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    1. FT Photo Diary

      November 24, 2014

      Yemen graduate ceremony

      Khaled Abdullah/Reuters A child sits among school students at an annual ceremony organised by Yemen’s Education Ministry in...

    2. November 23, 2014

      Tunisians vote in first free presidential election

      Tunisians voted on Sunday in their country’s first free presidential election, the culmination of a turbulent democratic...

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    1. Investing in Young People 2012

      Social media networks may let tomorrow’s adults talk and mobilise but they do not conf...
    2. The World 2012

      Confronting an age of austerity...
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    1. November 16, 2014

      UAE blacklists 83 groups as terrorists

      The United Arab Emirates has blacklisted 83 organisations as terrorists, broadening the authorities’ ability to target...

    2. FT Photo Diary

      November 10, 2014

      Demolishing democracy in Sana'a

      Khaled Abdullah/Reuters Women walk past huts that have been destroyed by fire on Taghyeer Square in Sana’a, Yemen....

    3. FT Photo Diary

      November 7, 2014

      Yemeni presidential support

      Yahya Arhab/EPA A Yemeni woman wears buttons depicting Yemen’s ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh during a gathering to protest...

    4. November 6, 2014

      Yemen tensions rise as ruling party threatens to oust president

      Yemen’s transition to democracy is under threat after the country’s ruling party threatened to oust President Abd Rabbu...

    5. FT Photo Diary

      October 23, 2014

      Yemen motorbike ban demo

      Yahya Arhab/EPA Motorcyclists take part in a protest against the Yemeni Government’s decision to begin enforcing a...

    6. October 23, 2014

      Houthi expansion threatens Yemen’s strategic Bab al-Mandab strait

      Houthi militants are expanding their presence into western Yemen around a vital maritime corridor that controls access to...

    7. October 12, 2014

      Drone strikes on Isis loom large in allies’ strategy

      Hundreds of air strikes have dominated the opening of the US-led battle against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or...

    8. October 8, 2014

      Yemen peace deal nears collapse after Mubarak rejected as PM

      A two-week-old peace deal aimed at ending the fighting in Yemen’s capital was on the brink of collapse on Wednesday, as the...

    9. October 8, 2014

      Cash rolls in as Arab region shrugs off bad news

      At the end of September, the Middle East’s largest property developer completed its sale of a portion of its retail...

    10. FT Photo Diary

      September 26, 2014

      Burying comrades

      Khaled Abdullah/Reuters Shi’ite Houthi rebels bury comrades, who were killed in recent fighting against government forces,...

    11. September 22, 2014

      Houthi rebels consolidate control of Yemen capital

      Militias from the Shia Houthi movement consolidated their control of the Yemeni capital on Monday, just a day after signing...

    12. September 21, 2014

      Rebel Shias set to take role in Yemen government

      Quiet fell over Sana’a for the first time in four days on Sunday night after a day in which the Houthis, a rebel Shia...

    13. September 19, 2014

      Houthi militants clash with army in Yemen capital of Sana’a

      Fighters from a militant Shia movement in Yemen pushed into the capital Sana’a on Friday, reportedly launching rockets at...

    14. September 11, 2014

      Doubts raised over US use of Somalia strategy in Isis campaign

      Somalia once represented a foreign policy humiliation for the US. So many Somalis were surprised that the US campaign...

    15. August 19, 2014

      Houthi Shia rebels threaten Yemen’s transition to democracy

      An offensive by a militant Shia movement in Yemen that has taken its fighters to within 50km of the capital has reignited...

    16. FT Photo Diary

      August 18, 2014

      Anti-government protest held in Yemen

      Khaled Abdullah/Reuters A follower of the Shia Muslim Houthi group attends an anti-government gathering in Arhab, north of...

    17. beyondbrics

      August 13, 2014

      Guest post: turmoil laps around the Gulf, but prospects remain bright

      By John Sfakianakis Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt are all part of a region which has been consumed by anarchy,...

    18. FT Photo Diary

      July 30, 2014

      Fueling the fire at Yemeni protest

      Yahya Arhab/EPA Yemeni’s pass burning tyres on a road during a protest against fuel price hikes in Sana’a, Yemen. The Yemeni...

    19. The A-List

      July 15, 2014

      Foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq are a worry but the west needs to rethink the role of Saudi Arabia and Iran

      The most strident debate among western intelligence agencies is whether the reported thousands of foreign fighters involved...

    20. July 8, 2014

      Two British men plead guilty to terror charges

      Two British men who travelled to Syria to join rebel fighters have admitted terror charges. Mohammed Nahin Ahmed and Yusuf...

    21. FT Photo Diary

      June 26, 2014

      The writing on the wall

      Yahya Arhab/EPA An artist paints on a wall during a graffiti campaign on social and political conflicts in Sana’a, Yemen....

    22. FT Photo Diary

      June 20, 2014

      Yemen's homeless migrants

      Yahya Arhab/EPA Homeless African refugees gather at a temporary shelter beside a road on World Refugee Day in Sanaa, Yemen ...

    23. The A-List

      June 17, 2014

      Unite to stop the Isis crisis engulfing the Muslim world

      The meltdown of the Iraqi state, resulting from the military successes of renegade Sunni extremist group Islamic State of...

    24. June 4, 2014

      Prisoner swap reveals Guantánamo dilemma

      The hearing from Guantánamo Bay comes to life with the flicker on a television screen in faraway Washington, displaying a...

    25. May 6, 2014

      Economies hit by Arab uprisings begin to improve, says IMF

      The International Monetary Fund is seeing the first signs of good news from Arab states undergoing political change after...

    26. beyondbrics

      May 6, 2014

      Guest post: making India an easier place to do business

      By Ravi Venkatesan India will soon have a new government and prime minister. That new leader will not have to do much to woo...

    27. May 5, 2014

      French security contractor shot dead in Sana’a as violence against foreigners rises

      A member of the EU’s delegation in Yemen was shot and killed in Sana’a on Monday, in the second attack on western embassy...

    28. April 23, 2014

      Attacks on suspected al-Qaeda sites in Yemen spark reprisal fears

      The killing of dozens of people in co-ordinated attacks apparently aimed at denting the capabilities of Yemen’s al-Qaeda...

    29. beyondbrics

      April 22, 2014

      New York morning espresso

      ** FT News ** * Asia stocks subdued in thin trade | Tensions in Ukraine fuel caution in equity markets, while yen retreats...

    30. April 19, 2014

      Air strike kills 13 suspected militants in central Yemen

      SANA'A, April 19 – An air strike killed 13 suspected al-Qaeda militants in the central Yemeni province of al-Bayda on...

    31. FT Photo Diary

      April 14, 2014

      Student vote in Sana'a

      Khaled Abdullah/Reuters Students queue to cast their votes during the election for the Children’s Parliament in Sana’a. More...

    32. beyondbrics

      April 7, 2014

      Arab youth turn from "Arab spring" to starting businesses

      Young Arabs are increasingly turning their backs on cushy public sector jobs in favour of working for private companies and...

    33. FT Photo Diary

      April 7, 2014

      Polio vaccination Yemen

      Khaled Abdullah/Reuters A health worker gives polio vaccine drops to a boy on the outskirts of Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, on...

    34. March 25, 2014

      Tribal attacks and lack of investment plague Yemen’s oil industry

      Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country, spent more last year on importing oil than it made from exports for the first time...

    35. February 16, 2014

      Ethiopia uses electricity exports to drive ambition as an African power hub

      In a region where religious differences often lead to political tension and the threat of violence, there is one area where...

    36. February 13, 2014

      West grows wary of Yemen’s Houthis as Shia group’s profile increases

      A scattered collection of rubble, clothes and books is all that remains of the Dar al-Hadith Institute, a Salafist madrassa...

    37. February 4, 2014

      Yemen transition aims for consensus over confrontation

      There are few success stories in the Arab world three years after the uprisings that overthrew many long-time leaders: Syria...

    38. FT Photo Diary

      January 23, 2014

      Faceless protest

      Yahya Arhab/EPA Female followers of the Shia Houthi movement hold a picture of late Shia leader Ahmed Sharafeddin, during a...

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