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    1. beyondbrics

      September 9, 2013

      Hungary takes €230m fine from Brussels as it releases funds

      Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, may denounce the European Union for what he calls “double standards” when dealing...

    2. August 25, 2013

      High toll charges leave Portugal’s drivers on road to nowhere

      Spanning rivers, plains and hillsides, the thousands of kilometres of motorway Portugal has built over the past three...

    1. July 17, 2013

      Brussels calls for an EU public prosecutor to tackle fraud

      The European Commission’s senior justice official has proposed the creation of an EU public prosecutor to investigate the...

    2. Brussels Blog

      November 28, 2012

      New Greek bailout: the leaked chart

      IMF chief Christine Lagarde arrives at Monday's eurogroup meeting where Greek deal was struck. When eurozone finance...

    3. FT Alphaville

      June 11, 2012

      Building risks in Poland

      All eyes are on Poland as it hosts the Euro 2012 football championships, but as SocGen analysts have already pointed out,...

    4. beyondbrics

      May 30, 2012

      Brussels to Hungary: you stick, we twist

      Valuable EU funds worth €495m will be available to Hungary in 2013, after the European Commission on Wednesday recommended...

    5. FT Alphaville

      May 14, 2012

      Merkel and Hollande: you say growth, I say austerity, let's call the whole thing off

      Tuesday is a big day for France-German relations. Francois Hollande will be inaugurated president, and announce his choice...

    6. beyondbrics

      April 16, 2012

      Poland's infrastructure spending: speed bumps ahead

      Drive through any village in Poland, and the changes over the last 20 years are striking – proper roads with no potholes,...

    7. February 29, 2012

      LTRO: largesse is not the answer

      In the boring old days, central bankers and regulators delighted in taking away the punch bowl from banking parties. Not any...

    8. January 17, 2012

      EFSF/ESM: is a triple A essential?

      If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. Two years ago, European politicians and officials made a huge fuss about...

    9. November 23, 2011

      Eurobonds: moral hazard ahead

      If eurozone nations cannot borrow separately, perhaps they can borrow together. That is the logic behind the common debt...

    10. November 18, 2011

      Shortfall complicates EU budget talks

      A €550m shortfall in this year’s European Union budget is complicating efforts to reach agreement on next year’s...

    11. FT Alphaville

      October 26, 2011

      Europe meets, talks, leaks, fights and still we wait

      It’s all happening in Brussels. But don’t confuse activity with action. The European Council summit (i.e. all leaders of the...

    12. September 26, 2011

      Eurozone crisis: facility management

      Every new disease sets off the hunt for the blockbuster remedy. Policymakers seem to think they are on the brink of...

    13. September 7, 2011

      Eurozone: relief after German ruling

      Something dreadful has not happened. Chinks of light in the eurozone debacle are hard to find. But the German constitutional...

    14. August 16, 2011

      Italian energy utilities: collateral damage

      Italy’s floundering search for revenue to bloat its €45bn emergency budget is doing serious collateral damage. Shares of the...

    15. June 16, 2011

      Policymakers can’t kick the can down the road for ever

      A European Union compromise with the International Monetary Fund that will see the fund disburse the latest €3.3bn tranche...

    16. May 22, 2011

      ECB: stumbling from one crisis to another

      Whose justice, which rationality? Those questions (the title of a book by philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre) are at the heart...

    17. May 20, 2011

      Berlin stands firm on bail-outs

      The participation of private bondholders in any future debt-rescheduling in the eurozone is a “red line” for the German...

    18. May 17, 2011

      Eurozone: a default by any other name

      Europe’s financial leaders appear to have staged a hasty retreat from their attempt to persuade investors that there is a...

    19. May 1, 2011

      Portugal bail-out: third time lucky?

      Will it be third time lucky? As the European Union and International Monetary Fund finalise a rescue package for Portugal,...

    20. March 23, 2011

      Portugal: third eurozone victim

      After the Greeks and the Irish, it is the turn of the Portuguese. The eurozone sovereign debt crisis is about to claim a...

    21. March 20, 2011

      ‘Phantom giants’ will not save the eurozone

      One of the unforgettable characters in a famous German children’s book is a phantom giant. Seen from afar, he looks like a...

    22. March 6, 2011

      Eurozone: a bunch of bloc-heads

      The eurozone is in danger of flunking its own stress test. Six weeks ago, the bloc’s leaders appeared ready to reach...

    23. Brussels Blog

      February 3, 2011

      EU structural funds investigation: an update

      Cynthia O’Murchu, who lead our investigation last year into how the European Union’s €347bn in regional development funds...

    24. December 28, 2010

      Roma struggle to win share of EU cash

      Roma in a camp in Fleury-Mérogis, south of Paris, in September. Action by the government against gypsy communities drew a...

    25. December 7, 2010

      EU funds have been vital to the Welsh economy

      From Carwyn Jones AM. Sir, I refer to your article “EU growth funds lie idle under red tape” (November 30) and would like to...

    26. December 2, 2010

      Public investment for the public good

      One consequence of the European Union’s debt crisis is that governments are setting themselves formidable budget deficit...

    27. December 2, 2010

      Europe’s hidden billions: Cohesion for a reason

      It is a programme that every year pays for road and rail links long enough to reach from Berlin to Beijing. The transport...

    28. Brussels Blog

      December 2, 2010

      Europe's hidden billions - FT Twitter chat

      European structural funds investigation We have a live Twitter #hashtag chat with Cynthia O’Murchu, FT reporter, on our EU...

    29. December 1, 2010

      Questions surround EU relocations

      Nokia Siemens Networks has cut hundreds of job across Europe over the past year – many in their high-cost home countries:...

    30. December 1, 2010

      Cigarette factories suck in €1.5m grants

      More than €3m in public funds, an estimated €1.5m of which have come from the European Union’s structural funds, have been...

    31. December 1, 2010

      UK withholds data on EU contractors

      A4e, a private contractor, has been allocated €60m in EU funding since 2007 through programmes designed to promote economic...

    32. December 1, 2010

      Polish experts navigate lucrative red tape

      Polish florists are among the beneficiaries of EU funds, thanks to the input of thriving consultancies Founded in 1990 as...

    33. December 1, 2010

      EU pays McDonald’s in Sweden

      It sounds like a classic case of a multinational company riding the EU gravy train, albeit on a relatively small scale. What...

    34. November 30, 2010

      Net that fails to catch €700m errors

      Every autumn, the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg releases a weighty report assessing how Brussels spends its...

    35. November 30, 2010

      MEPs urge battle on funds fraud

      Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, a German Liberal MEP, demands to know why the Commission kept on sending structural funds to finance...

    36. November 30, 2010

      Delays undermine Danube bridge

      Spotlights illuminate night-shift workers toiling in swirling mist under the concrete pillars of a new bridge that will one...

    37. Brussels Blog

      November 30, 2010

      UPDATE: EU Commission tackles FT structural funds expose

      European structural funds investigation UPDATE: see below for later reaction from the  European Commission. The Brussels...

    38. FT Alphaville

      November 30, 2010

      Pink picks

      Comment, analysis and other offerings from Tuesday’s FT, Gideon Rachman: China reaps a vintage European crop The news...

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