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    1. February 9, 2015

      Czech president Milos Zeman in war of words over Russia stance

      When European leaders pleaded with Vladimir Putin to end the conflict in Ukraine at a conference in Milan last October,...

    2. FT Photo Diary

      November 17, 2014

      Presidential red card

      Filip Singer/EPA Protesters show symbolical red cards during a prostest against Czech President Milos Zeman in Prague, Czech...

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    1. Central and Eastern Europe: Technology & Innovation 2013

      Innovation in IT is replacing the heavy industries of the Soviet era, but there must b...
    2. Investing in the Czech Republic

      Czechs want to innovate their way to growth, leaving behind a history of manufacturing...
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    1. October 26, 2014

      Verlobung im Traum, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Germany – review

      Without Hitler, the music we hear today would be different. There was little method in the madness of music banned and...

    2. October 17, 2014

      Coffee lover from the US who opened a roastery and café in Prague

      Charles Fleer recalls his first solo trip to Europe at the age of eight or nine. Born just outside Washington DC, and raised...

    3. October 15, 2014

      Germany: Memories of a Nation, British Museum, London – review

      Weighty moral questions lie at the heart of the British Museum’s new exhibition, Germany: Memories of a Nation. How is it...

    4. FT Photo Diary

      October 13, 2014

      Polar bear of Prague

      David W Cerny/Reuters A woman walks past Greenpeace environmental activists dressed up as a polar bear in Prague. The event...

    5. beyondbrics

      October 10, 2014

      Czech micro brewer hops on to independent beer boom

      Czechs are fiercely proud of their beer, and especially of the fast-growing range of varieties available from the explosion...

    6. October 7, 2014

      Czech media oligarchs consolidate press powers

      In one of his frequent outbursts against the Czech media, President Milos Zeman railed in September that it “usually only...

    7. October 7, 2014

      Pragmatism may soon give cynicism a run for its money

      In his 1970 absurdist novel White Book, dissident author Pavel Kohout told the tale of a gym teacher who, without wishing to...

    8. October 1, 2014

      Silicon Valley has lessons for the post-Soviet world

      Robert Noyce is not a household name. Perhaps he should be, as his work has helped create the modern world. Noyce, who died...

    9. September 14, 2014

      Poland to withdraw from Visegrad defence radar project

      Poland is on the brink of pulling out of a joint defence project with its central European allies. Its withdrawal would be a...

    10. FT Photo Diary

      August 21, 2014

      Czechs remember Soviet occupation

      Filip Singer/EPA Soldiers place a wreath during a ceremony outside the Czech Radio building in Prague to commemorate the...

    11. August 8, 2014

      Geology: an arching theory of rock erosion

      Geologists have long sought to explain the remarkable landforms such as arches, alcoves and pillars that are shaped by the...

    12. beyondbrics

      July 8, 2014

      Slovak gas link to give Ukraine "chance of lasting through the winter"

      By Tim Gosling of bne in Prague Slovak gas pipeline operator Eustream has pledged that it will have a route feeding EU gas...

    13. beyondbrics

      June 30, 2014

      CEZ board changes reflect rise of finance minister

      By David Binar and Nicholas Watson of bne in Prague CEZ made big changes to its supervisory board at its AGM on June 27,...

    14. Brussels Blog

      June 18, 2014

      Albania: Europe's cannabis capital or EU candidate?

      A bullet hole in an armoured police car used during this week's cannabis raid in Lazarat. Eight hundred police and SWAT...

    15. FT Photo Diary

      May 30, 2014

      World Roma Festival

      /David W Cerny/Reuters Participants of the Khamoro World Roma Festival dance through the historical centre of Prague ...

    16. beyondbrics

      May 26, 2014

      Czech planners threaten RAF's Winged Lion

      By Nicholas Watson of bne A simmering row is building over a memorial to the Czechoslovaks who joined the Royal Air Force...

    17. beyondbrics

      April 10, 2014

      Czech Republic's CEZ finally pulls plug on nuclear tender

      By Tim Gosling of bne in Prague Czech power utility CEZ said today it had cancelled a tender to expand the country’s Temelin...

    18. April 7, 2014

      Investment flows increase in central and eastern Europe

      A period of lacklustre competition is coming to a close for Globalworth, a property business with the lion’s share of its...

    19. beyondbrics

      March 16, 2014

      The week ahead, March 17-21

      The week ahead in emerging markets: the world will be watching the aftermath of the weekend’s proposed referendum in Crimea....

    20. beyondbrics

      March 12, 2014

      Former gangster hangout offers hope for Serbian tourism

      On January 15, 2000, 23-year-old Dobrosav Gavric strode into the lobby of Belgrade’s InterContinental hotel, pulled out a...

    21. February 27, 2014

      Film review – As the Palaces Burn

      The cry is so familiar at press shows it almost has its own acronym. ONNAR. “Oh No, Not Another Rockumentary.” As the...

    22. January 10, 2014

      Saul Zaentz, film and music mogul, 1921-2014

      No one, a wag once said of the producer Saul Zaentz, “was better at taking care of the books”. It was a two-edged tribute....

    23. December 23, 2013

      All the best: Eugene Onegin

      Few opera-goers forget their first encounter with Tchaikovsky’s Pushkin masterpiece. It has the impact of first love,...

    24. December 16, 2013

      Food culture moves east

      A scene from the cult 1981 Polish comedy film Mis has clients lunching in a milk bar, utensils on long chains fixed to the...

    25. beyondbrics

      December 6, 2013

      Hungary's BSE gets Xetra help for an uncertain market

      With a restrained grin, Mihaly Varga, Hungary’s economy minister, pressed the button to open trading at the Budapest Stock...

    26. beyondbrics

      December 5, 2013

      Road rage in the Czech Republic

      By Nicholas Watson of bne Road construction in the Czech Republic has long been a murky business. But insiders grumble that...

    27. FT Photo Diary

      December 4, 2013

      Reaching for the Czechs' past

      David W Cery/Reuters A worker of the Security Services Archive searches files in the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian...

    28. October 26, 2013

      Social Democrats win most votes in Czech election

      The Czech Republic’s Social Democrats have won most votes in snap elections, but the biggest winner was free-spending...

    29. October 24, 2013

      Czech miner NWR runs into political trouble over closure

      The last place a troubled company wants to be is at the centre of public and political attention, but that is the plight of...

    30. FT Photo Diary

      October 17, 2013

      Prague’s baroque crossing

      Petr David Josek/AP People cross the medieval Charles Bridge, lined with baroque statues, as the sun rises in Prague, Czech...

    31. October 11, 2013

      Links between the Renaissance cabinet of curiosities and contemporary artists’ works

      One of the latest and strangest phenomena of contemporary art – and collecting, fashion and interior design – is the...

    32. MBA blog

      October 4, 2013

      The importance of being curious

      A month at Insead. As I’d promised myself when I left Dubai in late August, wanderlust is one of my first core courses at...

    33. beyondbrics

      October 3, 2013

      CEE: evidence of a rebound as growth forecasts upped

      A lot of recent numbers indicate that central Europe’s economies have turned the corner and are starting to rebound after a...

    34. beyondbrics

      September 30, 2013

      Amazon eyes CEE move amid German labour disputes

      Online merchant Amazon is contemplating building a new network of logistics centres in central Europe after being hit with...

    35. beyondbrics

      September 27, 2013

      Czech miner NWR in political hot water

      Politics and business have long been tightly entwined in the Czech Republic, but political attention is becoming a growing...

    36. beyondbrics

      September 19, 2013

      Central Europe: not such emerging markets after all

      Central Europe was spared the worst of the downturn that hit emerging markets from May this year, but that means that the...

    37. September 19, 2013

      Case studies: Investors are desperately seeking innovation

      When Petra Hubacova shows up at her office early in the morning she is often the first person at work, and in the evenings...

    38. August 26, 2013

      All the best: Janácek’s operas

      Shortly after the 1989 Velvet Revolution in Prague, I had the opportunity to interview the two conductors who had been most...

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