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    1. September 25, 2015

      Brussels warns Hungary against erecting Slovenia migrant fence

      The European Commission has warned Hungary that building a fence on its frontier with Slovenia to keep out migrants...

    2. September 16, 2015

      Hungarian police use tear gas in clashes with migrants

      Clashes broke out on Wednesday between police and migrants trying to enter the EU through Hungary’s now-closed border...

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    1. The Connected Europe

      While eastern and western Europe are in many ways more interconnected than ever, there...
    2. Understanding Risk

      From poor succession planning to the risk of industrial action, there are many ways in...
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    1. beyondbrics

      August 14, 2015

      Book review: Cracking The Emerging Markets Enigma

      How do you classify the countries known as emerging markets (EM)? That question has become more relevant since the FT...

    2. July 19, 2015

      Craft beer brewers caught on the hop by soaring temperatures

      Hops-loving hipsters watch out. The craft beer industry is on high alert as blistering heat is hitting key growing...

    3. May 21, 2015

      Raiffeisen insists no pressure to raise capital

      Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank International insisted it was under “no pressure whatsoever” to accelerate efforts to boost...

    4. The World

      April 7, 2015

      Conspiracy theories are worry for Turkish democracy

      A blizzard of anti-western conspiracy theories has hit Turkey in recent months. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last...

    5. beyondbrics

      March 17, 2015

      As Slovenia's recovery continues, Croatia's is just starting

      Two neighbouring, Adriatic, former-Yugoslav states, both now members of the EU: one is continuing a remarkable recovery...

    6. February 23, 2015

      DS Smith snaps up Duropack for €300m

      DS Smith, a UK-based manufacturer of corrugated cardboard and plastic packaging, has agreed a €300m deal for Duropack,...

    7. The World

      February 11, 2015

      Does Germany have a bigger public debt problem than Greece?

      The eurozone is mired in a stand-off over Greece’s government debt which, at roughly 175 per cent of gross domestic...

    8. beyondbrics

      February 2, 2015

      Slovenia eyes Qatari investment for ailing airline

      Might another unlikely partnership with a growing Gulf airline save a second ailing national carrier in south east...

    9. December 21, 2014

      Why rage and reason are close relatives

      At some point during a summit in Slovenia in 2001 George W Bush, then US president, found an opportunity to look into...

    10. December 5, 2014

      Physics: ‘Antifragility’ can bring order from chaos

      In his 2012 book Antifragile, Nassim Nicholas Taleb argued that people and organisations can benefit from disorder. Now...

    11. Brussels Blog

      October 23, 2014

      EU Summit: Renzi vs Barroso over EU's budget letter

      Renzi arrives at the EU summit in Brussels on Thursday and quickly took issue with Barroso If you read the EU’s budget...

    12. October 9, 2014

      Bratusek withdrawal clears way for new EU commission approval

      Alenka Bratusek, the former Slovenian prime minister personally selected by incoming European Commission president...

    13. October 8, 2014

      Parliament rejects Bratusek for European Commission job

      The European Parliament overwhelmingly rejected Slovenia’s nominee to the new European Commission on Wednesday night,...

    14. beyondbrics

      August 29, 2014

      Croatia’s economy shrinks as CEE feels the chill

      Will there be any end to Croatia’s economic travails? The EU’s newest member state has not seen meaningful growth since...

    15. August 6, 2014

      World will have 13 ‘super-aged’ nations by 2020

      The world will have 13 “super-aged” societies by 2020, up from just three today, according to a report that warns of...

    16. August 1, 2014

      Wine without frontiers

      Most wine regions bask in the sunlight of settled identity. The loyalty of Bordeaux to the English crown ended more...

    17. July 13, 2014

      Newcomer emerges top in Slovenia’s election

      A party formed just six weeks ago by a political newcomer emerged top in Slovenia’s early parliamentary elections on...

    18. July 11, 2014

      Miro Cerar tops poll ahead of Slovenia election

      A law professor and newcomer to politics may emerge as Slovenia’s prime minister after elections on Sunday, in the...

    19. July 9, 2014

      Cash predicted to flow out of Scotland after Yes vote

      British banks face a serious risk of Scottish depositors shifting their money south of the border if there is a Yes...

    20. beyondbrics

      July 2, 2014

      Serbia: not bankrupt, yet

      Vucic spreads his message of doom Could Serbia become the Greece of the Danube and go bankrupt within a year, just as...

    21. beyondbrics

      June 3, 2014

      Croatian outlook still gloomy as Slovenia brightens

      First quarter GDP figures from Croatia and Slovenia show that the former continues to slide backwards, albeit at a...

    22. May 28, 2014

      Facebook requests Brussels review of WhatsApp deal

      Facebook has asked Brussels to review its $19bn acquisition of instant messaging service WhatsApp rather than seek...

    23. May 9, 2014

      A splendid mess of a union should not be torn asunder

      On the morning of September 19 the Scots and the rest of the British may well wake up as foreigners to each other. For...

    24. May 6, 2014

      US trade deficit narrows as eurozone retail sales rise

      An all-round good economic data day on Tuesday as the US trade deficit narrowed, eurozone retail sales increased and...

    25. May 2, 2014

      Eurozone rating upgrades boost bond rally

      Slovenia on Friday became the latest beneficiary of a European wave of positive rating agency actions that have helped...

    26. beyondbrics

      April 30, 2014

      In Slovenia, political turmoil adds to uncertainty

      It's goodbye from Bratusek Just as all seemed to be going rather well, Slovenia has been thrown into uncertainty again...

    27. April 27, 2014

      Slovenian PM to reveal plans after losing party vote

      LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, April 26 – Slovenian Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek, who lost a vote for the leadership of her...

    28. April 25, 2014

      Slovenian premier faces leadership challenge amid dissent on cuts

      Slovenia’s government could fall on Friday, prompting early elections, if prime minister Alenka Bratušek loses a...

    29. April 18, 2014

      Slovenia offers property buyers the best of Europe – at a bargain

      In central Europe, one small country is tempting overseas buyers back into the property market. Slovenia, like most of...

    30. beyondbrics

      April 18, 2014

      Russia forges ahead with pipeline skirting Ukraine

      Russia brushed off the threat of western energy sanctions on Friday and pledged to press ahead with plans to build a...

    31. beyondbrics

      April 3, 2014

      Slovenia makes record bond issues as CEE grabs the moment

      In the years before the crisis, Slovenia was touted as the Switzerland of eastern Europe, praised for its robust...

    32. beyondbrics

      March 28, 2014

      Guest post: Bratušek dodged bailout but is tepid on reform

      By Sašo Stanovnik of Alta Invest Just one year ago, after public protests and a corruption scandal had brought down...

    33. The World

      March 20, 2014

      Cyprus scores well on economy but poorly on politics

      In Cyprus, there is good news – very good news, actually – and bad news. The good news is that the €10bn emergency...

    34. March 10, 2014

      Survey points to Vucic triumph in Serbia parliamentary elections

      Aleksandar Vucic is expected to lead his conservative Progressive party to victory in Serbia’s parliamentary elections...

    35. beyondbrics

      March 3, 2014

      Ukraine in crisis: weighing up the damage

      Just as things were starting to look up for many economies in central and eastern Europe, along comes the crisis in...

    36. beyondbrics

      March 3, 2014

      Slovenia returns to GDP growth after eight quarterly declines

      Slovenia finished February on a surprise high, with news that the economy in the fourth quarter of 2013 expanded by 2.1...

    37. beyondbrics

      March 2, 2014

      The week ahead, Mar 3-9

      The week ahead in emerging markets: Ashton in Kiev; China’s NPC kicks off; Pistorius on trial; it’s Carnival! Monday,...

    38. February 24, 2014

      EM debt investors undeterred by turmoil

      The US debt capital markets have remained wide open to developing nations even as violent anti-government protests...

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