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    1. 9 hours ago

      China’s Communists embrace an old enemy

      China’s KMT veterans Li Huiying leaps to his feet, ramrod straight as he raises his cane. “Lift your gun, hold it...

    2. August 21, 2015

      China’s woes are overplayed — it’s an opportunity

      It’s easy to be despondent about investing in emerging markets generally, and Asia in particular. The investment...

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    1. Special Report - Renminbi: The Global Challenge

    2. Understanding Entrepreneurs 2012

      An interview with the winner of the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2012, ...
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    1. August 20, 2015

      China export woes mirrored across Asia

      If Asia really is in the midst of a new currency war, then the hard part will be identifying any winners. A number of...

    2. FT Photo Diary

      August 18, 2015

      Performing the Antham to the Fading Flowers

      Dancers from the “Legend Lin Dance Theatre” perform Li-chen Linís’ classic work “Hymne aux Fleurs qui Passent, Anthem...

    3. August 17, 2015

      Emerging markets currencies pummelled by renminbi ripples

      Russia, Turkey, Malaysia and Taiwan headed a lengthening list of emerging market countries seeing their currencies...

    4. August 14, 2015

      Renminbi fallout threatens Asian neighbours

      Beijing’s surprise decision to let the renminbi tumble at its fastest rate for 20 years ruffled feathers across...

    5. beyondbrics

      August 14, 2015

      Book review: Cracking The Emerging Markets Enigma

      How do you classify the countries known as emerging markets (EM)? That question has become more relevant since the FT...

    6. August 11, 2015

      Bearish bets multiply as China slows

      For investors who are more bearish on China than consensus, Citigroup’s Asian economists suggest shorting a group of no...

    7. August 10, 2015

      Taiwan’s Foxconn hopes to avoid quagmire in bold bet on India

      Just days after unveiling plans to build a $5bn factory in western India, Taiwanese electronics maker Foxconn on Monday...

    8. August 9, 2015

      Taiwan’s Foxconn to invest $5bn in India

      Taiwanese electronics maker Foxconn will invest about $5bn over the next 5 years to build a manufacturing facility in...

    9. FT Photo Diary

      August 6, 2015

      Preparing for Typhoon Soudelor

      Fishing boats are secured in a port in Yilan County, Taiwan, as Typhoon Soudelor approaches. ...

    10. July 20, 2015

      Taiwan poised to elect first female president

      No matter who wins in Taiwan’s presidential elections in January, she will be the first woman to head a modern Chinese...

    11. July 13, 2015

      Foxconn to build up to 12 factories and employ 1m in India

      Taiwanese manufacturing group Foxconn is planning an aggressive expansion in India, building up to 12 new factories and...

    12. July 7, 2015

      Asia’s mixed record in stock market interventions

      While government interventions in foreign exchange and money markets are commonplace, attempts to interfere directly in...

    13. July 6, 2015

      Taiwan’s precarious balance

      Superficially, Taiwan looks stable, calm, even a little boring. Its people are mostly prosperous, with gross domestic...

    14. July 1, 2015

      The electoral volcano beneath Hong Kong and Taiwan

      The people of Hong Kong may now have to wait years to vote after the city rejected Beijing’s offer of a castrated form...

    15. FT Alphaville

      June 24, 2015

      Cognitive dissonance and still rising margin positions in China

      Still rising until September based on broker capital, if you believe Macquarie. And here is the bank, with our...

    16. June 18, 2015

      Singaporean teaching methods improve UK maths skills

      A scheme to help English schoolchildren improve their maths by copying Singaporean teaching methods has led to an...

    17. June 17, 2015

      Global cotton futures contract clears hurdle

      Intercontinental Exchange moved a step closer to listing a new cotton futures contract linked to delivery points around...

    18. FT Alphaville

      June 12, 2015

      FT Opening Quote - Ted Baker fashions 24% sales rise

      Twitter’s CEO has quit , Ted Baker’s glad he’s gone abroad – sales are up 24 per cent helped by international expansion...

    19. FT Photo Diary

      June 8, 2015

      Flat top dog

      A dog is groomed at a pet shop in Taipei, Taiwan, on Monday. The flat top hairstyle on small dogs takes about 2 hours...

    20. May 31, 2015

      Cooler heads are needed in the South China Sea

      In the past 18 months, China has been enthusiastically dredging sand from the bottom of the South China Sea and...

    21. May 21, 2015

      China to boost internet speeds amid move to purge ‘hostile forces’

      China plans to spend more than $180bn on boosting internet speeds in the next three years — while it simultaneously...

    22. May 17, 2015

      Asian component makers take slice of Apple’s iPhone spoils

      As Apple basks in the unprecedented demand for its latest iPhones, suppliers from Tokyo to Taipei are sharing in the...

    23. May 7, 2015

      Stray Dogs — film review

      What a difference a year and a half make. Time for oblivion to grow rampant across movieland. In September 2013 Tsai...

    24. May 4, 2015

      China-Taiwan ties in focus as Xi Jinping meets KMT chairman

      The chairmen of the Chinese Communist party and Taiwan’s ruling Kuomintang party have met for the first time in six...

    25. May 4, 2015

      China to let 100 think-tanks bloom

      The Chinese government is setting up as many as 100 national-level think-tanks to try to replicate the US model of...

    26. April 28, 2015

      Chinese market becomes increasingly core to Apple

      Apple’s previous quarter saw two big firsts for its Chinese business, but the biggest is still to come.  IPhone sales...

    27. FT Alphaville

      April 21, 2015

      Of free floats and nutty markets in China

      Today in sentences about China you might want to pay attention to, from Macquarie: In our view, the real level of...

    28. April 16, 2015

      TSMC: Moore or less?

      Moore’s strong generalisation that holds for 50 years or so and then wobbles because you can only make things so tiny...

    29. MBA blog

      April 15, 2015

      A poster team for diversity

      Right after a grueling two weeks, I packed my bags and left on a trip to Dubai. It was a perfect way to end the term:...

    30. April 13, 2015

      China rejects Taiwan as AIIB founding member

      China has rejected Taiwan’s application to join its new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a founding member,...

    31. April 8, 2015

      Japan’s annual coal benchmark influence on the wane

      Japan’s annual supply agreements, which run from April, the start of the country’s financial year, remain one of the...

    32. March 31, 2015

      Construction on the high seas adds to Asian maritime tensions

      Nation-building has come to Asia’s seas — literally — as China and Japan, already embroiled in territorial disputes...

    33. March 31, 2015

      Taiwan applies to join China-led AIIB

      Taiwan has applied to join Beijing’s newly created Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, in a test of how China’s...

    34. March 3, 2015

      Taiwan orders Alibaba to withdraw after rules violation

      Alibaba is again fending off political pressure after Taiwan ordered the Chinese ecommerce group to withdraw from the...

    35. beyondbrics

      February 17, 2015

      Guest post: flood of global liquidity destabilises EM

      By Xavier Denis, Societe Generale Private Banking The huge expansion of liquidity due to quantitative easing in...

    36. FT Photo Diary

      January 30, 2015

      Victory in Melbourne

      Bethanie Mattek-Sands (R) of the U.S. and Lucie Safarova (L) of Czech Republic celebrate defeating Zheng Jie of China...

    37. January 30, 2015

      He Zhenliang, sports administrator, 1929-2015

      In July 2001 the International Olympic Committee was gathered in Moscow to consider bids to host the summer Games seven...

    38. January 29, 2015

      Asian central bankers take the low road

      Many Asian central bankers have spent their careers battling inflation. Now, with disinflation stalking the globe — not...

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