisis

      Russia launched its first sovereign debt offering since the Ukraine crisis on Monday in a move designed to show that...

    3. Nick Butler

      May 23, 2016

      Has gas demand in Europe peaked?

      Can anything reverse the decline of natural gas as a source of primary energy in Europe? Gas demand in 2015, despite a...

    4. May 23, 2016

      Charlie Bean gives seal of approval to Brexit analysis

      The Treasury was so nervous about forecasting the short-term effects of Brexit that it employed Charlie Bean, the...

    5. May 22, 2016

      US wields biggest stick in trade dumping fight

      The US has overtaken India as the leading user of anti-dumping and other trade defence cases, with China and its steel...

    6. Fast FT

      May 17, 2016

      Eurozone trade surplus nudges up as imports drop 2.7%

      The eurozone’s trade surplus with the rest of the world edged up to €22.3bn in March from €20.6bn the previous month,...

    7. Fast FT

      May 17, 2016

      Singapore export contraction moderated in April

      Singapore’s exports fell again last month, but at almost half their previous rate of contraction. Non-oil exports fell...

    8. May 17, 2016

      Decline in Scotch whisky exports starts to ease

      Scotch whisky exports fell again last year, as challenging global conditions took their toll. The falls have fuelled...

    9. May 16, 2016

      Leading European corporate chiefs warn over Brexit

      Rodolfo De Benedetti, a leading Italian industrialist, confesses he is “terrified” at the prospect of Britain leaving...

    10. May 16, 2016

      Trojan horse or inflated threat — what does the TTIP mean for the NHS?

      Of all the concerns raised about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in the UK, the potential...

    11. May 16, 2016

      The TTIP has missed its political moment

      When US President Barack Obama landed in Germany in April he had one major economic goal on his mind: to inject more...

    12. May 16, 2016

      Globalisation of drugs manufacturing raises concerns over quality

      When the US Department of Justice imposed a $500m fine on Ranbaxy, the Indian medicines producer, in 2013, it...

    13. May 13, 2016

      Britain after Brexit would sacrifice access for independence

      Something important has emerged from the debate on the EU referendum in Britain: membership of the European Economic...

    14. May 12, 2016

      EU legislators push back on China’s bid for market economy status

      European parliamentarians have delivered a blow to China’s ambition to be recognised as a “market economy”, a status...

    15. Fast FT

      May 12, 2016

      EU deals blow to China market economy ambitions

      European parliamentarians have delivered a crushing blow to China’s ambition to be recognised as a market economy this...

    16. May 11, 2016

      The City would have a strong hand to play post-Brexit

      If there is a vote for Brexit on June 23, the UK government would face the task of negotiating a new settlement with...

    17. May 10, 2016

      UK trade deficit hits eight-year high as goods sector drags

      Britain’s trade deficit climbed to an eight-year high in the first three months of the year in a further sign of the...

    18. Fast FT

      May 10, 2016

      UK trade deficit widens to 8-year high

      The UK’s trade deficit widened to £13.3bn in the first quarter, the worst result since the financial crisis in 2008,...

    19. Fast FT

      May 10, 2016

      German trade surplus swells to fresh record

      Germany’s bloated current account has long been the fodder for the country’s economic critics. Well, some some more...

    20. May 9, 2016

      How the EU single market works and the benefits it offers

      As Boris Johnson put it on Monday: “We can now see the sunlit meadows beyond.” The Leave campaign has officially...

    21. Fast FT

      May 9, 2016

      Boris: feta cheese is blocking TTIP deal

      Boris Johnson has claimed one of the main sticking points holding up the EU-US trade deal – the Transatlantic Trade and...

    22. Brussels Blog

      May 9, 2016

      Briefing briefing: Greek summer

      Here we go again. The protesters are back in Syntagma square. The EU’s summer has officially begun. Yesterday’s anger...

    23. May 9, 2016

      China fights for market economy status

      China is intensifying lobbying to gain “market economy status” under the World Trade Organisation despite growing...

    24. May 9, 2016

      British businesses eye Brexit as cure for red tape

      “Every time I turn around, there’s a new rule,” complains Emma Pullen, who has run The British Hovercraft Company in...

    25. May 9, 2016

      Whisky industry warns on Brexit jobs risk

      It will be Scotch on the rocks for the whisky industry if Britain were to leave the EU, by placing in jeopardy one of...

    26. May 8, 2016

      Michael Gove says leaving EU would mean quitting single market

      Britain will quit Europe’s single market if the country votes to leave the EU, Michael Gove, the Leave campaign’s most...

    27. May 8, 2016

      Single market benefits sway companies to back EU

      Fewer than two-thirds of company directors believe Britain should remain in the EU, according to new research by the...

    28. May 6, 2016

      What Brexit means for trade

      As President Barack Obama has made clear, the debate about the UK’s membership of the EU largely comes down to trade....

    29. May 5, 2016

      France leads EU revolt against Mercosur trade talks

      Almost half of the countries in the EU have risen up in open revolt against the European Commission’s plans to revive a...

    30. May 5, 2016

      Japan’s prime minister warns over Brexit threat to investment

      Japanese investment into Britain could fall if the country leaves the EU and ceases to be “a gateway” to Europe, its...

    31. April 29, 2016

      Eurozone GDP returns to pre-crisis levels

      After eight painful years of crises and near stagnation, the eurozone’s economy has finally surpassed its pre-crisis...

    32. April 28, 2016

      Economists for Brexit challenge consensus

      The consensus among economists that Britain’s departure from the EU would damage its economy was broken on Thursday...

    33. Fast FT

      April 27, 2016

      OECD on Brexit: charts and highlights

      The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has thrown its weight behind the case for the UK remaining in...

    34. April 27, 2016

      OECD issues damning report on effect of Brexit

      George Osborne, UK chancellor, received another significant economic endorsement for his campaign to remain in the EU...

    35. Fast FT

      April 27, 2016

      UK GDP growth slows ahead of Brexit vote

      Britain’s economy has slowed down ahead of the EU referendum in June, growing by 0.4 per cent in the first three months...

    36. Fast FT

      April 27, 2016

      OECD backs 'Remain'; highlights Brexit dangers

      George Osborne received another significant economic endorsement for his campaign to remain in the EU on Wednesday when...

    37. April 26, 2016

      Arguments for Brexit do not add up

      If the UK voted to leave the EU, it would almost certainly be outside the arrangement organising the life of our...

    38. April 25, 2016

      EU-US trade: Five reasons why a deal looks difficult

      US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday called for negotiations for a controversial new...

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