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    1. FT Photo Diary

      October 29, 2014

      Sunrise at the Vatican

      Gabriel Bouys/Afp A picture shows the silhouette of a stat…A picture shows the silhouette of a statue at St Peter’s square...

    2. October 26, 2014

      Synod setback reveals limits of Pope’s ability to drive reform

      In front of more than 200 bishops bearing their traditional zucchettos – scarlet and amaranth skullcaps – Pope Francis is...

    1. October 19, 2014

      Vatican synod fails to give blessing on gays in setback for Pope

      Catholic bishops failed to back a more open stance by the Vatican on homosexuality and divorce, in a vote that dealt a blow...

    2. FT Photo Diary

      October 8, 2014

      Waiting for Papa

      Andreas Solaro/AFP Franciscan monks wait for the arrival of Pope Francis before his general audience at St Peter’s Square on...

    3. October 3, 2014

      Vatican to re-examine views on family as Pope presses reform

      During his first 18 months in office, Pope Francis has challenged the Vatican’s power brokers and purseholders with an...

    4. FT Photo Diary

      September 3, 2014

      Keeping composed

      Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Pope Francis arrives for his weekly general audience in St Peter’s square at the Vatican in Rome.   ...

    5. FT Photo Diary

      August 27, 2014

      Papal Wave

      Max Rossi/Reuters Pope Francis waves as he arrives to lead his weekly audience in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican today. ...

    6. August 14, 2014

      Pope Francis lands in Seoul for first Asia papal trip in 15 years

      Pope Francis has begun the first papal trip to Asia in 15 years, arriving in Seoul on Thursday in an effort to boost the...

    7. July 13, 2014

      ‘Two per cent’ of clergy are paedophiles, Pope quoted as saying

      Pope Francis has been quoted as saying that “two per cent” of the Catholic church’s clergy are paedophiles involved in abuse...

    8. July 13, 2014

      Are money changers now welcome in the Vatican temple?

      May 2013: “We have created new idols. The golden calf of old has found a new and heartless image in the cult of money and...

    9. July 10, 2014

      A cheerful Pope Francis reveals readiness to reform Vatican

      No sacrilege is intended in comparing today’s Roman Curia under Pope Francis with the Central Committee of the now-defunct...

    10. July 10, 2014

      Patten answers calling from the Vatican

      It is just two months since major heart surgery forced Chris Patten to step down as chairman of the BBC Trust – a largely...

    11. July 10, 2014

      New head of Vatican bank is no stranger to Holy See

      The newly-appointed president of the Vatican bank is no stranger to the financial services industry or to the corridors of...

    12. July 9, 2014

      Pontiff’s radical overhaul aims to sweep away years of scandal

      The shake-up of the Vatican’s administration, unveiled by Pope Francis on Wednesday, marks his most ambitious attempt yet to...

    13. July 9, 2014

      Vatican unveils financial and media shake-up

      Pope Francis has hired a former European fund manager and a British lord as part of a sweeping overhaul of the Vatican’s...

    14. July 8, 2014

      Profits plunge at Vatican bank

      Profits at the Vatican bank plunged last year after thousands of accounts were closed as part of an overhaul of the...

    15. July 7, 2014

      Timeline: tracing the travails of the Vatican bank

      1887 Pope Leo XIII establishes the commission for Works of Charity (Commissione ad Pias Causas), the progenitor of the...

    16. July 7, 2014

      Pope cuts scandal-prone Vatican bank down to size

      The Institute for Religious Works, the official name of the scandal-prone Vatican bank, is set to be radically slimmed down...

    17. FT Alphaville

      July 2, 2014

      The 6am London Cut

      The Last Camp Alphaville Promo of 2014. The fun starts at 11am today. Pack cash. The Cut is taking a short break for the...

    18. July 1, 2014

      Vatican bank chairman to step down

      The Vatican bank’s chairman is expected to step down as early as next week as a review under Pope Francis of the scandal-hit...

    19. June 5, 2014

      Pope Francis sacks board of financial watchdog

      Pope Francis has pushed ahead with his modernisation and reform of Vatican institutions by dismissing the entire board of...

    20. FT Alphaville

      June 2, 2014

      Crown contagion

      Pope Benedict XVI (sovereign of the Vatican City State) – 2013 Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands – 2013 King Albert of the...

    21. May 25, 2014

      Pope Francis prays at Bethlehem wall

      Pope Francis spoke of the Vatican’s good relations with the “state of Palestine” and prayed at the wall separating Bethlehem...

    22. May 21, 2014

      Vatican bank faces fresh controversy

      The Vatican’s troubled bank is embroiled in fresh controversy over its financial management following revelations that it...

    23. May 19, 2014

      Vatican’s watchdog detects rise in suspect transactions

      The Vatican’s financial watchdog reported a sharp rise in suspect money transactions in 2013, indicating that internal...

    24. May 18, 2014

      Pope’s ‘Last Supper’ mass raises Jewish hackles

      A plan by Pope Francis to celebrate mass in a Jerusalem room believed by Christians to have hosted the Last Supper has...

    25. FT Photo Diary

      May 6, 2014

      Vatican holds swearing in ceremony

      Tony Gentile/Reuters New recruits of the Vatican’s elite Swiss Guard attend a swearing in ceremony at the Vatican. The Swiss...

    26. April 28, 2014

      Irish government offers conciliatory invitation to Pope Francis

      Relations between the Irish government and the Catholic Church may have turned a corner at the weekend after several years...

    27. FT Photo Diary

      April 28, 2014

      Mass mass in St Peter’s Square

      Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters Bishops wait for a mass to start ahead of the canonisation ceremony of Pope John XXIII and Pope...

    28. April 27, 2014

      Pope Francis raises to sainthood two popular predecessors

      Two former popes – John Paul II and John XXIII – were declared saints by today’s pontiff Francis in an unprecedented...

    29. April 25, 2014

      Francis hopes to close divisions with sainthood for two popes

      Three popes – or it might even be four – will figure in an unprecedented ceremony at the Vatican on Sunday when Pope Francis...

    30. April 18, 2014

      How St Peter’s is given the Dutch touch with its Easter flowers

      On Easter Sunday, an altar will rise by electronic miracle from a platform before the main door of St Peter’s. On it, Pope...

    31. April 14, 2014

      Papal mediator put to test as Venezuela peace talks resume

      When Pietro Parolin was appointed last year by Pope Francis as the Vatican’s secretary of state, the Cardinal said he had...

    32. FT Photo Diary

      April 2, 2014

      Nuns attend the Pope's weekly audience

      Gabriel Bouys/AFP Nuns seem happy and animated at the end of the Pope’s weekly audience in St Peter’s square at the Vatican...

    33. FT Photo Diary

      March 27, 2014

      An exchange of gifts at the Vatican

      Gabriel Bouys/AP Pope Francis and US President Barack Obama exchange gifts at the Vatican on Thursday. It is their first...

    34. March 27, 2014

      Pope Francis meets Barack Obama for first time in gridlocked Rome

      Pope Francis and Barack Obama have met for the first time, with the US president’s state visit to the Vatican expected to...

    35. FT Photo Diary

      March 27, 2014

      Obama arriving at The Vatican

      Franco Origlia/Getty US President Barack Obama arrives at the San Damaso courtyard for a meeting with Pope Francis in...

    36. March 26, 2014

      Pope Francis accepts resignation of German ‘bishop of bling’

      Pope Francis on Wednesday accepted the resignation of the so-called “bishop of bling”, the German prelate who has faced...

    37. FT Photo Diary

      March 26, 2014

      Waiting for Papa

      Vincenzo Pinto/AFP Pilgrims cheer Pope Francis as he greets the crowd during his general audience at St Peter’s square on...

    38. March 20, 2014

      Vatican diplomacy could be Venezuela’s salvation

      At least 30 people have died in Venezuela in the street protests between pro and anti-government supporters of the past...

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